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Chapter 960: The Daughter of an Old Friend

When the crowd saw that the waiter was in such a sorry state, they did not think that Yun Chujiu’s skills were extraordinary. They only felt that this waiter was too stupid to be fooled by a little girl at the first level of the Spirit sect.

The waiter flew into a rage out of humiliation. With a wave of his hand, hundreds of wind blades flew towards Yun Chujiu.

Yun Chujiu nimbly dodged them, then stretched her neck and shouted, “Long Wind Inn is bullying people on the street! Long Wind Inn is looking down on people! Long Wind Inn is bullying the weak!”

The corners of Feng Ming and the other two’s eyes twitched violently. Junior Sister Little Jiu, you seem to be slandering the property of your future in-laws. Is this good?

Yun Chujiu did not care about that. She stretched her neck and kept shouting. Soon, many people came over to watch. The waiter became even angrier from the humiliation. He had sent out countless wind blades, yet he could not even touch the corner of that smelly girl’s clothes. How was this possible?!

At this moment, an angry shout came from inside the inn. “Lucky! Stop!”

Yun Chujiu curled her lips. How could such a person be called Lucky? It was more appropriate to call her the lucky one!

When the waiter heard the voice, he stopped reluctantly, he glared at Yun Chujiu fiercely. “Shopkeeper, this little girl not only delayed our business, but also hurt people. You must help me make a decision! Miss Su Lian, you must help me prove it!”

The red-dressed girl looked at Yun Chujiu with disdain, then, she said, “That’s right. The Palace Mistress once said that not everyone can stay in this Long Wind Inn. Lucky only chased her away after listening to my instructions. I didn’t expect that she would hurt someone. She really lacks manners.”

Yun Chujiu’s eyes darkened. She didn’t care about anything else, but to say that she lacked manners was to indirectly insult her parents and her elders. That Su Lian was courting death.

Yun Chujiu took a few steps forward. The red-dressed girl was stunned by Yun Chujiu’s aura and could not help but take a few steps back.

“Miss, please hold your tongue. You don’t have the right to comment on whether I have a good or bad upbringing. If you have the leisure to do so, why don’t you take care of yourself? If you say something hurtful so casually, I wonder how your upbringing was?” Yun Chujiu stared into the red-dressed girl’s eyes, she said coldly.

The red-dressed girl felt a chill run down her spine. This girl only had the spiritual power of the first level of the spirit sect, but the coldness in her eyes made people feel as if she could kill her at any time.

The red-dressed girl was stunned for a while, and then she shouted angrily out of embarrassment, “How dare you! Do you know who you are talking to? You better believe that I can kill you immediately!”

“I am not your father, why would I know who you are? Kill me? Just because you scolded me and I refuted you, you want to kill me? Although I don’t know which sect you are from, to act so arrogantly is an embarrassment to your family!” Yun Chujiu had never been a good-tempered person, she even dared to rebuke the Palace Mistress, so a red-dressed girl who appeared out of nowhere was nothing to her.

The red-clothed girl had never been rebuked like this in her entire life. She was so angry that she nearly fainted. She stretched out her hand and was about to launch a spirit energy attack, at this moment, a deep voice said, “Miss Su Lian, this Ninth Young Miss is the daughter of the Palace Mistress old friend. Please, for the sake of the Palace Mistress, let this matter go!”

The red-clothed girl had never imagined that the manager of the Long Wind Inn would say such a thing.. The daughter of the Palace Mistress’s old friend? How could this poor trash be the daughter of the Palace Mistress’s friend?