The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 601 - The Best of Both Worlds

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Chapter 601: The Best of Both Worlds

The photographer, called Brother Dahu, had been in this industry for more than 10 years and had seen many young talents.

However, it was the first time he had seen a paradox like Xia Xibei, someone who had an aura but was also mature.

It was reasonable to say that newcomers were very ignorant and unpolished. Even if they had an aura, they did not necessarily know how to show it.

Some veteran artists, after going through many trials, became more rounded and sophisticated, but this also naturally wore away at their aura.

However, Brother Dahu found that Xia Xibei was very special.

She was obviously a newcomer on her first shoot, but she had the sophistication that only mature artists had. Yet, it didn’t overshadow the aura in her.

Wasn’t this what they dreamed of: having the best of both worlds?

After changing into a long white dress with wide sleeves, Xia Xibei’s hair and makeup also changed somewhat, looking fresher and simpler, and she seemed a little younger. Even the plant painted between her brows was smaller.

Brother Dahu looked around. “Where are the cats that were prepared before?”

For this shoot, they had prepared several cats.

Of course the Queen of Animals had to be close to the animals.

“Over here!” a staff member shouted.

Then, several people came over with several cats each.

These were cats with beautiful coats, and all of them, without exception, were valuable breeds.

Because this was an imaginary world, there was no need to justify the existence of animals. There would be dragons too, so who would nitpick about the existence of cats?

These cats were carefully selected and were very docile. Most importantly, they were beautiful.

How could they be in movies if they were not beautiful?

However, as beautiful and docile as these cats were, they were still a little restless in a hot, noisy environment. They were not very quiet, even when they were in the arms of their owners.

When the cats got closer to Xia Xibei, they became even more agitated.



“Meow, meow, meow…”

The owners couldn’t help but get anxious watching the little ones in their arms begin to stir.

What was wrong with them? They were not frightened, were they?

They rushed to coax their little ones but could barely hold them steady as they struggled to get down.

The staff was also in a difficult position.

See, something went wrong!

They were saying that they should use kittens. After all, they were easier to control.

However, Brother Dahu said that the little kittens wouldn’t match the character of the Queen of the Animals.

Of course the queen should have mature and good-looking grown cats next to her!

They got the older cats, but the problem was that the older cats weren’t that easy to control!

“Xia Xibei, come here.”

Brother Dahu waved at Xia Xibei to come over and see which cat she was closer to.

In fact, Xia Xibei had already had Honey and Asura sent over, but they weren’t going to arrive right away.

Moreover, Brother Dahu obviously had his own favorites.

Brother Dahu was not only the cameraman, but also the art director of this drama, and he was obviously a cat person.

After Xia Xibei came over, these cats became even more excited, meowing while struggling to get out of their owners’ arms and pounce on her.

“Why are there cats here?” an unpleasant voice rang out.

Everyone turned to look and saw Cui Tong walking over, frowning with a disgusted expression.

The target of her disgust was, of course, these cute cats.

“I got them. Is there a problem?” Brother Dahu asked with a sullen face.