The Witch CEO Is NOT A Demoness - Chapter 39 - A Barrel Of Vinegar

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Chapter 39 - A Barrel Of Vinegar

\'Even if you only want me, I am still happy. I won\'t need anything. I won\'t want anything. My love is enough for both of us.\' Feng Jiu hugged MinFeng. She took a deep breath and inhaled his scent. They hugged each other for almost a cup of tea time[1].

"Feng Jiu..."


"Feng Jiu..."


"Feng Jiu..."

She chuckled. She rubbed her face on his chest and slowly patted his back.

"Feng Jiu... I\'m home..." MinFeng whispered as he closed his eyes while caressing her hair.

Feng Jiu could not help but smile widely. "Enn... This is home.."

\'You are my home.\' Feng Jiu tried to stop her tears. She did not know why she wanted to cry even though she was happy. She tried to calm herself because she did not want him to see hear cry.

"Feng Jiu..." She did not respond but she tightened her embrace.

"Feng Jiu..." MinFeng could feel that she was being emotional, so he just pulled her closer to him.

Minutes later, she broke free from his embrace and stared at his eyes. "MinFeng... I-I... There\'s something that I wanted to s-say to you.. Actually, I\'m..." Before Feng Jiu blurted every out, she managed to stop herself.

Feng Jiu suddenly realized something. If she would say now that she was pregnant, MinFeng might get angry at her because he would find out that before they reconciled, she decided to conceal the fact that she was pregnant. He might even think that she wanted to hide the baby. She sighed. For sure, he would \'discipline\' her for lying to him.

"Mmm?" MinFeng stared at her while waiting for her to continue speaking.

"I\'m... I\'m hungry..." She whined like a spoiled brat. She pouted her lips and grabbed his shoulder while shaking it lightly.

MinFeng laughed. He laughed and lowered his head to kissed her on the lips.

"Okay... I\'ll prepare a snack for you.. Just wait here." He kissed her once more and went downstairs.

When the door closed, Feng Jiu exhaled. Although she really wanted to tell him right now, she had to wait for the right time. She had to plan everything out. She must prepare a great surprise to appease his anger. So, he would think that she delayed informing him to surprise him.

Feng Jiu stared at the ceiling. She gently stroked her abdomen.

\'Little Bump. Just wait a little longer... Mommy wants to surprise Daddy, so she can only hide you for now.. Don\'t get angry, okay? Mommy loves you... And I know Daddy will also love you.\'

Few minutes later MinFeng arrived while holding a tray. It has a glass of milk, a plate of biscuits and a bowl of sliced fruits. He put the tray on the side table and carried the milk towards Feng Jiu.

"Drink it first." He gave it to her and climbed on the bed. After she finished drinking, he placed the empty glass on the tray and reached for the biscuits.

"Do you want to eat this?" Feng Jiu shook her head.

"I want fruits." MinFeng returned the plate. He reached for the other one. He sat and leaned on the bed. He tried to find a comfortable position and beckoned Feng Jiu to come closer. Feng Jiu moved forward and snuggled herself between his chest and shoulder. He half-embraced her and pulled her closer.

"Eat." He grabbed the fork and started feeding her personally. Feng Jiu\'s eyes twinkled as she opened her mouth.

"Is it sweet?"

"Enn.. It\'s very sweet." Feng Jiu smiled brightly while chewing.

"Let me taste it." Before Feng Jiu could react, MinFeng already captured her lips.

He sucked her lips hungrily and snatched the fruit from her mouth. He licked her lips and grinned. "Indeed.. It\'s very sweet."

Feng Jiu glared at him while blushing red.

He laughed and kissed her forehead. "Eat more."

They continued eating and flirting with each other until Feng Jiu could not eat more. "No more~ I\'m full.."

She whined and rubbed her eyes. She was starting to get sleepy. She was almost two months pregnant. Little Bump was already seven weeks and she could feel that her sleepiness increased. Luckily, Little Bump was very well behaved. She never really experienced massive vomiting nor extreme dizziness. That time she fainted on the road, it was because she was feeling stressed and heartbroken.

After hearing her words, MinFeng placed the bowl of fruits on the tray. He grabbed Feng Jiu\'s hand that was rubbing her eyes.

"Stop it. It will hurt your eyes." MinFeng kissed both of her eyes and pulled her closer. He pressed her head towards his chest and kissed her hair.

"Sleep. I\'ll hold you for a while." MinFeng was afraid that she might get bloated if she laid on the bed immediately after eating, so he just let her sleep on his embrace. Feng Jiu immediately fell asleep after a few minutes.


Noticing Feng Jiu\'s even breathing, MinFeng slowly adjusted his position so he could completely envelope her on his embrace. When Feng Jiu nodded and forgave him, he wanted to take her immediately. He wanted to express his passion towards her. He wanted to make love to her…. but he resisted his desire to possess her. He wanted to take it slow. Even if he had to endure, he would. He did not want to rush everything like what he did previously. Since they already reconciled, they would have a lifetime to share together.

MinFeng was currently looking at Feng Jiu when her phone rang while vibrating. Feng Jiu stirred. MinFeng was afraid that it would wake Feng Jiu up, so he reached her phone to turn it off.

He froze when he saw the message on the notification. It was Xiao Mei. [Ah Jiu! YanFei gege finally returned here in Beijing!! ҉٩(*´︶`*)۶ ҉ ]

MinFeng\'s eyes darkened. "Mmm.. MinFeng, what\'s wrong?" He immediately placed the phone on the table.

"Nothing. Go back to sleep." He adjusted their position so she could lay down comfortably. Feng Jiu put her face on his neck and snuggled closer. MinFeng patted her shoulder rhythmically as he lulled her like a baby. As he recalled that this YanFei was Feng Jiu\'s first love, MinFeng sneered.

\'Feng Jiu might have feelings for him when they were young but right now, she\'s mine and mine alone. If he tries to covet her, I will turn this YanFei into a meat paste.\' MinFeng could feel a sour taste in his mouth as if he drank a whole barrel of vinegar.


[1]. 15-30 minutes


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