The Sweetest Medicine - Chapter 834 - You're super sweet (54)

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Chapter 834: You’re super sweet (54)


But why did he get food poisoning?

The doctor said that it was fortunate that Yu Gangan had received first aid and was sent to the hospital in time, so she was fine. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Wasn’t she afraid that something might happen?

She always thought that they were siblings. Even if they did not grow up together, their feelings should still be there. She would only be worried about her parents if she forced him.

In the end, he had never expected that she would stab him in the heart again and again.


The last time she pulled him out for a meal, she had tricked him. This time …

“Xiaonian, listen to my explanation!” Gu shuling said hurriedly. She was doing this for Gu Nian’s own good and for the good of the whole family!

Lin Yiqian quickly walked forward and held Gu Nian’s hand.””Xiaonian, I won’t hurt you. I just want you to see Yu Gangan’s true colors. I’ve already asked her and she’s only having a fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. She won’t be life-threatening.”

“It’s not life-threatening. The doctor said that I almost died.” Gu Nian shook her head off.

Gu shuling said loudly,”but aren’t you fine now?” I’m really only doing this for your own good …”

She didn’t understand. It was just food poisoning. Who hadn’t had a bad stomach before? why was he looking at her like she was his enemy?

Gu Nian could not help but laugh hysterically. However, her laughter was uglier than her crying. “It’s for my own good. It’s for my own good that you gave me food poisoning, and it’s for my own good that you almost killed me. You’re such a good sister. I don’t dare to have a sister like you, and I can’t afford to have one. From today onwards, we’re no longer siblings.”

Tears flowed out of her eyes.”I will only have one sister in the future, only one!”

“Xiaonian, you’ve misunderstood me, you’ve really misunderstood me,” Gu shuling said anxiously.”I’m really doing this for your own good. I just want you to see Yu Gangan’s true colors so you won’t be harmed by her in the future.”

“You shut up!!” Gu Chen was so angry that his entire body trembled. His lips revealed a mocking smile,”I’ve really raised an ungrateful person. You’re not my biological child, so I raised you and raised you. Even if I wanted to divorce your mother, I also said that I would give you what was supposed to be given to you. In the end, you harmed my daughter and poisoned my son. In the past, I didn’t allow you to hold it against me because of our father-daughter relationship. Now, I can’t pretend that nothing happened! I’m going to Sue you, I’m going to spend the rest of my life in jail!”

Gu shuling’s face turned pale and she shook her head in a panic,””No! It wasn ‘t! Father, let me explain …”

Gu Chen interrupted her,”don’t call me that. My son is going to cut off all ties with you. So, I naturally can’t afford to have a good daughter like you.”

He took a deep breath and said through gritted teeth,””Gu shuling, listen up. From today onwards, not only will you have nothing to do with the Gu family, but I will also hold you responsible for my son’s food poisoning and the fact that you hurt my daughter!”

Gu shuling looked at the cold and heartless Gu Chen in disbelief.

It was just food poisoning, was there a need to be so cruel? Years of father-daughter relationship were gone just like that. If it was Yu Gangan, he definitely wouldn’t have done this!

It seemed that he had never treated her as his daughter.

Wasn’t gu Nian fine now? Why did you have to make a mountain out of a molehill?

She quickly turned around to look at Zhu Yulu.”Mom, quick, help me out, mom …”