The Witch CEO Is NOT A Demoness - Chapter 38 - My Love Is Enough

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Chapter 38 - My Love Is Enough

After working hours, MinFeng went to the Bureau[1]. He was at the door when he saw Feng Jiu waiting for him. He immediately trotted towards her and spoke.

"Miss Feng sure is early. I never thought that you are this eager to marry me." He smirked and stared at her face.

He saw Feng Jiu\'s face crumple as if she ate a bitter gourd. "The earlier we do this, the earlier we finish. Mr. Lu is a busy man. You just need to present the documents and sign the papers. No need to be sentimental. This union is nothing but a farce."

MinFeng\'s eyes darkened. \'This little kitten\'s mouth is very poisonous. I must thoroughly clean it later.\' MinFeng did not answered Feng Jiu but he already decided that he would discipline her tonight so she could reflect on her mistake for dissing him.

After a few moments of filing for their marriage certificate, they successfully registered their marriage. On this day forward, Feng Jiu of Feng International was wedded to Lu MinFeng of Lu Corporation. MinFeng wanted to shout from joy but he controlled himself. Finally. This woman was his. Only his.

MinFeng whispered to Feng Jiu\'s ears. "Miss Feng. Since You and I are already husband and wife, we should hasten and return home so we can check our compatibility."

Feng Jiu glared at him. She gnashed her teeth as she spoke. "May I remind you, Mr. Lu, that you are a dignified man. You better not think of shameful things and do not act shameless in front of other people."

MinFeng \'tsk\'-ed. "You are not categorized as \'other people\' but as my \'wife\'. There should be no restrictions and regulations in our relationship since we are family, so why would I act as a dignified man in front of you when I can be shameless towards you?" MinFeng retorted stubbornly.

Feng Jiu could only sigh. She did not speak anymore.

"Let\'s go home." MinFeng grabbed her hand and pulled her towards his BMW. He noticed that Feng Jiu stared at their interlocking hands. He smiled as he saw her blushed.

Few hours later, they already arrived at Feng Jiu\'s place. When he went inside, flashes of memories they shared together flashed through his brain. He could not help but smile widely. It was already 7pm when they arrived. It was time for dinner, so he decided to cook food for both of them. When they were eating, Feng Jiu was silent. She was just facing her food and would not look at him.

The entire time, Feng Jiu never initiated to converse with him, as if he was an air. MinFeng inwardly sighed. Seemed like Feng Jiu was really against their marriage. After they finished eating, Feng Jiu went to her room. MinFeng was left inside the kitchen to wash the dishes. When he was done, he immediately followed her inside.

A mad Feng Jiu was currently puffing her cheeks as she stared at his things inside her wardrobe. When she heard his footsteps, she turned and immediately asked him. "What is the meaning of this, Mr. Lu?"

"Are you blind? Can\'t you see?"

"What I mean is.. urgh... Why are your things here inside my room?!"

"Our room." MinFeng corrected. "Starting today, we will sleep here together. I have already brought my things here before we went to the Bureau. Seems like my servants already finished unpacking my things and arranged it inside." MinFeng started undressing while walking towards the cabinet.

Feng Jiu averted her eyes, but he could see that sometimes she would sneak a peek at his body. He chuckled. "You\'re not changing clothes?"

Feng Jiu angrily grabbed her clothes inside the closet and stomped her feet heavily as she went to the bathroom. Few minutes later, they laid on the bed. Feng Jiu turned her back on him and grabbed the blanket. She wrapped herself like a dumpling.

He reached her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He could feel Feng Jiu stiffened. He really did not have any desire to force Feng Jiu. He just wanted to feel her… to embrace her and to smell her scent. After he hugged her back, he immediately went to sleep.

After a few weeks of sleepless night, MinFeng finally slept soundly. Few minutes later, he was awakened by Feng Jiu\'s movement.


Feng Jiu was very nervous. When they laid on the bed, she immediately wrapped herself with a blanket. When she felt that MinFeng hugged her and snaked his arms around her waist, she was scared shitless. She admitted. She also wanted MinFeng. She wanted to feel his touch… to feel his body heat… to feel his tongue… to feel his manhood inside her cave, but she was afraid that it would hurt Little Bump. So, she tried to stop the urge to turn around and kiss him. She knew she was a hypocrite. She wanted to escape from him, but she also wanted to stay by his side. Her words were contradicting her actions.

Feng Jiu could only sigh. When she felt his steady breathing, she could not help but turn around slowly. When she faced him, she could see that he was sleeping soundly. As if he did not sleep for a long time. She slowly traced his face with her fingers. When she remembered Xiao Mei\'s words, she could not help but whisper. "Did you really search for me? Why?"

Her eyes were filled with hope, sadness and anxiety. MinFeng suddenly opened his eyes and stared at her. When she met his eyes, Feng Jiu paled. She retracted her hand that was caressing his cheeks. MinFeng immediately grabbed her and stopped her from pulling it.

"You know why." MinFeng whispered.

Feng Jiu\'s eyes shook. "I do not know."

".....I need you."

\'He needs me?\'

Feng Jiu felt disappointed. Those are not the words she wanted to hear. But although she was disappointed, she was still happy that he cared for her.

Then… why did you lie to me?"

Hearing Feng Jiu\'s question, MinFeng tightened his embrace. "I had no choice… I was afraid… I was afraid that once you find out everything, you will no longer allow me to be with you…"

Feng Jiu froze. She could feel that her chest swelled from happiness.

"Feng Jiu... I\'m sorry for hurting you... Can we start all over again?"

When Feng Jiu heard MinFeng\'s question, she smiled brightly and returned his hug. \'Even if you only want me, I am still happy. I won\'t need anything. I won\'t want anything. My love is enough for both of us.\'

"En… Let\'s… start all over again."


[1] 民政局- Civil Service Bureau (For filing Marriage Certificate)


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