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Chapter 1215 - [Bonus ]Hiding The Things

"She looks like Baobao, isn\'t she?" Lu Lian asked.

"Hmm," the two brothers said together.

Just then the baby moved and Lu Lian picked her in her hand and held her in front of Jiang Yuyan who smiled to see the cute baby.

"Hold her," Lu Lian said to Jiang Yuyan. "Yesterday you didn\'t get the chance as everyone was eager to get the baby."

"I am worried I might not hold her properly," Jiang Yuyan said.

"Yesterday I thought the same but it was fine after I held her," Lu Lian insisted.

"Hold her Yuyan. It\'s fine," Lu Bao said.

Hesitantly, Jiang Yuyan held the baby in her arms the way Lu Lian instructed her and she realized it was not that difficult. A pleasant smile and content smile appeared on her lips.

"She smells really nice too," Lu Lian added. "Try it."

Jiang Yuyan sniffed lightly moving her face closer to the baby and nodded, "It\'s sweet," and looked at the baby with all the love in her eyes for her.

Lu Lian, Lu Bao, and Lu Feng looked at each other and felt emotional for Jiang Yuyan which they tried their best to hide.

Mu Xicheng knew Lu Bao was feeling emotional and put a hand on her shoulder to console her. He was aware of the situation and what these siblings were feeling for Jiang Yuyan.

Lu Lijun, who was calm, saw how happy Jiang Yuyan looked and could only look at her. He was also aware of what Lu Lian did. All he could think about was making her happy in the future but before that, he needed to be tough with her to melt her.

Jiang Yuyan sensed the sudden silence in the room and moved her sight around from the baby but just then Lu Lain spoke, "Brother Feng, Lu Lijun, you two should hold the baby."

"She is too delicate. Let her grow a little big," Lu Feng said.

"Brother, if Baobao can handle a baby well then anyone can do it," Lu Lian teased only to get a glare from Lu Bao.

Jiang Yuyan looked at Lu Feng, "You can hold her."

Lu Feng finally agreed and held the baby. Lu Lijun held the baby\'s tiny hand and couldn\'t get enough of staring at her.

"Now I know why one can\'t stop staring at her," Lu Feng looked at Mu Xichen who approved it with a smile.

When Lu Lijun was touching the baby by caressing her tiny hands with his fingers, Lu Feng spoke, "The last time when I held any baby like this, that was you."

Lu Lijun looked at him and said, "I\'m waiting for brother Feng to have his own baby and we all hold her like this."

Lu Feng gave him a narrowed-eyed look, "I won\'t mind if you are the first one in the line."

"My woman won\'t be ready so fast," Lu Lijun commented. "So brother Lu Feng has enough time till then." Lu Lijun gave him a teasing smile.

"You are talking too much, aren\'t you?" Lu Feng warned.

"Wait, what\'s happening here. I feel suspicious," Lu Bao said.

"Don\'t pay attention to him. Did you decide the name for the baby," Lu Feng asked.

"Not yet," Mu Xichen replied and said, "But I hope the baby\'s uncles can find nice names for her."

"Her little uncle can do at least this much," Lu Feng said as he looked at Lu Lijun.

Before Lu Lijun could say anything, Lu bao spoke, "Lu Lijun only knows two names. If it was a boy, he would have said Qiang and now it is a girl, he would say Yuyan."

"What\'s wrong with the name Yuyan? It\'s the best name I can find and I think it will suit the baby," Lu Lijun said.

Lu Feng gave him a teasing look and mumbled that Lu Lijun heard, "As expected from you."

Lu Lijun looked back at his brother with a sarcastic gaze, "I might suggest another name as per brother Feng\'s liking."

"Lian, I am sure these two are hiding a lot of things from us. Look at how they are mocking each other," Lu Bao said.

"Don\'t worry Boabao. Till how long can they hide it? One day have to tell us," Lu Lian said

Lu Bao nodded and looked at Lu Lijun, "Lu Lijun, you said you will tell me about the one you like when I will deliver a baby. Where is my reward for making you an uncle?"

Jiang Yuyan felt like she would faint as she felt scared that Lu Lijun will tell her for real.

"I said I will tell only if she accepts me," Lu Lijun said.

"She didn\'t?" Lu Bao asked.

"I hold no value in her life," he said.

Jiang Yuyan didn\'t know how to react and why would he say that. He is the one she always cared about the most.

Lu Feng who held the baby wanted to stop him from talking further and said, "Lu Lijun, you didn\'t hold the baby."

Lu Lijun understood what Lu Feng did and said, "Elder brother should trust me."

"I do but still it\'s not good to give a shock to someone," Lu Feng said in a low voice as he looked at suddenly silent Jiang Yuyan.

"I will take care of it," Lu Lijun assured and held the baby.

Just then there was a knock on the door and Jiang Yang arrived there. "So how are the new mother and a cute baby?"

Lu Bao smiled at him, "We are good doctor Yang."

"You are free to call me brother Yang," Yang said and went to the baby that Lu Lijun held but he didn\'t fail to notice his silent sister.

"Can I?" Jiang Yang said and Lu Lijun passed the baby to him carefully.

"One more handsome uncle of a baby," Jiang Yang commented praising himself, and said, "Did you meet your pretty aunt, Yuyan?"

Jiang Yuyan looked at her brother and smiled lightly. She knew her brother can just see through her.

"She was with me a while ago," Jiang Yuyan answered.

"She reminds me of you when I held you for the first time," Jiang Yang said.

"I bet your baby will look even prettier than Yuyan," Lu Feng said.

"This single soul would love to play with your babies. As you were once my darling that got stollen now, still I can claim your kids as mine," Jiang Yang said.

"I am still yours, Don\'t worry," Lu Feng said and others laughed.

"I don\'t want to die," Jiang Yang countered.

"See, I told you these people hide a lot from us," Lu Bao spoke to Lu Lian.

"When they are ready to tell, we can just ignore them," Lu Lian consoled her.

"Right," Lu Bao agreed and everyone got busy with the baby.