Worlds’ Apocalypse Online - Chapter 1633 - The Awaitings!

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Chapter 1633: The Awaitings!

Translator: La0o9

[You… are the ones who are hiding here to prolong their last breaths]

The wraith cultivator said.

Absolute silence.

The Awaitings turned to the wraith cultivator and stood still.

They silently observed him.



Lady Fusi was the first one to crack and burst out in laughter.

Followed by the laughter of all the Awaitings at once.




“A… ahahah, us? Prolong our last breaths?”

「 I’m laughing myself to death over here, I can’t believe we get to hear such a ridiculous joke as soon as I wake up 」

「 That’s right, it probably thinks that it would actually manage to leave this place alive 」

The wraith cultivator looked at this, a bit hesitant.

The Thousand Dragons Ancestor stopped laughing and loudly declared: 「 I have a good idea, let us destroy it first, then hold a banquet to celebrate our awakening! 」

The mohawk rock-man nodded: “That’s a good idea, then——”

He suddenly vanished and reappeared in front of the wraith cultivator’s face.

The wraith cultivator heard their conversation and had been on guard, so he immediately swung his hand and shouted: [Time Reverse Flow!]

The rock-man returned to where he was.

Seeing that, Fusi wielded her scepter and declared: “Time Fast Forward!”

Instantly, the effects of [Time Reverse Flow] disappeared, and the rock-man stood in front of the wraith cultivator again.

The rock-man grinned and raised his fist——-

The wraith cultivator’s pupils dilated.

He could sense an ominous presence radiating from that fist.

[Time Reverse Flow!] the wraith cultivator had no choice but to shout again.

The rock-man instantly lowered his hand and retreated.

“Time Fast Forward!” Fusi shouted.

The rock-man once again rushed forward, grinned, and raised his fist—–

[Time Reverse Flow!] the wraith cultivator shouted again.

The rock-man instantly lowered his hand and retreated.

“Time Fast Forward!” Fusi shouted.

The rock-man once again rushed forward, grinned, and raised his fist—–

[Time Reverse Flow!] the wraith cultivator shouted again.

The rock-man instantly lowered his hand and retreated.

This time, he stopped waiting and shouted in irritation: “Come on already, both of you are really annoying, you know that!?”

Lady Fusi then stabbed her scepter into the ground and muttered loudly: “Time, you are my best friend, I’m willing to release my full power to make sure that you remain neutral within this battle!”

After her chant, she tilted her head towards the rock-man as a signal.

The rock-man once again rushed forward, grinned, and raised his fist—–

[Time Reverse Flow!] the wraith cultivator shouted again.

Time ignored him.

The wraith cultivator’s expression became warped.

That’s impossible!

How could the other party really be that powerful and forced time to remain neutral!?

——–this time controller woman is still at the peak of her strength!

The wraith cultivator didn’t have time to think any further.

—–the rock-man’s gigantic fist that was as large as the wraith cultivator’s entire body had arrived!

The wraith cultivator tried matching his punch.


The two fists clashed.

Rumble rumble rumble——–

The rock-man crumbled into dust and returned to the center of the Awaitings, once again reconstructing his body.

The wraith cultivator remained still.

His entire body had been turned into a rock statue.

A mocking voice resounded from inside the statue: [You think you can trap me with just this?]

The rock-man blew a whistle and replied: “I merely turned you into a kind of spellcasting component”

Following his whistle, the rock layer fell off to display the transparent blue hue inside.

—–this wasn’t a rock statue, it was a crystal statue!

Behind the crystal statue, a large figure appeared.

An eight-armed giant.

Each of its hands formed a different hand seal as it laughed: 「 Now that you’re a spellcasting component, I’d like to see how you’re going to run away! 」

Each of its hands radiated a dark glow.

「 Night, raise your shroud and cover up all light in existence! 」the eight-armed giant recited.

Immediately, the dark glow began to pour into the crystal statue like dripping water.

The wraith cultivator’s panicked and shocked voice resounded from the statue: [What did you do!?]

The eight-armed giant laughed and replied: 「 Nothing much, but I know that the Silent Light Apocalypse is a pure kind of Apocalypse, which made it impossible for it to use the light substitution technique when mixed with any impurities 」

Lady Fusi also lamented: “Indeed, we aren’t the same as the clueless masses within the Reality Gate, we’ve already fought the Apocalypses too many times, we’re all very aware of your backgrounds and capabilities”

The now-black crystal statue was shaking nonstop, but couldn’t escape at all.

An old man whose entire body was clad in black fog approached, speaking with a lazy tone: “Then—— it’s time for this old man to stretch his bones, yes?”

Without waiting for the others to talk, he vanished on the spot.

Numerous slashing noises could be heard from within the black crystal statue.


The wraith cultivator cried out in pain.

At this time, the young girl wielding the giant axe hurriedly said: “Stop! Grandpa, don’t kill it just yet, I still haven’t acted yet—— let me enjoy myself as well!”

The black fog paused.

The old man reappeared and said helplessly: “Alright, but only because you’re still young”

He sheathed his dual blades.

The young girl then licked her lips and flew up, raising the giant axe in her hand.


She uttered a resounding battle cry.

——but not a single sound could be heard in this world.

Because the planet was summarily destroyed by this axe, its fragments flying all over the Boundless Void.

The black crystal statue spiraled away into the void like a streak of light.

“Oh no, I used too much strength” the young girl stuck out her tongue and said.

“No problem, try again”

A man who appeared sickly clapped his hands and said.


The entire planet suddenly returned to its previous state.

“I’ll bring it back” another Awaiting said.

He then pulled on something from the void of space—–


The black crystal statue fell from above and made a huge crater on the ground.

At this point, the statue was already full of cracks.

The wraith cultivator was breathing heavily with a discontinuous voice from inside the statue:

[You… all of you…]

No one cared about it.

The Thousand Dragons Ancestor crossed his arms and told the giant axe girl: 「 Hey, this is the first day we awoke and you’re already destroying the environment, what do you have to say for yourself? 」

The young girl put her hands together and hurriedly said: “I’m really sorry, I clearly used only 1% of my power, who knew that——”

She didn’t continue.

The Thousand Dragons Ancestor also didn’t really know how to continue scolding her.

Lady Fusi then said: “Alright, who’s going to deal the finishing blow?”

The other Awaitings instantly became rowdy.

“No, why do we have to kill it now?”

“That’s too selfish, I still haven’t had my fun”

“That’s right, it’s been so long since we got something that can take a hit, let me move around a little”

「 I’ve been sleeping for too long, let me try out my hands 」

“No, let me, let me do it!”

They all said in unison.

Very quickly, someone was unable to hold themselves back and attacked the black crystal statue first.

“Don’t kill steal!”

Someone shouted.

The Awaitings rushed forward to attack the statue.

“Don’t kill it”

“That’s right, just take a look at yourself, you’re using so much strength that it’s cracking over here”

“Leave it alive, I need to get one hit in!”

They delightedly surrounded and beat up on the statue.

The wraith cultivator’s desperate screams could be heard over and over as the cracks on the statue grew increasingly larger.

「 Enough! 」

The Thousand Dragons Ancestor shouted.

「 If we continue like this, when is it going to end!? 」

All the Awaitings stopped.

The Thousand Dragons Ancestor approached the black crystal statue as immense pressure gradually accumulated on his body and turned into intense killing intent.

「 We still have a banquet to celebrate, so I’m going to end these two Apocalypses now! 」

He suddenly vanished and reappeared in front of the statue.

「 Die—–」

The Thousand Dragons Ancestor uttered a resounding roar.

In that instant, the black crystal statue suddenly shattered.

[Don’t even dream about killing me!]

The wraith cultivator suddenly called out.

Like a bolt of lightning, it shot into the sky and separated into two streaks of light.

[This doesn’t count]

[The Apocalyptic Divine Weapon had already marked out this place’s coordinates—– I will return outside the Reality Gate and bring my original body here soon enough——-]

[At that time, all of you will die!]

The two streaks of light entered the void of space and vanished.

The Thousand Dragons Ancestor stood still, seemingly stunned.

The Awaitings also didn’t say anything else.

Gu Qing Shan had only been standing to observe them, but when he saw the two Unfathomable Apocalypses escaping like that, he couldn’t remain silent anymore.

“Hey, they’ve run away!” he loudly called out.

No one answered him.

“Hey, hey, hey, how could you let them flee? Finish them off already!” Gu Qing Shan turned to the Thousand Dragons Ancestor and asked.

The Thousand Dragons Ancestor coldly glanced at him, then suddenly collapsed backwards.


He laid on the ground and put a hand over his heart, muttering to himself: 「 Finally, we managed to fool it into leaving, this one really panicked just now 」

Gu Qing Shan was stunned.

And then—–

Clink clank clink clank ding ding ding——-

The sound of numerous weapons falling on the ground.

The Awaitings had all let go of their weapons and collapsed on the spot, all of them moaning.

“Mother of god, we actually did it”

「 ——-finally managed to scare it away, that was dangerous 」

“I used up all of my power for that last strike, my entire body is aching right now!”

“Who isn’t? Sheesh, that was exhausting”

“Hah, stop talking about it, we almost lost our lives back there”

“Ouch, an old wound just opened up”

“Thank god the Dragon Ancestor had a plan, otherwise…”

They all said one after another.

Gu Qing Shan was stunned once again.

He looked around, only to see that the only ones who could remain standing were the skeleton and Lady Fusi.

Lady Fusi’s expression also seemed glad as she nodded to him: “Gu Qing Shan, other than me, all of them were still very weakened, they still haven’t recovered all of their strength”

“But why?” Gu Qing Shan was puzzled.

“Because by the time we reached the Reality Gate, everyone was already heavily injured” Lady Fusi explained.

The Thousand Dragons Ancestor added: 「 We were able to sense the dangers of the future, which was why we had gathered what was left of everyone’s powers and created [Order] 」

The young girl said: “Everyone then fell into slumber due to exhaustion—– this couldn’t be helped, as everyone had already reached their limits, [Order] was originally our last gamble”

The rock-man continued: “To be honest, the only way for us to fully recover our strength is if [Order] truly grows stronger”

Lady Fusi nodded and concluded: “Indeed, although all of us still have our physical forms, strictly speaking, we Awaitings of [Order] are also the spirits of [Order]”