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Chapter 1297: Seeing Xi Lin again, it was a long story 2

Legend had it that entering this desert meant walking into death. It was even more terrifying than the Forest of Death.

Feng Tianlan recorded the map’s appearance in her mind. After confirming the route, she put the map away. Her phoenix-like eyes were even more determined. Even if there was a mountain of knives and a sea of fire ahead, as long as Mo Bai was there, she would go for it.

No matter what kind of difficulties she encountered, she would never give up. Absolutely not!

Feng Tianlan sat cross-legged and entered the Pill Scroll Realm. Lapis Lazuli seemed to have returned to her original state. She only watered the herbs and pulled the grass. Her pale face gradually became rosy.

“Miss,” seeing Feng Tianlan, Lapis Lazuli felt very guilty. As a subordinate, she could only rely on her master’s Spiritual Force to heal her injuries. She was simply dragging her down.

“Get well as soon as possible. My mother hasn’t fully recovered yet. Get well and come out to help me as soon as possible,” seeing Lapis Lazuli’s expression that was filled with guilt, Feng Tianlan said to her in a gentle voice.

Lapis Lazuli nodded her head after hearing her concerned and comforting words and replied, “Yes.”

“Lapis Lazuli, have you heard of the Wushang Continent?” Feng Tianlan looked at this well-managed space and looked up at Lapis Lazuli.

“The Wushang Continent?” Lapis Lazuli was a little confused, then she shook her head. “Although I have been around for a thousand years, it is only a few hundred years since I gained intelligence. Moreover, it was only a few years ago that I recognized you as my master, so I don’t know anything about the outside world.”

Hearing Lapis Lazuli’s answer, Feng Tianlan looked disappointed, “I see.”

She remembered Lapis Lazuli said that Mo Bai was also her master, so she thought Lapis Lazuli might know something, so she came in to ask.

“Miss, why don’t you ask Red Cutie-pie? She might know.”

Feng Tianlan nodded, “Uh-huh. I’ll ask her then.”

Last time, Red Cutie-pie and White Cutie-pie had agreed to leave, but she hadn’t come back yet, so she couldn’t ask.

“It’s a pity that I’m injured. Otherwise, I could have checked. Maybe I have information about the Wushang Continent on me,” Lapis Lazuli hung her head guiltily again.

She was injured and the Pill Scroll Azurite had split open. Naturally, she was affected. There were some pages at the back that could not be opened. Only after she recovered would she be able to see it.

Feng Tianlan saw her like this and pursed her lips into a smile, “Don’t blame yourself. You’re doing this to protect me.”

If it wasn’t for Lapis Lazuli protecting her, she would have injured the vine on her shoulder blade. It was even more uncertain whether she would be alive or dead.


Feng Tianlan didn’t say anything more. She just sat down cross-legged and began to cultivate. If she wanted to become stronger, she had to cultivate non-stop, absorb Spiritual Force, and then advance.

It was a pity that Lapis Lazuli couldn’t absorb Spiritual Force by herself. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have to go through so many twists and turns to cultivate the Spiritual Force.

Cultivating in the Pill Scroll Realm for one night was equivalent to cultivating outside for more than a month. Feng Tianlan felt that it was about time. She opened her eyes and sunk her consciousness into her Dantian. Her Spiritual Force was slowly being transferred to the jade-colored pill scroll.

The cracks on the Pill Scroll Azurite were also much smaller than before. She believed that Lapis Lazuli’s injuries would be completely healed in less than half a year.

Feng Tianlan left the Pill Scroll Realm after cultivating for a night. She was full of energy. After washing up, she had just changed her clothes when there was a knock on the door.

“It’s so early. Did something happen?” When she opened the door, it was Shui Jue. She frowned and asked in a deep voice.

Shui Jue respectfully handed over two letters, “It’s an urgent letter from Xi Yuan Nation. I dare not delay.”