Walker Of The Worlds - Chapter 827: Breakable Walls And Spare Gifts

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Chapter 827: Breakable Walls And Spare Gifts

The disciples of the Noon Grass sect had seen Lin Mu suddenly rush to the wall and were confused. That confusion turned into utter shock as they saw Lin Mu break the wall as if it were made of glass.


Lin Mu put a hole through the wall which then spread cracks through it eventually crumbling it entirely. Elder Weimin and Jing Luo were taken aback seeing this. While Lin Mu had broken a wall just a few minutes ago to block the molten metal, they had not put much thought into it.

But now it finally struck them.

"The walls… they are breakable?!" Jing Luo said and quickly went to try it out on his own.

His fist glowed with spirit Qi and struck the wall.


But the outcome was completely opposite to what he had thought.


Runes appeared on the wall before turning into a barrier that quickly repelled Jing Luo back.


As if hit by a bull, Jing Luo was sent flying back but still managed to stop himself before he collided into another wall.

"Huh? What the hell?" Jing Luo was now confused.

Elder Weimin stroked his beard and spoke, "it\'s the spirit Qi…"xa0

Lin Mu turned around and this point and nodded his head.

"As long as attacks don\'t contain spirit Qi, they can still break the walls." Lin Mu confirmed.

The disciples were intrigued upon hearing this and felt like trying it out themselves.

"HYAA!" One of the more muscular disciples punched the wall with his fists.


"ARGH!" but his attempt only gave him pain instead. Tears appeared in the corners of his eyes as he held his fist that had turned red and was bleeding now.

"Even if it\'s dormant without spirit Qi doesn\'t mean you all have the strength to break it like that." Elder Weimin stated.

"Eh? So we\'re weak in that aspect to…" A short female disciple said.

"No… you all just need to use weapons. Why use your body which is not durable enough?" Hu Yun suddenly said.

He then took out a club from his spatial storage ring and raised it high up before slamming it into the wall.


"Nothing happened?"xa0

"No… look!"xa0

When Hu Yun pulled his club from the wall, they could see a small dent that had now formed on the wall.

"It really can be damaged!" The disciples rejoiced.

"Ahaha! That\'ll make it way easier!" Jing Luo said out loud.

He then took out a war hammer from his storage. It was very crude looking and was made out of a chiseled stone that was attached onto the end of a thick stick. It looked like something that a caveman would use and not a dignified cultivator.

But then… its effects were spectacular.



Jing Luo smashed the hammer onto the wall and cracks spread across it while also leaving a substantial dent in the wall.

"Use normal weapons for it. Spirit weapons will be ineffective and will trigger the formations." Elder Weimin instructed.

"But… we don\'t have normal weapons?" Some of the disciples said.

After they said this though, they heard the sound of a large number of objects falling to the ground.

"All those that need a weapon can take one here!" Jing Luo announced.

At his side were easily over a hundred weapons piled into a small hill. Not all of them were like the crude war hammer he was using through. In fact, most of them looked like what mortal warriors would use and were properly forged.

Only a few of them looked as crude and unrefined as that. Lin Mu took a look at Jing Luo\'s hammer as well and recognized the materials used for it.

"Using the Grey metal Ore as the hammerhead and the Stone Heart Wood as the handle… no wonder the hammer is that strong." Lin Mu muttered.

Elder Weimin who heard him was surprised and took another look at Jing Luo\'s hammer.

\'They truly are that! Who would use such precious materials like this!?\' Elder Weimin was astounded.

Both Grey Metal Ore and the Stone Heart Wood were special materials that could be used to refine and forge high grade spirit tools. Using them crudely like this would not be something that any sane cultivator would imagine.

"Did you make this during our time in that plane fragment?" Lin Mu questioned.

"Mmhmm… I made a lot of weapons back then and didn\'t really have the needed condition to refine them further. They\'re pretty much incomplete projects." Jing Luo answered.

"At least they are getting some use now." Lin Mu replied.

"Indeed." Jing Luo said with a nod.

Some of the Noon Grass sect disciples had also caught onto the fact that the weapons they were holding, while not Spirit weapons were still very durable and strong.

"This! These can be easily refined further to become spirit weapons!"

"Heavens! Isn\'t this Cyan Mist Copper? It\'s not even found in the southern regions!"xa0

One by one the disciples started to recognize the materials used. They also understood the value of the weapons and just how much of a favor Jing Luo was doing by giving them this.

"We will return these back to you with care, Senior Jing Luo." The disciples said quickly.

"Ahaha! There\'s no need for that. You all can keep them. They\'re just lying around unused with me anyway." Jing Luo waved his hand.

"Really!?" The disciples were stunned.

"Yes, go ahead." Jing Luo confirmed.

"Thank you!" They all said feeling grateful.

Seeing their morales were back up again, Elder Weimin couldn\'t help but smile.

"Everyone! Let\'s get to breaking the walls! We have to hurry and find Elder Liqiang!" Elder Weimin ordered.

"YES ELDER!" They said in unison.




Immediately they started attacking the walls and trying to break them. Still, even if they managed to damage them they couldn\'t break them as quickly as Lin Mu.

"I\'ll take the lead and head on first!" Lin Mu said before turning around and beginning his demolition session.