The Schoolgirl Secret Agent - Chapter 925 - Really Did It. Ge Xuan’s Surprise

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Chapter 925: Really Did It. Ge Xuan’s Surprise

It had been a long time since Zhang Shaofeng, Ling Yichen, and Chen Xinyi started learning from Zhang Zhifan who managed New Cruise on behalf of Yun Jian. The three of them picked up the ways of running the company from the man right on the dot each day. Even hearing a lot about Yun Jian from him—how Yun Jian had led Zhang Zhifan and his men all the way to Longmen City from Xinjiang Town back then, how she bid for the current New Cruise location, and how she had developed New Cruise to what it was today.

Zhang Shaofeng had heard plenty of similar stories from Zhang Zhifan and had been incredibly impressed by Yun Jian. Now that he discovered that she was the big boss of Dime And Prime Company, one of the top ten multinational companies, he nearly fainted from astonishment.

That was because Yun Jian was also New Cruise’s boss! She was so young yet she had done something others who were much older could not have achieved in their lives!

Although people there believed that Yun Jian was the boss of Dime And Prime Company and the director of New Cruise by Corinton and Zhang Shaofeng’s words, they anticipated Yun Jian’s answer. Hence, they shifted their gaze to her, looking forward to her response.

Yun Jian looked right at Zhang Shaofeng with a press of her lips. Her rosy lips were quirked up lightly as she said after a moment of pause, “That’s right, Dime And Prime, as well as New Cruise, are mine.”

She was not scared of making it known. What could it do if she denied it? Old Man Corinton and Zhang Shaofeng had already blurted it. Both of them had even been cackled when they saw her admitting it.

The others who were standing around, including Ling Yichen, Chen Xinyi, Chen Zhenchuan, and his wife, He Shiya, as well as Zhang Guodong, Ji Shasha, and more, were shell-shocked without exception. They wore similar expressions.

Si Yi was, of course, not one of them. He was silently and nonchalantly witnessing the entire matter.

“So Beiguang Model Agency was really you…” Zhang Guodong wallowed in regret. Once he thought about how he had treated Yun Jian just now, he shuddered in fear. Now that he had figured it out, it was time he knew it as well. Yun Jian was the director of New Cruise!

No matter how remorseful Zhang Guodong was, he dared not go talk to her. He knew that nothing good would await him if he had gone up to Yun Jian right now. Seeing how she had shut down Beiguang Model Agency when Chen Xinyi was harmed by the company’s talent scout, it was evident how she was not a softie!

Considering what happened prior to this, no one in the house dared strike up a conversation with Yun Jian either. It remained so until Yun Jian bid Chen Xinyi and others goodbye and went home with Corinton and Si Yi.

Having left the stunned guests, Yun Jian did not return to Dong Ruan’s home but went straight to Ge Junjian’s place. That was because she knew that Qin Yirou was there and she had something even more important to do.

Just as she arrived at Ge Junjian’s gate, she saw Ge Xuan who seemed rather tall and was still with his colorful hair looking afar at the door. Who knew what he was looking at… He had only snapped back to reality when the three of them came close.

“You…” Ge Xuan was about to speak seeing Yun Jian but his gaze went over her and spotted Corinton who was behind the girl.

“M-Mr. Corinton?!” he exclaimed right when he recognized the man. Then he looked back at Yun Jian with indescribable astonishment. Yun Jian had actually asked Mr. Corinton here! This was real!