The Schoolgirl Secret Agent - Chapter 852 - Fluent And Natural. Show Her Who’s The Boss

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Chapter 852: Fluent And Natural. Show Her Who’s The Boss

Ji Xuetang could not help thinking arrogantly. How could the girl standing over there be capable of communicating effortlessly with an actual foreigner like Lawson in native fluent English when she, a recognized “foreign languages prodigy”, could not even do it?

She refused to believe it. If Yun Jian could really interact with the foreigner so easily, Ji Xuetang thought that her title of “foreign languages prodigy” might as well be given to her.

Although the girl standing next to Ji Xuetang was offended by the latter’s tone, she told her obsequiously, “Of course I can’t understand it but it’s enough if you can understand. Xuetang, you’re so good. It must be easy talking to foreigners over there!”

“O-of course!” Ji Xuetang winced. Although she was good, she was not yet at the level of conversing with foreigners. She could talk casually but once the conversation went deeper, she would not be able to keep up.

Despite that, Ji Xuetang was confident that Yun Jian would not be able to converse with Lawson either. After all, how could the girl there be capable of talking to a foreigner when a “foreign languages prodigy” like her who had been learning English since a young age could not even do it?

Hah, stop joking! She was not believing it either way!

Just as Ji Xuetang crossed her arms in front of her chest and watched Yun Jian and Lawson like a prideful swan, she heard Yun Jian speaking fluently in English after a smile and pressing her lips together, “Another battle? On what?”

Yun Jian’s eloquent English and her accurate enunciation as well as accent surprised everyone there. The English foreigners spoke and the English Country Z’s countrymen spoke were different. However, Yun Jian’s smooth speech impressed even some of Country Z’s English teachers.

Her intonation and accent… Had the teenage girl just come back from residing overseas?

Instantly, they discarded the thought because Yun Jian was only one of the school students who were here to participate in the competition.

At the same time, people who stood around Yun Jian were equally baffled.

Lawson was already talking happily to Yun Jian. Both of them remained conversing in English and the speed of their speech was so fast that others were perplexed—some of them could not even catch it while some could only discern one or two sentences.

“On what? You decide, Yun Jian! I’m fine with anything!” Lawson spoke seriously. It seemed that he was adamant about winning against Yun Jian.

“I refuse,” Yun Jian replied and side-eyed Lawson as she reminded, “Besides, we’re having the foreign languages competition now and you’re the judge. What about the competition if we have the battle now?”

Yun Jian’s reminder made Lawson knock his own head.

“Oh sh*t! I forgot that I’m the judge!” Lawson cried.

Yun Jian rolled her eyes at him for being able to even forget about this.

Ji Xuetang who watched how Yun Jian and Lawson’s natural interaction in English had attracted all the attention and envy of others around them could not help gritting her teeth. The limelight of admiration and envy could only belong to her!

Coincidentally, the girl beside her exclaimed without much thought, “Oh gosh, she’s so good! She talks so naturally to the foreigner. Xuetang, it’s like she’s better than…”

Suddenly realizing that what she said was not right, the girl’s hand flew up to cover her mouth. In spite of it, what the girl said and did felt like a needle pricking Ji Xuetang who was immensely competitive.

She could not help biting her lips harshly. She took offense from this girl now and she was going to show her who the boss was!