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Chapter 1440: Mistaken Feng Tianlan for Bi Ling 3

Mo Bai had disappeared together with Feng Yunsheng, so they should be together. Perhaps this person in front of him had seen Mo Bai before.

Fang Cheng shook his head. “I haven’t seen him before.”He only saw a beauty with a zhusha mole between her brows.

“Thank you.”Feng Tianlan said these two words coldly. She lifted her feet and was about to leave, but when she thought of his name, she stopped and looked at him. “Are you from the Fang Family?”

When Fang Cheng saw her looking at him, a trace of blush appeared on his fair and handsome face and he nodded heavily. “I am the eldest Young Master of the Fang family. However, I do not want to marry a wife as a cure.” I only wanted to marry you in my heart.

“Your Fang family has hired a divine doctor?”Feng Tianlan ignored the affection in his eyes, which was directed at Feng Yunsheng.

Fang Cheng still shook his head, “But we plan to go to the capital to give it a try. Perhaps we will be able to meet a divine doctor there. This is because our Fang family is also an aristocratic family of alchemists. It is said that the Divine Doctor is looking for an alchemist who can refine a divine recovery pill. Therefore, we plan to try our luck.”

They might not be able to refine a divine recovery pill, but they wanted to try and see if they would be able to meet a divine doctor.

“Is it the Divine Doctor Beauty?”Feng Tianlan’s eyes seemed to see a glimmer of light. Was her Mobai in the capital?

This time, Fang Cheng nodded, “There is only one divine doctor in the Supreme Continent. However, she seldom shows her face. Only those of us who are related to pill making and medical skills know her gender. The title of Divine Doctor Beauty is something that she can bear.”

As he said this, Fang Cheng’s gaze was burning as he looked at Feng Tianlan. He wanted to say that no matter how beautiful a Divine Doctor was, she would not be as beautiful as her. However, he was afraid that he would be rude to a beauty, so he could only say this in his heart.

“Thank you.”After receiving the important information, Feng Tianlan nodded her head to express her gratitude. Seeing that he wanted to follow her again, she said in a deep voice, “I’m really not Feng Yunsheng. She is my sister.”

Speaking of Feng Yunsheng, she recalled that there seemed to be another soul in Feng Yunsheng’s body, and the person on the surface was another person. Could That be Yun Yi?

Thinking of the memories she had seen, she felt that Yun Yi was not the person who occupied another person’s body. What was the connection between them?

Regarding this unknown information, Feng Tianlan only frowned and did not think too much about it. The most important thing at the moment was that she wanted to find Mo Bai.

The handsome Fang Cheng looked at Feng Tianlan’s back as she left, with his gaze turning complicated and sad. She didn’t remember him and didn’t recognize him anymore.

Liuli suddenly appeared beside Feng Tianlan, “Miss, I went to ask around. The Fang family didn’t even invite the godly doctor.”

“Uh-huh.”Feng Tianlan nodded. Fang Cheng had already said it. It seemed like the two people at the next table were either drinking and bragging or saying it on purpose. They had other motives.

“Miss, what should we do now?”Liuli i asked.

Feng Tianlan took out the jade pendant that Xi Lin had given her, “It’s too far-fetched to look for someone so aimlessly. We can only ask for help.”

She didn’t want to owe anyone a favor, but she was really worried about Mo Bai and wanted to reunite. So, she could just owe him a favor and find him first.

Liuli how can I refine a recovery pill?”Feng Tianlan thought about Fang Cheng’s words. If she could refine a recovery pill, she could find Mo Bai Sooner.

“With your strength, it’s still difficult to refine a recovery pill,” Liuli said with honesty as she wanted to persuade her to let it go.

Feng Tianlan looked at her with a burning gaze, “Liuli I want to refine a recovery pill.”And it had to be refined, because it was related to how she would find Mo Bai.