Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 2303 - You Can’t Change Your Destiny

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Chapter 2303: You Can’t Change Your Destiny

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Su Mo came to the palace by the side and saw that other than the size which was slightly smaller, the interior was similar to that of the Palace Master’s palace.

He found a secret chamber and went in, shutting the palace gate and the gate of the secret chamber.

Su Mo took out the three jade bottles and looked at them.

He opened the green bottle and took out the Heaven Illusionary Pill.

The Elixir was about the size of his thumb and it was transparent, odorless, and colorless.

After looking at it for a while, Su Mo swallowed the Elixir.

After the Elixir entered Su Mo’s body, he did not feel anything.

This is strange!


Su Mo was puzzled. He had never come across this type of Elixir and he had no idea how to handle it.

He activated his energy slightly and attempted to refine the Elixir.

He was unable to refine it as it was like an indestructible metal.

However, when he was trying to refine the Heaven Illusionary Pill, it emitted a strange power that engulfed him.


Su Mo’s eyes lit up. He seemed able to control the strange power to help him change his looks and size.

The feeling was obscure. In fact, the strange power did not change his looks or aura but it prevented people from seeing through him.

I got it!

After pondering for a while, Su Mo finally understood that the Heaven Illusionary Pill was unable to change him.

However, it allowed him to lead the people into seeing what he wanted them to see.

In other words, Su Mo simply needed to trigger his thoughts and others would see him differently. He could be a human being, a beast, or even a plant.

His body, looks, and aura would not change, but what the people saw could be totally different.

I never knew there was such an Elixir around! He has lived up to his name as the Elixir Deity! Su Mo was full of praise for Ren De Palace Master. He felt that the Elixir was abstruse.

In fact, Su Mo had no idea that even Ren De Palace Master had great difficulty refining the Elixir and it was difficult to get the ingredients.

Shortly, Su Mo poured out the Elixir from the purple bottle. It was the Chaotic Energy Elixir.

The Elixir was bigger than the Heaven Illusionary Pill. When the Elixir was out of the bottle, an immense aura emitted from the Elixir.

The aura was vast as the river and it was indescribable.

This Chaotic Energy is extremely pure! Su Mo was surprised that the Chaotic Energy in the Elixir was purer than the Five Elements Dawn Stones.

Su Mo was excited. He did not check on the third Elixir but he was wondering if he should swallow the Chaotic Energy Elixir.

He dared not swallow it as the Chaotic Energy in the Elixir was mighty and it could cause his body to explode. Even his Chaotic Immortal Body might not be able to withstand its power.

“I can only swallow this Elixir. I believe that the efficacy will not cause my body to explode!” Su Mo muttered. He put the Elixir in his mouth and attempted to refine it.

As he refined the Elixir, the rich Chaotic Energy surged out.

Great. It is a progressive cycle! Su Mo nodded. When the Elixir had been refined, the energy would not be released all at once. It would gradually be released and it would be suitable for cultivation.

Nevertheless, it did not mean that the speed was slow. It was, in fact, rapid compared to what Su Mo had thought it would be.

Without hesitation, Su Mo swallowed the Chaotic Energy Elixir and started to work on his cultivation.

After the Elixir had entered his abdomen, the Chaotic Energy surged. Su Mo refined it into pure Chaotic Energy and merged it into his body to strengthen his cultivation level.

At a grand palace in Heavenly Palace.

It was the same secret chamber with the six-colored maelstrom diagram carved on it. A man in an embroidered robe sat at the center of the maelstrom diagram and halos were circling around him.

The halos blurred one’s vision, preventing one from seeing the face of the man.

A youth in a white robe stood before him and he was good-looking. He was none other than Tian Chenyu Supreme Being.

“Di Yihun, what do you think about it?” Tian Chenyu asked as he looked at the man in the embroidered robe.

He had told Di Yihun about the event that had taken place in Reincarnation Ancient City. Based on the information that he had obtained and what his brother, Tian Chenshan, had told him, he found Duan Jingtian suspicious.

“Duan Jingtian is Su Mo!” Di Yihun said flatly and firmly.

Two sharp rays of light pierced the halos like swords and shone onto the walls of the secret chamber.

“What should we do? Human Palace seems to be helping Su Mo!” Tian Chenyu asked. He would not have to search around aimlessly for Su Mo since he had found out that Su Mo was in Human Palace.

“Are you keeping watch over Human Palace?” Di Yihun asked. He sounded flat and indifferent.

“Yes. I have bribed an Inner Palace Disciple to be our spy.” Tian Chenyu replied.

“Is Su Mo still in Human Palace?” Di Yihun asked.

“Yes. Ever since the trip from Reincarnation Ancient City, he has never stepped out of Human Palace!” Tian Chenyu replied.

The minute he heard the news about what had taken place in Reincarnation Ancient City, he had immediately informed the Inner Disciple to be on the lookout for Su Mo.

Di Yihun pondered for a while and said, “Make a trip to Human Palace! Go and find out Ren De’s stand about this!”

“Yes!” Tian Chenyu nodded. He knew the scruples that Di Yihun had.

They could not charge into Human Palace and demand that Ren De hand Su Mo over to them.

If they did so and Tuoba Qingyun knew about it, it would be tricky for them.

Moreover, if Ren De was determined to protect Su Mo, they could not force him to hand Su Mo over to them.

“Send more men over to watch over Human Palace. We must not let Su Mo escape!” Di Yihun instructed Tian Chenyu.

“Don’t worry!” Tian Chenyu nodded and walked out of the secret chamber.

“Su Mo, no matter where you go, you will not be able to change your destiny!”

Di Yihun muttered as he watched Tian Chenyu depart.


He laughed and shook his head.

He was not worried about Su Mo as there was no way for Su Mo to escape from him.

Even if Human Palace was out to protect him, they had to submit themselves to the mighty being.

Thus, Di Yihun had to reach the Advanced Supreme Being Realm in the shortest time possible. When that happened, Su Mo would not be able to hide in Deity Plane and Di Yihun could easily merge with him.

Di Yihun was not far from breaking through to the Advanced Supreme Being Realm.

Everyone reckoned that he needed thousands of years or even longer to break through the Advanced Supreme Being Realm.

However, they did not know that given his talent, he was not far from achieving it.

His strength would be greatly enhanced after he merged the two Split-Souls. He would then rule over the Deity Plane and go beyond the era.

After a while, Di Yihun pushed away all his thoughts and started to work on his cultivation. Strength was the basis for everything.