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Chapter 2088: Business Card number 2,070


At that time, he probably never thought that his own son would disown them. He actually looked at them with such a strange gaze.

Later on, they went back. They finally understood what they had lost and started to change.

“later on, they went back and opened a shop in their family to start a business. So, although they did well and the financing was getting better, little Chen Chen was unwilling to go back. “perhaps in their hearts, these parents had already died a long time ago. They died in their hearts

“later on, they would send some money over every month. or rather, they would send snacks and toys to make up for their mistakes as parents and to make up for their children. But as you know, once a person’s heart has been hurt, there is no way to make up for it. A nail has dug a hole in the wall. How can it be as peaceful as before? “

Fang Qing did not come back to her senses for a long time after telling this tragic story. However, she did not know how to comment on it, because she knew that Chen Chen had really experienced an injury that ordinary people had never endured before.

She had never thought that he was so strong. Even if he did not believe in life, like a raging fire that burned all his friends and burned all of his life, he still continued to move forward as usual.

“I suddenly feel that he is really strong. “

“Isn’t that so? I have never seen such a strong boy. “

After Chen Qiulian said these words, she took a few sips of coffee and suddenly did not know what to say. She felt that this story had exhausted all of her strength. She had never known that telling a story required strength.

It was only because this story had stirred up too much of her emotions that he was so upset.

“Fang Qing, actually, there are many people chasing after our little Chen. “especially in the past few years, I have always seen some girls giving him all kinds of things, giving her all kinds of gifts, and even giving her breakfast every day. However, I was unsurprisingly rejected by him. In fact, I know what he is thinking. “In the future, you might also meet such a girl, but you must be confident when that time comes. Because you understand his journey, you will be the one who understands him the most. “

After all, the last sentence was about to be in such a sentence. Fang Qing suddenly felt a little touched.

“thank you for telling me this, Auntie. I will definitely treat him well in the future. “

Chen Qiulian smiled.

“The fate in a person’s life is really shallow. It’s really not easy for you to meet a person you truly like now. Now that you’ve grasped the fate, even if you’re fated, you won’t have too much regret. “

Chen Qiulian had never been in a relationship in her life, so she would regret it very much. If she had seized the opportunity back then, perhaps she wouldn’t have reminisced about that past relationship like she did now.

Now, she could only increase her sadness.

In this life, everything would eventually be lost, so why not use this period of time to love someone and pursue a dream?

“I’ve told you so much today. I hope you don’t mind Auntie. In the future, I’ll have to ask you to take care of our little Chen first. If there’s anything, you can call me directly. “

Chen Qiulian gracefully handed her her business card, and Fang Qing accepted it.