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Chapter 1244: The Wedding Gown designed by Mo Bai

Si Mobai became a little resentful, “Lan’er is really heartless. You don’t even miss your husband.”

“I do,” Feng Tianlan took the embroidered handkerchief and wiped the corner of her mouth. She looked at him with a smile. “Then do you want to endure it for one or two months and then sleep with me for the rest of your life, or do you want to sleep with me for two months without a proper reason?”

This choice seemed to be very painful. His devilish handsome face frowned and after a long while, he reluctantly replied, “Then I’ll endure it and then sleep with you for the rest of your life justifiably!”

“…” Feng Tianlan’s little face turned red again. This guy’s mouth was becoming more and more indecent. If they got married…

She suddenly felt a little worried. Would she be eaten until not even her bones were left?

Si Mobai leaned closer to Feng Tianlan’s face and stretched out his hand to tap her cheek, which was still red from the blow. His voice was very happy, “Lan’er, what bad things were you thinking about? Why are your little cheeks so red?”

Thinking of her thoughts just now, Feng Tianlan felt embarrassed as if her thoughts were seen through. She gently patted his hand away, “I’ll ignore you.”

Si Mobai smiled lightly and put the bowls and chopsticks on the table into the food box. He put them into the space and wiped the table again. Then, he took out a stack of paper, “Lan’er, take a look. This is the invitation that I designed. There are also some patterns on the wedding dress. Once you’ve chosen it, I’ll get someone to tailor it.”

“It has only been a few days, and you’re already thinking so much?” Feng Tianlan flipped through a few pages. Everything was so beautiful that it was hard for her to choose.

“I can’t wait to marry Lan’er as soon as possible. These two months feel like a year,” Si Mobai only had to think about getting married in a few days. He felt that it was very long, but at the same time, he was looking forward to it.

Ever since he was young, this was the first time he wished for time to pass faster so that he could marry Lan’er as soon as possible. However, he also wanted time to pass slower so that he could prepare the wedding better and give her a perfect wedding.

Such contradictory thoughts made him feel helpless.

Feng Tianlan laughed lightly and teased, “Why don’t you say that every hour is as long as a year?”

“Every second feels like a year! Not seeing you for a day feels like three years apart. It’s really painful. Lan’er still had the mood to tease your husband. You’re simply heartless.”

Feng Tianlan flipped through the patterns that he had drawn. There was a smile on her face, and the corners of her beautiful lips were also raised high, “We see each other every day. Also, your conscience is bigger than mine that’s why you couldn’t see mine.”

“There’s no need for it to be so big. Just a small one would do. It can only accommodate me.”

Feng Tianlan smiled lightly and lowered her head to continue looking at the patterns, “Every one of them is so beautiful. It’s very difficult to choose.”

“Then tailor them all. When the time comes, send them all over. As for the patterns of the wedding dresses, you have to choose well. The rest will be made into regular clothes,” Si Mobai said directly.

“Willful,” Feng Tianlan smiled and looked up at him. She lowered her head and chose carefully. Whether it was the wedding dress or the invitation card, there were white orchid flowers in every dress.

Si Mobai only felt that when she raised her eyes and smiled gently, she was extremely enchanting, as if she wanted to seduce his little heart, “Why is my wife so beautiful?”

Every frown and smile was so beautiful that he only wanted to hide her and only show her to his people.

“You’re not married yet,” And she had become his ‘wife’ already?

Si Mobai raised his eyebrows slightly, “I am calling you my wife in advance, and it sounds so beautiful.” It was as if Lan’er was already his wife.