Vampire's Slice Of Life - Chapter 341 18 years old

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Chapter 341 18 years old

Two years passed.

Lith was now 18 years old. For two years, he had been cultivating hard and when he used to take breaks in between, he was given information about whatever that was happening in the outside world.

Today was a day for his break again. He had stopped because he felt that he would in just a few more days to Rank 8.

Lith got up from the pedestal and his lush silver hair fluttered lightly. They had become longer and fell on his shoulders. He was wearing a white daoist robe and so his build wasn\'t visible but he had become taller. Previously he was 172 cm tall and now he\'s 186 cm tall.

It wasn\'t just the physical growth. His aura and demeanor had changed as well. The childish nature from his face was starting to disappear and he was looking like someone experienced and seasoned.

But, despite the growth, when he walked close to Lilith, his mother, who was standing a few meters away from him, he still found himself to be a head shorter than her. He still had to turn his head up to look at his mother.

When he reached close to her, he looked up at her and said while holding her face with both his hands, "Mom, even though I\'ve grown taller, why do you still look so tall?"

Lilith chuckled and bent down to kiss Lith\'s forehead. "It\'s because I am your mama."

Lith rolled his eyes. He knew his mother answered silly questions with silly answers. He shoved aside his question and took out the bed from his ring. He held his mother\'s hand and took her to it.

Like before, he and Lilith lay on the bed. Lith was beside Lilith and held her in his embrace.

Lith looked Lilith in the eyes and bringing his face close to her\'s, he sealed her lips with his. He gave her a long and sweet kiss and after breaking it off, he said, "It\'s been too long since we last had a kiss, right?"

Lilith chuckled and ruffled Lith\'s hair. "It\'s not as long as you think. To me, it just feels as if a few moments have passed. To your big sis, it would feel a few months, etc. The feeling of passage of time is different for everyone."

"It\'s good if it\'s like that. To me personally, it felt as if an eternity had passed. I\'ve been in seclusion and away from big sis, Arya, Emmy, and Alexandra. Though thankfully there\'s you here to keep me company or I would\'ve been bored to death." Lith put out his thoughts.

Lilith smiled and kissed Lith\'s forehead. She caressed his hair and said, "Mama will always be there for you, baby."

Lith smiled and hugged her. He put his head on her soft and big milkers and enjoyed the warmth of her embrace.

\'I am a vampire who should feel good when it\'s cold, but I am currently enjoying mom\'s warmth. So weird…\' Lith thought to himself.

Lilith patted Lith\'s back as he slept on her and placed her chin on his head.

Lith, he just couldn\'t sleep today for some reason. His mind was wandering and so were his hands. His hand caressed his mother\'s back and went all the way down. It soon reached her butt and he grabbed those soft and perky peaches from over her clothes.

Lilith was wearing a white shirt and blue pants today. Completely different from her usual gown she wears. Lith unbuttoned her shirt and pulling her bra down, he latched onto his mother\'s big milkers.

Lilith\'s pink nipple was in Lith\'s mouth and he was suckling on it. A lot of milk gushed out and he got busy trying to drink it. He also unbuttoned her pants and lowered them, revealing her fair and smooth ass and thighs. Her thighs and ass both were thick enough to make everyone dream of getting crushed in between them, Lith was no exception to it.

But, he was currently busy playing with her boobs and didn\'t have the luxury to put his face in between her legs. He instead placed his hand over her ass cheeks and groped them hard, making his hand prints be present on them.

Lilith simply smiled and let Lith do whatever he wanted. She kept caressing his hair and looked at him lovingly.

Lith held one of Lilith\'s butt cheeks and parted it slightly to the side, revealing his mother\'s pussy and asshole covered with her panties. He parted her panties with his other hand and soon shoved his two fingers inside her cunt.

It was warm and tight in there, so tight that it felt as if it was some virgin\'s pussy. Lith shoved his fingers deeper and soon hit her g spot, causing her pussy to drip out some love juices.

He brought his fingers out and taking the juices on them, he rubbed it on her pussy lips, making them wet. He let go of her butt and freed one of his hands. One hand was close to her pussy and one was free now.

Lith shoved his fingers back inside her pussy and started fingering his mother. With his other hand, he brought it in front and bringing it close to her, slapped her pussy lightly with it.

"Mhm." Lilith let out a satisfied moan as Lith did that. It was a new experience for her. She had never been slapped like that on her pussy and what\'s more, Lith was still sucking onto her breasts while fingering her.

Lith soon felt that he shouldn\'t leave the other breast alone and so he moved to Lilith\'s other side and latched onto it again. He had his fingers inside her and they hadn\'t moved. Lith started sucking her nipples once again while fingering her and his other hand played with her clit.

A while later, Lilith climaxed and scooping her love juices, Lith brought his fingers close to his mouth and sucked on them while looking his mother in the eyes.

Lilith chuckled noticing this and asked, "is it good?"

Lith gulped down everything and taking his fingers out, he said, "It\'s the best."

After saying so, he sealed his lips with her again and soon started a passionate kiss. His hands groped her boobs and after he was done kissing her, he stopped his naughty actions and bit Lilith\'s neck.

He sucked on her blood and after drinking a good amount of it, he slept on her bare breasts while enjoying his mother\'s gentle pat on his back.


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