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Chapter 580: No, He’s Filthy

Jun Shiyan placed the young lady on the sofa and patted her fair, tender feet. “If you land on your feet without shoes on, you’ll be asking for a beating.”

Ling Sheng’s adorable feet were retracted as she looked at the man with an aggrieved expression. She pouted and said, “You’re a bad person.”

Jun Shiyan was amused. He could not help but scratch the tip of her nose. “Yes, I’m a bad person. Can I take you to dinner now, Madam Jun?”

Ling Sheng hugged the bolster, her body as soft as a kitten. She shook her head. “Mr. Jun, I don’t want to move.”

Jun Shiyan let out a low sigh and smiled lovingly. “Then eat on the sofa.”

Soon, Jun Shiyan brought the food over. There was a bowl of greasy noodles with a few crispy vegetables and a sweet egg on it. The food was sprinkled with sesame seeds. The steamed egg was very tender, and it had been sprinkled with scallions and a few drops of fragrant oil. It looked very appetizing.

Ling Sheng had not expected that she would not be used to eating food cooked by a chef. However, the food cooked by the Third Master was delicious.

In the end, she concluded that she had been unreasonable earlier!

The young lady’s hands were weak, and she could not even hold her chopsticks. Jun Shiyan fed her, and before long, she finished a bowl of fried noodles. After eating half of the steamed egg, she said that she was full and wanted him to eat the rest.

The duo had just finished eating when Jun Shiyan bent down to carry her over to wash up.

However, Huo Xuanzhou pushed the door open and entered. He pointed at Jun Shiyan and said, “Jun Shiyan, what are you doing? Stop touching her. Otherwise, my Sixth Uncle will break your legs. Do you believe me?”

Jun Shiyan turned around and gave him a cold look. “Why don’t you do it?”

Huo Xuanzhou looked at Ling Sheng. “I’ll do it. Anyway, you can’t touch her. What’s your relationship with her?”

Jun Shiyan said, “She’s my girlfriend.”

Ling Sheng tugged at Jun Shiyan’s hand mournfully. “Third Master, I don’t want him to do it. He’s filthy.”

Huo Xuanzhou’s face darkened. What? How was he filthy? He was very clean. “Ling Sheng, how am I filthy? Is he clean?”

Ling Sheng blinked innocently and asked, “Tell me, how many women did you touch today?”

Huo Xuanzhou choked, but he really could not retort. Upon seeing Jun Shiyan carry her away, he stomped his feet in anger. He usually paid attention to hygiene!

Ling Sheng did not know why she had drowned. Why was her injury so serious? She did feel better the next day, but her body still felt empty and she had no energy. Her situation didn’t allow her to film the commercial anymore.

The film crew had not expected this to happen. They immediately adjusted the script and bought gifts and tonics to apologize to her the next morning.

Feng Yao was so worried that he had gone bald. He had initially thought that Huo Xuanzhou had taken a liking to Ling Sheng and wanted to woo her. That was why he had driven the yacht and refused to leave. He had probably wanted to woo her and have fun.

However, he had not dared imagine that Ling Sheng was the Third Master’s woman. He was scared out of his wits, and cold sweat broke out on his back. He apologized sincerely again. “Sheng Sheng, I’m really sorry. It’s all our fault for making you suffer so much.”

“Director Feng, you’re being too harsh on yourself. I hope you’ll pay more attention to the personal safety of artists in the future,” Ling Sheng replied politely.

She was an adult, so she had to be responsible for her own safety. However, it was impossible to say that the production team had zero responsibility in this case.

After they’d finished filming, they should have confirmed the safety of the actors, especially since they’d been filming underwater in the sea. They should have been 100% vigilant.