Trafford's Trading Club - Chapter 747 - Volume 9 – Chapter 109: Admiration (Part 2)

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Chapter 747 Volume 9 – Chapter 109: Admiration (Part 2)

On the day before arriving at Yan Wuyue world, Luo Qiu entered the movie initially to give his previous customers Christmas Eve gifts.

“…You can’t use your power anymore?”

Zixing asked after hearing Mo Xiaofei’s information about what happened “a year ago” and all the information collected during this “year.”

It didn’t take much time to organize the information. She spent more time appeasing Mo Xiaofei’s spirit. In this year of the reincarnation loop, Mo Xiaofei became manic.

As time passed, Mo Xiaofei gradually returned to normal. Being caught in such a nightmare cycle and yet still keeping his sanity, Mo Xiaofei’s firm willpower made him worthy of being Master Long’s disciple.

En… it should have started when I fell into the trap lay in Nagato’s house.” Mo Xiaofei recalled carefully, “From then on, my power starts to weaken. Until I came into contact with the madwoman in the dungeon, my power had utterly disappeared. However, I vaguely feel that my power is not erased, but something suppresses it.”

Starting from the first reincarnation loop, Mo Xiaofei, without his power, suffered many difficulties to do what he desired. After the first few reincarnations, Mo Xiaofei began to grasp some of the reincarnation loop characteristics.

Once he got in contact with the madwoman in the dungeon, the reincarnation loop would begin.

Once he died, the next reincarnation loop would kick-off.

If he didn’t do anything and hid in Unripe Rice Village, the reincarnation loop would take place within seven days.

“If I’m not wrong, you and I should have come to this world at the same time.” Zixing thought at this time. “Brother Mo has been here for a year. It appears that time has stopped advancing, but I have arrived here. So, the time hasn’t stopped. Your time in the Unripe Rice Village has become incredibly slow. One day in heaven is equivalent to one year in the mortal world…”

“But, I’m more worried about you.” Mo Xiaofei shook his head, “I’m afraid that even if you come, you will be stuck in the repetitive loop like me.”

At this time, you’re more concerned with me being trapped in the reincarnation loop. Is the Master Long disciple a bit too kind? Zixing frowned slightly.

“I need to experience it to find out.” Zixing pondered for a while, “Fortunately, Brother Mo, your memory will not disappear. Although this is the source of pain, it may be the key to resolve this situation. At least, you get to accumulate information about Unripe Rice Village. I’m afraid that if I fall into the reincarnation loop like you, I can’t keep this part of the memory. That will be troublesome because you have to convince me every time.”

“Why don’t you tell me something special, as a secret code?” Mo Xiaofei thought.

“Zhen Long,” said Zixing coldly.

“Zhen Long?” Mo Xiaofei was taken aback, “Sounds like a name. Is it your name? Speaking of which, Windchaser doesn’t seem to have told me what your name is.”

Zixing said calmly, “Take it as a code name. If I lose my memory, and you need to convince me, as long as you say the code name, then I will believe it.”

“I understand.” Mo Xiaofei nodded.

“What about the so-called Munakata Muses?” Zixing asked again quickly.

Mo Xiaofei shrugged and said, “Madam Muse will lose her memory every time. I can still be patient at the start and make her believe me again and again. But, I don’t bother in the end. Now, she should be terrified to find out that she had lost her power again. Then, she will scrutinize my information. Anyway, she does the same thing every time.”

Mo Xiaofei shook his head and said, “Instead of wasting time convincing her from the beginning, it is better to find the key to resolving the situation. It is a pity that even with many attempts, there has been no result yet.

He didn’t want to put “PLAY” on this girl. He had no other choice.

“It has been tough to get the information of all the people in this village.” Zixing glanced at Mo Xiaofei sympathetically.

“By the way, what did you come back for this time?”

“Fuji.” Zixing said calmly, “That Fuji. When I was watching the movie, I was lost in thought when I saw Fuji. I suspect what happened is related to this Fuji, so I came to the Unripe Rice Village. In the movie, the possessed heroine, Kushina Narukami, wrote something with the Fuji, so I think the key lies in the heroine.”

“But, from beginning to end, Kushina Narukami never appeared.” Mo Xiaofei said sternly, “During this year, you are the only one who entered Unripe Rice Village. You may be right about time flowing despite the reincarnation loop of the Unripe Rice Village. However, if the time goes so slow, we may have to wait decades or even hundreds of years before Kushina Narukami appears. If this is the case, then we might all…”

“Gone totally crazy!” Zixing pointed out the worry in Mo Xiaofei’s heart. Her expression became highly dignified.

The reincarnation loop on the same day for a hundred years. The Greedy Wolf Clan’s young master didn’t know whether she could make it through.

After the silence, Zixing suggested, “No matter what, I want to get into contact with the crazy woman under the dungeon first to see what happens.”

“That mechanism is not easy to get in.” Mo Xiaofei shook his head, “Every time I want to go in, I will alarm the Nagato’s family. Several times, I have been killed directly and then reincarnated.”

“Leave it to me this time.” Zixing said calmly, “Tsukihime Kondo’s status is still useful.”

Mo Xiaofei nodded. A sudden thought came into his mind. I finally met a companion. I wonder where Windchaser and the class president are at this time.

Under the cherry tree.

Eric extracted a thick gray-black mist from the void and injected it into Miki’s body. The wound on her shoulder, as well as the terrifying wound in her throat, began to heal slowly.

“The black flame of Ms. You Ye is a terrifying thing that can even burn the soul directly. There are not many things that can resist it in the main world. Worse still, it is just resisting.” Eric shook his head, “Be patient. The nightmare drawn from Unripe Rice Village will help you recover as soon as possible.”

Recalling the moment when there was no way to resist at all in front of the woman, Miki’s face became pale.

Miki spoke with difficulty, “Sorry, Master Eric. Miki is incompetent.”

Eric shook his head and said, “I know your character. Blame me for not considering this. Forget it; it’s over anyway. The most important thing is for you to recover.”

“But because of Miki, you have lost another fifty true souls…” Miki lowered her head deeply.

Eric smiled slightly and said, “Even if I trade all the true souls, I can’t bear to lose you.”

“Master Eric…”

The weak kimono girl gently hugged Eric, buried her head in his chest, and muttered, “Miki will definitely… realize your dream…”