Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? - Chapter 1536 - You Are My Little Love Song (103)

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Chapter 1536: You Are My Little Love Song (103)

On this day, she casually found something to do and dilly-dallied. When she left the laboratory the next day, Shi Niange took a taxi and followed him back.

After stopping at the Qin family’s place, Shi Niange followed him to the main door. She asked him, “Did my grandfather ask you to follow him to the hospital for an internship from next year? It’s only the second year tomorrow. Isn’t it too early?”

Qin Siting looked at her. “It’s not considered an internship. It should be considered studying.”

“Wow, my grandfather’s arms are leaning out now. He didn’t even give me such a good opportunity. He actually let you go!” Shi Niange made a jealous expression and blinked her eyes to ask him, “Then, if there’s still a chance, can I follow you?”

Qin Siting nodded. “I’ll see what he plans.”

Shi Niange grinned. “Then after you live in Lishui Villa, if I’m too lazy to buy anything to eat at night, can I eat at your place? I still remember the onion oil noodles you made last time…”

Before she could finish speaking, Qin Siting grunted in agreement.

Shi Niange did not say anything. Qin Siting looked up and saw something. He suddenly pushed her and his voice quickly turned cold. “Let’s go.”

Shi Niange was stunned. “What’s wrong…”

“Hurry up.” Qin Siting frowned, his face turning cold. “Let’s go home.”

With that, he pushed her back into the car and slammed the cab door shut.

Shi Niange looked out of the car and saw that Qin Siting had already turned to walk toward the Qin family’s gate. Shi Niange’s heart tightened, but when she recalled his cold expression, she did not get out of the car rashly. However, since the car was parked here, she did not urge the driver to leave.

When the driver asked if she was leaving, she saw that Qin Siting did not come out and said, “Let’s go.”

During this period of time, there shouldn’t be anyone in the Qin family that he didn’t want to see. That was why he had allowed her to get off the car and follow him. However, she should have returned today, or he had seen someone.

After asking the driver to drive the car away, she suddenly said, “Wait.”

A few minutes later, Shi Niange got out of the car and let the chauffeur leave first. She then turned to look in the direction of the Qin family villa and walked back.

Outside the door, because the front door of the villa was not hollowed out, the situation inside could only be seen by raising one’s head. However, one could only see the two floors above the villa, and the bottom and the yard.

She did not know which room Qin Siting was staying in.

She only looked at the angle she could see for a while. She stood outside the door. The winter wind was very cold, and the sky was already dark. After about twenty minutes, she was almost frozen. There was no sound from inside. She sniffed, picked up her phone, and sent him a message with her fingers that were already red from the cold: [I’m already home. Are you okay?]

Qin Siting did not reply.

Shi Niange stood outside for a while. After confirming that there was no movement inside, she turned to leave. However, it was really too cold. If she still wanted to stand outside tomorrow, she should wear another down jacket.

When she finally called the car, she received Qin Siting’s reply: [Okay.]

Alright, then she could go home in peace.

Shi Niange sniffed and got into the car. She took a taxi home in the dark.

In fact, she wanted to say, Qin Siting, I can’t share your burden, but I can really accompany you.

Shi Niange was on tenterhooks the entire night. She was worried that Qin Siting would not go to the laboratory the next day. Thankfully, when she brought breakfast to the laboratory on time the next day, he had already arrived.

When Shi Niange got out of the car, she watched his figure in front of the laboratory from afar. After looking at him carefully for a long time, she confirmed that his mood and condition did not seem to have changed.

She ran over with breakfast and asked, “What time did you sleep last night?”

Qin Siting turned back to look at her. “Why are you running?”

Shi Niange asked again, “Did you sleep well last night?”

She could not ask him if anything had happened in the Qin family last night, so she could only ask him this way.

Qin Siting glanced at her again and seemed to understand something. He answered lightly, “En, I slept very well.”

Shi Niange felt relieved and smiled. When she smiled, her eyes were curved and full of energy. She handed the soy milk to him.

She was really full of vitality and sunshine, and her character was likable. As long as one had interacted with her, there was basically no one who didn’t like her. Even though her parents were very busy since she was young and didn’t have time to accompany her, and she had to grow up in her grandfather’s laboratory, she didn’t learn to be bad. Her character wasn’t unsociable or extreme, and she didn’t even have so many sensitive emotions. She could understand everyone around her.

She and Qin Siting were like two extremes. One was cold and shut off all the unnecessary social interactions, while the other was smiling and having a good relationship with someone. However, the two of them were strangely harmonious together.

Shi Niange wished she could stick a card on Qin Siting and write the words’ this is Shi Niange ‘. When the two of them were together, if any sister in the laboratory stared at him for a while, Shi Niange would rush over to find an opportunity to get someone to follow her to the laboratory. In short, it was very obvious. She was telling everyone not to look, he was mine.

However, in the past few days, Qin Siting did not allow her to accompany him back. He said that the weather was becoming colder and told her to go back early and not follow him to the Qin family.

Recently, Shi Niange did not provoke him too much. However, she still followed him as much as she could or took a taxi to follow him back. Afterward, Qin Siting discovered that he had no choice but to continue taking a car with her.

She found that there were often many cars in the parking lot outside the Qin family home. Many stray kittens would hide under the tires of those cars for warmth because of the cold weather. It was actually very dangerous, but the only place they could find warmth was under those cars.

Afterward, every time Shi Niange went near the Qin family, she would bring some cat food and warm milk. Then, she would put food and drinks on a small plate prepared nearby. In the first two days, those cats were a little afraid. In the next few days, whenever they saw her coming, they would run over and meow anxiously at her feet, waiting for her to pour the milk out so that they could drink it when the milk was warm.

This continued for a long time. Sometimes, when Qin Siting had already entered the Qin family’s gate, she would still stay to look at those kittens. She was mainly worried that if the owners of those cars did not notice the cats under the car, they would suddenly hurt them.

Sometimes, Shi Niange would run to the Qin family early in the morning to feed the cats. When Qin Siting went out in the morning, he saw a little girl dressed in thick clothes. She wrapped herself up like a cotton ball and squatted down in the parking lot, hugging the two stray cats and touching their little heads.

There were also times when Shi Niange was near the Qin family. As she fed the cat, she wondered what Qin Siting was doing now.

Anyway, no matter what, I’m less than a hundred meters away from you. I’m here. I’m accompanying you, Qin Siting.

However, with this, Shi Niange’s sleep time was much less. She had been slightly haggard for the past few days, but as long as she saw Qin Siting, she immediately became energetic.

She never knew that she actually liked someone so much that she could quietly stay by his side. Even if they were separated by several walls and a yard, even if he didn’t know, she was very willing. Even if she had to sleep less than two to three hours a day, she was very satisfied.

Qin Siting asked her, “You didn’t sleep well last night?”

Shi Niange blinked. “You slept quite well.”

Qin Siting looked at the dark circles under her eyes that were becoming more and more obvious these days and watched her for a long time.

More than half of this vacation had passed. In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

Shi Niange thought that he probably wouldn’t stay at Lishui Villa during this vacation. In the end, he just saw her dark circles in the morning. That night, when he was taking a taxi, he didn’t report the Qin family’s location but the address of Lishui Villa.

Shi Niange was surprised. “You don’t have to send me back. I can do it myself.”

“Let’s go back together,” Qin Siting said.

Shi Niange quickly understood what he meant. She sat in the car and did not speak. She turned to look at everything passing by outside the car window. After confirming that Qin Siting really wanted to return to Lishui Villa, she was so excited that she seemed to have forgotten everything.

That day, after the two of them returned to Lishui Villa, Shi Niange asked when she alighted, “Didn’t you bring your luggage over?”

Qin Siting said, “A few days ago, I’ve already asked someone to send over some necessities. There’s no rush for other things.”

Shi Niange was not only happy now. She had already begun to fantasize about the two of them going home together every day. Furthermore, the snow was so thick now. She could take the opportunity when she had a break to come out and build a snowman with him. She could build one outside his villa and one outside her villa. The two snowmen would look at each other!

“Are you hungry?” Qin Siting did not enter the villa immediately. Instead, he saw that after she alighted, she was smiling at him. He walked over to look at her.

“Ah? I’m a little hungry. What do you want to eat? Let’s go find a restaurant outside?” Shi Niange returned to her senses.

“The auntie who came to clean has placed fresh ingredients in the fridge every day. I should be able to make some. What do you want to eat?” Qin Siting said and turned to walk towards his villa.

Shi Niange stared blankly at his back. After a long while, she rushed over excitedly and followed behind him. As she anxiously wanted to see what the villa opposite hers was like, she said, “I want to eat onion oil and noodles!”

Qin Siting’s back paused and he turned back to look at her.

Shi Niange looked up at him with a smile in front of his villa. “Just last year, when I was sick, you made me that onion oil noodles! I’ve been thinking about it for more than a year! I want to eat it!”

Qin Siting nodded. “All right.”