Worlds’ Apocalypse Online - Chapter 1360 - He’s here!

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Chapter 1360: He’s here!

Let’s rewind time a bit.

The Saint Spirit world.

The Frost empire.

Red Wraith descended from above, landing in the empire’s royal palace.

Including the emperor and queen, everyone instantly bowed to greet him.

“I’ve killed the young man called Rhode” Red Wraith said.

Everyone looked up confusedly.

The emperor doubtfully asked: “Your grace, did you not go out in order to assassinate the Roland emperor?”

Red Wraith shook his head: “The Roland emperor is an opponent that we know very well. The one called Rhode is the only variable in our plan, so I had to kill him before he managed to throw things completely out of order”

“Your Grace, the Roland empire is currently in a stalemate with us, but more and more of their Combatants are participating in the war, so we won’t be able to hold against them for too much longer” the emperor reported.

The prime minister then followed up: “Furthermore, other than the extinct monster world that your grace had discovered and explored, we discovered another new world”

“Oh? What kind of world is it?” Red Wraith asked with interest.

“A world completely destroyed by the Plague Apocalypse; it is currently fusing with the Saint Spirit world” the prime minister replied.

“What do you all think?” Red Wraith asked.

The emperor replied: “There are too few of our comrades who had remained within the Saint Spirit world, those who remained outside cannot be contacted, so with just our numbers here, there is quite a bit of difficulty in defeating the Combatants of the Roland empire”

The prime minister followed up: “If we can guide that Plague Apocalypse to descend en masse in the Roland Empire, our chances of victory would drastically increase”

“But that is highly risky because this level of Apocalypse is…”

Red Wraith didn’t respond, instead, he slowly strolled around the room.

The entire palace was in complete silence, these swapped wraiths were waiting for Red Wraith’s decision with bated breaths.

After a while, Red Wraith spoke up:

“The Plague Apocalypse… have we recorded it?”

A wraith who looked like a historical official reported: “Your grace, we have recorded it. The Plague Apocalypse was considered to be Unsolvable, Fiercest”

Unsolvable rank was only the second weakest level of Apocalypse among the Apocalypse ranking.

The reason why the Void City army had considered the Plague Apocalypse to be Unlivable and no longer tried to send anyone inside was because they didn’t know that three worlds were actually fusing with one another in this place.

Hearing that, Red Wraith appeared relaxed and spoke: “Even though it had reached the rank of Fiercest, an Unsolvable Apocalypse would not contain those truly terrifying ones”

“At most, it would be one of two objects that are responsible for spreading the virus, but since this world is completely separated from everything else, those objects wouldn’t be able to summon an Envoy”

“As long as those objects aren’t disturbed…”

“I can indeed attempt to secretly guide the spread of the plague”

Having decided, Red Wraith abruptly looked up at everyone else.

The group instantly knelt on one knee, lowering their heads:

“Your grace, please give your orders”

Red Wraith spoke: “Unseal the strongest body, I will be using it”


Everyone remained kneeling on the ground, only the emperor, the queen, the prime minister, the military minister, the grand general, as well as the church ambassador stood up.

Each of them held a different talisman in their hands and shouted in unison:

“Sealing—— undo!”

A spark flashed.

The talismans in their hands instantly burnt away, manifesting lengths of chain from the void of space.

All the chains broke off at once.

A casket then lightly landed on the ground.

This was a white-grey stone casket with a large talisman stuck on its lid.

The talisman abruptly turned to ash.


The casket was opened.

A corpse covered in crimson talismans was revealed to everyone.

Red Wraith turned into a cloud of mist and entered the corpse.

A few moments later.

The corpse started twitching, slowly standing up from inside the casket.

The crimson talismans also began to burn.

A suit of blood-red armor appeared from thin air, scattering into its components before donning itself onto the corpse.

Following that, a yaksha mask fell from above, donning itself onto the corpse’s face.

The corpse raised its hand, open its palm, then closed it lightly—–


A huge gust of wind manifested out of nowhere, sweeping across the entire audience hall.

An invisible pressure that inhibited breathing was abruptly applied on everyone.

Everyone felt themselves being pinned to the ground, unable to even move a muscle.

“Hm, the power of this heavenly being corpse, combined with my full power, that should be enough” Red Wraith spoke from behind the yaksha mask.

He casually used his finger to draw a mystical pattern in mid-air.

A bloody talisman manifested and quickly flared up.

A large opening was burnt into the void of space, the other side of the opening could be faintly seen to be a world enveloped in yellow fog.

The heavenly being’s corpse that wore a yaksha mask stood there without moving.

He looked to the world on the other side and focused his mind.

Red Wraith’s voice resounded again:

“That is indeed an Unsolvable Apocalypse”

“Very well, let me take a look at that plague world and see if I would be able to guide the plague to descend upon the Saint Spirit world”

“After I leave, make sure to cautiously manage the front lines”

Everyone responded at once: “Understood, your grace!”

Only the emperor appeared a bit hesitant after declaring that.

Red Wraith didn’t bother to look back at his subordinates and quickly entered the opening in the void of space.

The opening then slowly closed back up.

The emperor abruptly stood up and asked everyone: “Did his grace bring his weapon with him?”

The military minister was startled and replied: “It was originally put in the heavenly being Inventory Bag, but since his grace ordered me to engrave a few more runes earlier, I had taken it out”

Everyone’s heart tightened.

“Then did you finish it yet?” the emperor shouted.

“I have” the military minister hurriedly took out a pair of long Blades and replied.

The emperor took the Blades, then deeply inhaled: “I shall take it to his grace, let’s hope he won’t be angered by your mistake”

Red Wraith appeared in the sky.

The faint yellow fog was being blown towards the distance following the strong wind.

Red Wraith stood still for a few moments observing this, then muttered:

“The direction that this fog is heading in should be the extinct monster world”

He reached out his finger, casually drawing in mid-air.

A talisman was formed.

“The three worlds are currently fusing with one another, so their borders should also be connected”

“In that case, I merely have to change the direction of the wind…”

The talisman burnt away.

The wind stopped blowing for a short moment.

Suddenly, the strong wind resumed, having changed directions.

Red Wraith observed for a bit, then shook his head.

To make sure that the wind blows towards the Saint Spirit world, and furthermore, towards the Roland empire in particular, I will need to adjust it some more.

For now, the wind is only blowing upwards to make sure that the fog won’t stay too close to the ground.

Actually, changing the direction of the wind wasn’t too hard for Red Wraith.

The key point was to make sure that the change had to be natural, ensuring that a certain object within this Apocalypse doesn’t notice.

That was the difficult part.

Just as Red Wraith prepared to draw another talisman, he suddenly stopped, muttering to himself:

“An ominous feeling… could I have been discovered?”

He made a small incision on his neck with his finger, then took some blood from there to draw in mid-air.

“To completely conceal myself, I need a—-”

—–it was said that the Wraith realm’s weapons contain Causality Laws, their Guise Hexes were infallible, and their Life Talismans were unpredictably devious, using the life force and vitality in order to activate, which made them hard to defend against.

Before Red Wraith even finished his words, a certain event had already occurred.

A nearly impossible event that should never have happened became true thanks to [True Luck].

Below the sky, the strong wind, the clouds, and even the fog.

From the depths of another world where no one could have detected, a crimson streak of light shot through the air.

In that instant, the crimson Life Talisman struck Red Wraith.

“Aaarrgh! This is [Wicked Thoughts Burning Spirit]!”

“What exactly—–”

For the first time, Red Wraith’s voice carried a bit of panic.

Life Talismans were his source and his roots, so he naturally knew how to dispel the [Wicked Thoughts Burning Spirit] talisman, however—–

The price that must be paid would be the majority of this heavenly being corpse’s power!

But it wasn’t the time for him to hesitate.

Red Wraith clenched his teeth, endured the terrible cost, then resolutely made the call.

He stopped trying to draw the original talisman and instead changed his movement halfway, beginning to draw a talisman to dispel [Wicked Thoughts Burning Spirit].

The talisman was swiftly completed!

A dark green glow radiated from the talisman.

It then disappeared.

All the dark green glow had gathered into a ball and began to enter Red Wraith’s body when an opening appeared in the void of space.

A pair of hands reached out.

——the hands were holding a pair of long blades.

Followed by the Frost emperor’s respectful voice:

“Your grace, you forgot your weapons”

The dark green ball of light crashed into the opening, bringing with it the two long blades as well as the emperor’s frightened statement ‘Your grace, mercy’, and disappeared without a trace.

Everything returned to silence in the sky.

Red Wraith was stunned.

He was speechless, then quickly lost consciousness and closed his eyes.

The wind continued to blow high in the sky.

The wind that had changed directions brought Red Wraith with it, hovering and flying aimlessly.

Not too long after.

Flashes of white light continuously shot up from deep underground.

Dark and light intertwined with one another.

The air current was changed.

The stench of blood filled the air.

Red Wraith suddenly turned over, mumbling: “How noisy…”

“I’m going to kill you!”

He tilted his body and flew towards the source of the commotion.

At the center of the desert.

[State your choice…] the humanoid statue spoke.

Gu Qing Shan was quickly trying to come up with a solution.


A figure was rapidly approaching them from the sky.

So fast!

Who’s coming?

Gu Qing Shan and the humanoid statue both turned their heads


That figure crashed and landed near the humanoid statue and Gu Qing Shan.

A man wearing a yaksha mask leapt out from the yellow mist, staring at Gu Qing Shan and the humanoid statue.

“Both of you are so noisy, just die!”

The wraith shouted in irritation.