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Chapter 939: Deja Vu

When Shi Lingyu saw her change into the uniform immediately, she realized that it was a sailor uniform. It was a beginner-level fetish version. Actually, it was still quite normal, just that the hem of the dress was a little short, and there was a hole at the important part of the top. One could see everything as soon as it was lifted open.

Ling Sheng looked at herself in the mirror and pinched her face. She frowned worriedly. “Sister Yu, look at me. Have I gotten fat?”

Shi Lingyu said, “You’ll look good even if you get fat. If you wear this, the neighbor definitely won’t be able to control himself. However, you have to think about this carefully. This is only your first time. Do you really want to play something so exciting? If the neighbor’s beastly nature explodes…”

Ling Sheng winked at her fearlessly. “Have you forgotten that my Xiaoqi is already three years old? Do you think I’m still an innocent virgin?”

Shi Lingyu let out a low cough. I know, I know. You’re not a virgin. You’ve been dating for half a year, but there’s still no move from either of us. You’re even more innocent than a virgin, okay!

The weather was still very cold as the new year had just passed. Ling Sheng wore a sailor dress inside and a down jacket that reached her ankles on the outside.

When Shi Lingyu walked her to the door, she still reminded her, “Take it easy. I think the neighbor is a very proper person. Don’t scare him. If he breaks the engagement, where will you go to cry?”

“Don’t worry!” After saying that, Ling Sheng conjured a delicate and beautiful red rose out of thin air like a magic trick. She bowed gentlemanly and passed it to her. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

When Shi Lingyu took the rose from her, Ling Sheng even grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it. She did not know whether to laugh or cry. “I’m serious. You have so many moves up your sleeves, I’m really afraid that the neighbor will be scared away by you.”

Ling Sheng had already left. She turned her head around and waved at her. “Don’t send me off. It’s so cold outside. Go back!”

Downstairs, An Yan was already waiting for her. Upon seeing her come downstairs, he hurriedly opened the car door respectfully and invited her in. “Ms. Ling, the Third Master is waiting for you at home.”

Ling Sheng nodded and entered the car. Along the way, she chatted in the group chat, wondering what kind of surprise the Third Master would give her for Valentine’s Day today. Candlelight dinner? A proposal?

The sky had already darkened. Through the car window, one could see that it was very lively outside. There were people everywhere, and one could see people selling roses by the roadside a distance away.

“An Yan.” Ling Sheng looked up at him and asked with a smile, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No.” An Yan was busy with work, so he did not have time to get a girlfriend. His family had been pressuring him recently too, especially during the Lunar New Year. They had introduced many people to him, but none had worked out.

It was Valentine’s Day, and couples could be seen everywhere. When they were on their way over, there were many men at the entrance of companies carrying flowers to fetch their girlfriends from work. To be honest, he still felt quite envious.

“I’ll introduce you to someone another day.” Ling Sheng searched her mind for suitable candidates. After searching through her list, she realized that she did not know many people. The number of women she knew could be counted on one hand.

“Thank you for your kind intentions, Ms. Ling. But there’s no need to introduce anyone. I’m afraid the young lady can’t get used to my job,” An Yan declined politely.

He followed the Third Master all year round, always on standby, so his working hours were too unstable. He was afraid that the lady would suffer with him, so he did not dare find a girlfriend.

Ling Sheng did not say anything else. An Yan was pretty good-looking. As someone who followed the Third Master, he had status too. He was even more impressive than the CEOs of ordinary companies, all right? If he really wanted to find a girlfriend, he would not lack women. He probably did not want to find one himself!

Come to think of it, the Third Master was already so old. He had not had a girlfriend either before he had met her. He must have learned this from the Third Master.

However, when she reached the Gu family’s house entrance, she saw a courier holding a bouquet of delicate roses. He was standing at the door and ringing the doorbell.

An Yan stuck his head out and asked the courier, “Who ordered the flowers?”

The courier looked at An Yan politely. “This is for An Yan. It’s Mr. An’s flowers.”

An Yan looked at the flower with a complicated look in his eyes. He nearly choked on his saliva. He paused before saying, “I’m An Yan. Give it to me!”

Ling Sheng had also heard it. She saw it was such a huge bouquet of roses, there definitely had to be 99 roses! In the mood to gossip, she looked at An Yan and teased him. “Which beauty gave this to you?”

After taking a look at the greeting card, An Yan just threw the flowers on the front passenger seat. He frowned and did not hide it. “He Xie. He likes to crack such boring jokes. Every year during the Lunar New Year and festive celebrations, he would play a joke on me and mock me for not having a girlfriend.”

Ling Sheng had met He Xie before when she was shooting an advertisement in the Maldives. He was the talkative one. She smiled and suggested, “Then you can get a girlfriend. You can mock him during the Lunar New Year or the holidays.”

“He has a girlfriend.” An Yan did not expose his true personality in front of Ling Sheng. He changed girlfriends faster than he changed clothes. He was not any better than Huo Xuanzhou.

When Ling Sheng got out of the car, she went straight to the Gu Family’s main residence. However, she felt that there was something slightly strange about this situation.

The Gu Family’s architecture was very similar to the Su Family’s—it was an old mansion. When they entered the courtyard, the layout was very exquisite and imposing.

However, the Third Master’s residence was newly built. One could tell that it had not been completed for a long time. It was a Baroque-style building that was resplendent.

Roses climbed up the surrounding blue fence. At this time of the year, only a few tenacious leaves were still swaying in the cold wind.

An Yan had said that the Third Master couldn’t get used to staying in an old mansion after he had been brought back from overseas. He designed the blueprint himself. Destroying one of the courtyards and building the place had taken more than ten years.

Ling Sheng looked at the building in front of her and felt her heart swell. Her eyes started to burn for no reason, as though she had seen an old friend.

An Yan did not go in. She went in alone. When she walked in step by step, she felt a sense of deja vu with every single item she saw.

The entrance was opened wide, and her eyes were blinded as soon as she stepped in. She had initially thought that the Third Master’s residence would be a low-profile kind of luxury, like him. Who knew that the interior decoration would be even more luxurious and extravagant?

The colossal crystal chandelier was decorated in bright and warm colors. Coupled with the famous paintings on the wall, any one of them would definitely be worth no lesser than hundreds of millions.

When Jun Shiyan came out and saw the young lady enter, the smile on his lips widened. His magnetic voice rang in the air. “Sheng Sheng, come over here.”

Upon seeing Jun Shiyan, Ling Sheng ran over right away and stood in front of him while panting. “Third Master, I have something to show you!”

Before Jun Shiyan could react, he saw the young lady take off her down jacket instantly, revealing a sailor uniform underneath. Her innocent yet alluring appearance made his eyes blaze promptly. In the next moment, he walked forward and reached for her coat. In a hoarse voice, he said, “Put it on.”