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Chapter 995: Amputation

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After breaking up with Yuan Keqing, Wei Keli continued to keep track of Yuan Keqing’s situation.

He knew that Yuan Keqing had been doing well recently and had even participated in many blind dates.

Wei Keli gnashed his teeth in hatred.

Why was Yuan Keqing doing so well while he was doing so badly?

Wei Zhiqian deleted all the videos he held.


Indeed, he didn’t have anything further that could be used to threaten the Yuan family.

He wanted to use the same trick to find someone else. Without the Wei family’s halo, no one he fancied would take a liking to him.

Those he didn’t fancy were unable to help him.

Wei Keli had nowhere to turn.

But he couldn’t let Yuan Keqing be so happy, as if nothing had happened.

That day, Yuan Keqing drove alone on the highway.

She planned to go on a vacation.

There were many trucks on the highway.

Yuan Keqing drove carefully.

When she stepped on the brakes, she found that the brakes failed.

No matter how hard she stepped on them, it was useless.

With the speed of the car on the highway, she could not carry on for long this way.

Yuan Keqing panicked. She could only futilely jam the brakes over and over.

The sound of vehicles honking continuously rang in her ears.

It was the car behind her and the cars on either side of her.

Yuan Keqing’s speed was getting faster and faster. She could only honk the horn to alert the car in front to avoid her.

She was so scared that her entire body turned pale and cold sweat was breaking out.

She couldn’t stop crying.

At this time, she didn’t dare to take her hand away from the steering wheel.

Fortunately, her phone was on the stand in front.

Yuan Keqing quickly asked Siri to call the police for her.

She only hoped that the police would be able to save her.

She didn’t want to die here on this day.

The phone was immediately connected, and Yuan Keqing sobbed as she told the police about her situation.

The police asked for her current location, but Yuan Keqing was so scared that her mind went blank. She only hoped that she wouldn’t crash the car or drive off the road.

Being able to split her attention to call the police was already her limit. Right now, her attention was focused on how to avoid the other vehicles, so she didn’t have time to look at the signs.

As she wept, she was only able to tell the police that she was on the highway.

The police also went after her according to her location.

But in the end, Yuan Keqing was unable to wait for the police to arrive.

Because the car couldn’t dodge in time, it finally broke through the guardrail of the highway and crashed off the road.

However, there was a hillside beyond the guardrail. Although it was only a small slope, it was still dangerous.

Yuan Keqing’s car sped and rolled all the way down the hill.

“Yuan Keqing was in a car accident. She has been in a coma in the hospital.” Wei Zhiqian told Tan Mo about this. “I’m afraid it will be very difficult for her to wake up. Moreover, she has had to amputate her lower limbs.”

Tan Mo was stunned. “Why was there a car accident all of a sudden?”

Tan Mo remembered that the Tan Mo whom she saw in her master’s mirror had died in a car accident.

Was this the reincarnation of the heavenly axiom?

“The brakes failed,” Wei Zhiqian said. “But the police checked and said that someone tampered with the brakes.”

Tan Mo took a deep breath. “That’s murder.”

“That’s right.” Wei Zhiqian nodded.

“Yuan Keqing hasn’t offended many people, has she?” Tan Mo began to think about who Yuan Keqing had offended. “There are indeed many people who don’t like her, but most of them are small conflicts between girls. They don’t like her personality and things like that.”

It was just a small matter, like how girls all dislike being involved with scheming girls.

Of course, although she was one of those, she had already trained her skills to perfection. People wouldn’t be able to tell, unlike Yuan Keqing.

“But this kind of conflict shouldn’t really escalate to the extent of harming her.” Tan Mo asked, “Is there anyone the police suspect?”

Wei Zhiqian shook his head. “This kind of thing is naturally confidential, and won’t be casually mentioned.”

Even if he and Mo Jingcheng were good friends, Mo Jingcheng wouldn’t tell him.

“Then do you have a suspect?” Tan Mo asked.

Wei Zhiqian smiled and said, “You mean, you have a suspect?”

“I don’t have any evidence. I’m just chatting with you.” Tan Mo held her chin and said, “Anyway, we’ll talk about it at home.”

“Hmm, then tell me.” Wei Zhiqian sat beside Tan Mo and crossed his legs like hers.

“I suspect Wei Keli. Have you checked his recent situation?” Tan Mo asked.

Without waiting for Wei Zhiqian to answer, she continued, “Wei Keli obviously hates Yuan Keqing to the core. Previously, because of the videos, he was very unhappy with the Yuan family. He broke up with Yuan Keqing, and the Yuan family stopped investing in him. He pushed all the blame to the Yuan family and Yuan Keqing. Didn’t you say that Wei Keli has been keeping an eye on Yuan Keqing? Could it be that he just wants to take revenge on her?”

“However, I don’t think it’s possible. After all, no matter how much he hates Yuan Keqing, he wouldn’t want to kill her,” Tan Mo said.

“Actually, I also suspect Wei Keli,” Wei Zhiqian said. “Before the incident, he sent people to Yuan Keqing’s house.”

“He’s been watching Yuan Keqing, and I’ve been watching him, afraid that he’ll do something,” Wei Zhiqian said, “Recently, the only unusual activity around Yuan Keqing is that Wei Keli has been getting people to watch her. Of course, Yuan Keqing doesn’t know about this.”

“I told the police about my findings today. No matter what, this is a lead for the investigation.”

Tan Mo originally thought that Wei Keli and Yuan Keqing had the biggest conflict, so she suspected Wei Keli.

But she didn’t expect that Wei Keli could be under such great suspicion.

“Should I rejoice now that I had rejected him back then, but it didn’t cause him too much damage, so he didn’t make a move on me?” Tan Mo smacked her lips.

“What are you thinking about? With me around, he won’t be able to find trouble with you.” Although he said that, Wei Zhiqian couldn’t help but feel a little scared as he hugged Tan Mo tightly in his arms.

Wei Zhiqian knew the reason why Wei Keli didn’t make a move on Tan Mo back then.

One reason was that other than rejecting Wei Keli, Tan Mo didn’t have any other conflicts with Wei Keli.

The other was that Wei Keli was still too immature then and didn’t have anyone on hand to do his bidding.

Even if he wanted to do something, he wouldn’t have been able to do it.

Later on, Tan Mo had increasing conflicts with Wei Keli.

The two old folks even blamed Wei Keli for this.

Wei Keli probably hated Tan Mo very much.

And later on, he also had people who could help him.

But coincidentally, Yuan Keqing appeared again.

Wei Keli believed that the losses Tan Mo had caused him could be made up for by Yuan Keqing.

That was why he didn’t make a move against Tan Mo.

But now, Wei Keli was clearly deranged.

He could make a move against Yuan Keqing now.

When the matter with Yuan Keqing was over, Wei Keli would definitely target Tan Mo.

According to Wei Keli’s train of thought, his decline started from Tan Mo.

It was Tan Mo who had rejected and despised him, allowing him to take gradual steps down the path he was currently on.

Other than Yuan Keqing, Wei Keli probably hated him and Tan Mo the most.

However, Wei Keli couldn’t hurt him no matter what, so his next target was likely Tan Mo.