This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome - Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Born Taosim Aptitude

The night passed without incident.

Lu Xuan ended his training in the morning, stretching for a bit before walking out of the door. His mother, Liu Wanrong, made breakfast. It was porridge.

His father, Lu Tianxiang, read the news on his tablet as he ate porridge. A pretty child who looked to be of three to four years of age was sitting beside Lu Tianxiang, eating her porridge rather seriously.

“Bwader!” The child was happy to see Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan looked at her youngest sister, Lu Guoguo, and that reminded him of how she had been a corpse the last time he saw her in his past life.

The child was caught in his mess and was killed because of him. She was unable to even see the world much before departing.

That was what caused Lu Xuan the most pain back in his past life. However, he was determined not to let any of that happen in his present life.

Lu Xuan went up and pinched his little sister’s face and laughed. “Long time no see. Did you miss your ‘bwader’?”

It was more than just a long time, as it had been a lifetime since he last saw her.

Guoguo extended her hand and asked in a child-like manner, “I miss you. I want a hug!”

Lu Xuan picked Guoguo up and quickly found the little one spilling all the porridge in her mouth onto him.

“Oh my, you little monster!”

Lu Xuan felt exasperated and amused at the same time. He pinched her face a little and put her down.

His little sister chuckled away, looking pleased with herself.

“Son, I heard what you told your mother last night. I don’t know much about cultivation, but I trust the choice you made.”

Lu Tianxiang stood up and clapped his son’s shoulder for a bit.

“Alright, teach me all about cultivation when you get home tonight. I need to go to work now, and I’ll be sending Guoguo to the nursery along the way,” Lu Tianxiang said.

“Forget the nursery for a few days, Dad. Let me handle her instead,” Lu Xuan said all of a sudden.

“Gweat, I wanna pway with bwader!” Guoguo clapped her hands as she exclaimed, looking very happy.

“No problem.” Lu Tianxiang nodded. “I’ll tell her teacher in the nursery about this later then.”

Lu Tianxiang was unable to place it, but Lu Xuan seemed to be rather different from how he used to be since he came back. Unlike how he behaved in the past, he felt rather mature at the moment.

He felt so matured that Lu Tianxiang felt that he seemed to have gone through a lot.

Both Lu Tianxiang and Liu Wanrong left the house for work before long, leaving only Lu Xuan taking care of his little sister at home.

“What we playin’ today, bwader?” Guoguo asked in a child-like voice.

“How about I teach you cultivation?” Lu Xuan pinched her little chubby face and asked.

“What is cultivation?” The little girl’s huge eyes blinked, having no idea what cultivation was.

Lu Xuan checked his little sister’s body for a bit and was stunned with what he found. He realized just how developed her constitution was. All of her meridians were innately unlocked, which meant that she was born with natural spiritual aptitude.

Such innate spiritual aptitude was surprising. Having one’s meridians all innately unlocked meant that one would be a natural prodigy at cultivation.

Such a genius would have a far easier time picking up anything regarding cultivation. They would easily become top-notch figures among their peers of the same age if they were to embark on the path of cultivation. They were meant for great things in the future if they were to not die an early death.

Lu Xuan knew of such constitution very well, but he himself was one of such constitution, to begin with.

People who had such an extent of born spiritual aptitude were extremely rare. Such a physical state would have given the Cultivator in question every single edge one could ask for in the early stages of cultivation.

He had been drifting about in his past life for many years before he chanced upon the path of cultivation. However, he was able to create miracle after miracle, achieving frightening growth. He had bested a great many archnemeses.

His natural spiritual aptitude was a significant factor contributing to all of his feats.

Such a level of born spiritual aptitude was known to be someone of born taoism aptitude.

However, such a constitution was usually one in a million, so much so that there could only be one such person found across several eras. As such, Lu Xuan was very surprised to find that his little sister was, too, of such a constitution, like he was.

“There is only one possibility for this!”

Lu Xuan was able to guess at something deep down.

Despite being someone with born taoism aptitude, it seemed that her sister’s aptitude had been sealed by someone else, making it seem like a pearl covered in grime. It was just like how it had been with him in his past life. The very reason why his in-born taoism aptitude had been awakened was due to having ingested a peculiar fruit by accident. His constitution was made apparent right after, enabling him to catch the attention of masters, subsequently beginning his journey in cultivation.

If he were to be unable to undo the seal on his born taoism aptitude, he would have been a little different from most common folk.

Lu Xuan picked his little sister up and pointed a finger at her forehead. His sister closed her eyes and fell asleep soon after.

Lu Xuan held her for a little while longer before putting her down. He was drenched in sweat all over and kept panting.

He used something resembling an initiation, infusing her mind with a skill manual called “Born Taoism Manual.”

That manual was created specifically for his type of constitution after he finished his training, which was most suited for the constitution of in-born taoism aptitude, enabling the Cultivator to reach the Supreme Path of the Celestial Lord.

Even though that manual paled in comparison to the Taixu Origin Power that he was currently practicing, it was nonetheless very powerful in its own right.

It would have taken considerable time if he were to feed the concepts of cultivation bit by bit to his little sister, so he had opted to infuse that Born Taoism Manual into her head right away instead.

As such, it would have enabled her to instinctively pick up training in accordance with that manual, despite her knowing nothing, so much so that she would have grown stronger even when she was just breathing and sleeping.

However, the feat was not of an area that could have even been achieved by the likes of martial arts legends, to begin with. Even though Lu Xuan knew of how to perform such initiations, it nonetheless took quite a huge mental toll on him.

He almost slumped to the ground from the extremely massive toll the feat took on him.

There was no way he would have used such methods on anyone, but it was for Guoguo—a member of his family.

His little sister awakened after quite a while. Her beautiful eyes sparkled with greater intensity, making her eyes resemble Lu Xuan’s.

“I’m feeling very good, bwader!”

She stretched for a bit and quickly caught the stench on his body.

“I stink. Guoguo stinks. Bwader, I want shower!”

His little sister was almost on the verge of crying by then. Lu Xuan then picked her up while she looked on with disgust, as he took her to shower.

Lu Xuan was elated. Her body was caked in a thin layer of grime. Those were the toxins expelled from her body as her training was initiated.

However, given her very young age, the toxins accumulated on her body were few, so they had been able to be expelled right away.

The feat of expelling such dirt meant that Guoguo made it to the first level, which enabled her to begin her journey in cultivation.

Outsiders would have been astounded at such a frightening speed of training. It was a child having trained for mere moments, and reaching far greater heights than most people would have after training for months, or even one or two years, after all.

Lu Xuan, on the other hand, was hardly surprised. While he knew his little sister’s in-born taoism aptitude had yet to be thoroughly unsealed, she was nonetheless far more powerful than most people would have been. What happened to her was just totally normal.