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Chapter 324 Jing Tiangong, 4,000 Years Old

“I want to know who’s cursing me!”

Han Jue thought in his heart and used the derivation function.

(100 million years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?] Continue!

Immediately after, a scene appeared in Han Jue’s mind.

In a dark Daoist temple, a youth in a Daoist robe held a purple compass and muttered something

Han Jue had seen this person before.

Previously in the Great Ultimate Hall, Han Jue copied everyone’s data using the simulation trial and recorded their appearance at the same time.

After all, those who could listen to the Dao were all important figures in the Immortal World. It was a good thing to remember them. This person seemed to be from the Jie School. Han Jue entered the simulation trial and found this person to check his information.

(Jing Tiangong: Cultivation unknown, Jie School Elder]

Han Jue fought with him first.

An hour later, Han Jue was defeated.

This fellow was quite something. Han Jue opened his eyes.

Why was Jing Tiangong cursing him?

Han Jue felt that the curse power had disappeared and didn’t cause any substantial damage to him.

Could it be that this fellow was not targeting him but cursing many people?

Han Jue didn’t understand.

No matter what, the other party had cursed him. He had to curse him back.

But not now. Cursing now was too obvious.

He would wait a few years.

Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and cursed his enemy to complete the mission that happened once every ten years.

In the dark Daoist temple.

Jing Tiangong slowly put down the purple compass in his hand and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Although I have a Supreme Treasure, it’s still too difficult to curse the Dao listeners of the Great Ultimate Hall.” He thought silently.

He focused on cursing the leader of the forces who had stirred up a storm in the Immeasurable Calamity. As for the Immortal Emperors accompanying them, he just casually cursed and did not want to spend much effort on them.

“They must think that the Dark Forbidden Lord is cursing them. The more chaotic it is, the better. This way, our Jie School can rise amidst the chaos.”

Jing Tiangong looked expectant.

“Sect Master, I will definitely bring glory to the Jie School and lead it back to the peak!” Jing Tiangong thought firmly.

He began to circulate his energy to heal his injuries. Curses were originally a sinister method. If he injured one thousand enemies, he would suffer eight hundred backlashes.

Fortunately, this was a Supreme Treasure, so the backlash was not too great. “I really don’t know how the Dark Forbidden Lord did it. He actually cursed the entire Immortal World. Is his lifespan very long? Is his cultivation level extremely high?” Jing Tiangong thought in confusion. Curses consumed lifespan or providence. Although his lifespan was long, he didn’t dare to use it to curse. This was because cursing consumed too much lifespan, not providence.

If he lost providence, he could earn more.

But lifespan was predestined. With his cultivation level, it was very difficult for him to increase his lifespan unless he broke through.

How difficult was breaking through!

He hadn’t broken through in ten million years. He almost forgot how it felt to break through.

Ten years later.

Han Jue suddenly opened his eyes.

It was time!

Dao Comprehension Sword wasn’t in the cave abode. Han Jue directly took out the Book of Misfortune and started cursing Jing Tiangong of the Jie School.

“I’ll spend 100 million years to play with him first.”

Han Jue snorted.

In any case, Jing Tiangong didn’t know where he was.

Five days later, Han Jue’s lifespan began to decrease. He opened his attributes panel and strictly controlled the time.

Under the full-powered curse, his lifespan decreased very quickly.

When a hundred million years had been lost, he immediately stopped and wiped the blood from his eyes.

He checked the emails.

He couldn’t find Jing Tiangong.


He almost forgot.

Jing Tiangong didn’t have a favorable impression or hatred towards him. Han Jue couldn’t know his situation.

Should he continue?

Forget it, that was enough. Jing Tiangong cursed him for a while and didn’t curse anymore. Han Jue returned the favor and warned him.

If Jing Tiangong still cursed him, Han Jue would spend his life cursing him!

Han Jue adjusted his state and continued to do his daily missions after recovering.

In the dark Daoist temple.


Jing Tiangong spat out a mouthful of blood. He hurriedly circulated his energy to heal his injuries and suppress the terrifying curse power.

“Damn it! Who’s cursing me? Did the people I cursed discover me?”

Jing Tiangong was frightened. It would be terrible if he provoked a mighty figure from the heavens.

For the next period of time, Jing Tiangong was extremely nervous.

Han Jue’s curse caused his Dharmic powers to go berserk, and he couldn’t calm down for a short period of time.

If a mighty figure attacked during this period of time, he might very well die.

He waited for five years.

No mighty figure attacked, and the curse did not continue.

It seemed that it wasn’t the group of listeners from the Great Ultimate Hall cursing him.

Jing Tiangong thought of a possibility

Could it be the Dark Forbidden Lord?

The more Jing Tiangong thought about it, the more likely it seemed.

The Dark Forbidden Lord was good at curses. If he wanted to frame him, it was very likely that the latter would notice.

“Is the Dark Forbidden Lord warning me?”

Jing Tiangong smiled bitterly, his heart filled with reverence.

What kind of existence was the Dark Forbidden Lord?

Jing Tiangong looked at his purple compass and suddenly felt that he was ridiculous.


Why don’t I join the Dark Forbidden Lord?

He would mess up the Immortal World with him and help the Jie School rope in a strong alliance!

Speaking of which, there was no news of the Jie School being cursed by the Dark Forbidden Lord.

Jing Tiangong’s eyes lit up, thinking that this was a good idea. But where should he find the Dark Forbidden Lord?

Ever since he spent 100 million years cursing Jing Tiangong to warn him, Han Jue had not been cursed since.

It seemed that this fellow was shocked. This was also good. If everyone was peaceful, he could cultivate in peace.

Han Jue’s life returned to normal.

He continued to advance to the Rank Seven Immortal Emperor Realm!

Year after year passed.

[Detected that you are 4,000 years old and your life has taken another step forward. You have the following choices:]

[1: Enter the calamity immediately and fight for providence. Your name will shake the heavens. You can obtain nine Great Dao Fragments, a Supreme Treasure, and a chance for the system to upgrade.]

[2: Ignore the calamity for the time being. Cultivate in a low profile manner and compete with time. You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment and a Mystical Power inheritance.)

Han Jue looked at the choices in front of him and raised his eyebrows.

This dog system has really invested heavily in order to lure me into the calamity!

You want me to face the calamity?


Han Jue silently chose the second option. [Congratulations on obtaining a Great Dao Fragment.]

[Congratulations on obtaining the Mystical Power-Great Freedom Heaven Imprisoning Palm]

[Great Freedom Heaven Imprisoning Palm: An unparalleled Mystical Power that involves the Dao of Space. You can take in the sky with one palm and it will become stronger as your cultivation level increases. At its peak, you can take in the Heavenly Dao.] Great Freedom?

What a nostalgic name.

This Mystical Power was quite impressive!

At the strongest, he could absorb the Heavenly Dao?

Han Jue immediately inherited the Great Freedom Heaven Imprisoning Palm. This Mystical Power was not as simple as collecting the sky. It could also capture all existences under the sky and imprison them in the space in the palm, devouring their Dharmic powers or other energies.

Very domineering!

After Han Jue mastered it, he recalled that he had yet to improve his various Sword Dao, so he already spent a year raising all his Mystical Powers to the limit.

He was just about to enter the simulation trial and practice the Great Freedom Heaven Imprisoning Palm when he suddenly sensed something. It came from the Chaotic Domain!

Dao Sovereign was looking for him again!

Han Jue thought for a moment and jumped into the Chaotic Domain.

The Chaotic Domain was equivalent to the chat group created by Han Jue and Dao Sovereign. The two of them could communicate telepathically here, no matter how far apart their bodies were.

Dao Sovereign went straight to the point. “Can you save me? After this is done, I owe you my life!”

Han Jue asked in surprise, “Who caught you?”

“Demon Emperor…”

“No, I can’t help. I’m sorry.”

The two of them fell silent.