The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 478 - Female Companions Allowed

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Chapter 478: Female Companions Allowed

With Qiao Yanjue staring more and more ferociously at him, Huo Zijun chatted happily away with Xia Xibei, without a care in the world.

Huo Zijun realized that Xia Xibei was a real treasure!

How did she come up with so many products?

A lot of things in the market were improved and updated through decades of hard work, and it took the persistent efforts of many generations of people to achieve the best results.

But look at her! All she did was look around and randomly come up with something that others might not have been able to accomplish even with years of hard work!

He couldn’t help but ponder, where on earth Xia Xibei had come from?!

He used to think that Xia Xibei wasn’t a match for Qiao Yanjue, but if this went on, Qiao Yanjue would end up being the one who didn’t deserve her!

As the thought occurred to him, he couldn’t help but shoot a disdainful look at Qiao Yanjue.

Qiao Yanjue was fuming. How he wished he could smash his head into pieces!

Luckily, Huo Zijun hadn’t lost his sanity. He knew that he couldn’t afford to provoke Qiao Yanjue, so he quickly changed the subject.

“By the way, it was you who treated Brother Jiang, right?”

Jiang Liran had returned to the capital a couple of days ago, and Jiang Yuran had followed him back.

Before leaving, the three of them had a meal together.

Jiang Liran seemed like a whole different person from whom he used to be, so he supposed he had recovered almost completely.

However, the two brothers kept trying to steer him away from the subject when he asked about the details. They looked awkward, so he didn’t ask further.

Still, he couldn’t help his curiosity now that Xia Xibei was sitting right in front of him.

“I didn’t treat him, I resolved the poison in him,” Xia Xibei replied placidly.

“Poison?!” Huo Zijun gasped sharply, his eyes filled with horror.

He finally understood why the Jiang brothers were so evasive about the topic.

If it was a case of poisoning, who had put the poison?

As the thought occurred to him, Huo Zijun shivered a little and quickly cast the subject aside.

If they were unwilling to disclose, then it must be something that he shouldn’t know. After all, it was their family matter.

“By the way, did you receive the Mo family’s invitation?” he asked Qiao Yanjue.

“What invitation?”

“You didn’t receive it?” Huo Zijun was doubtful. “It shouldn’t be. How could you not have received it?”

Didn’t Qiao Yanjue rub elbows with Mo Bonan often? How could he not have received the invitation?

“I have no idea.” Qiao Yanjue was totally unruffled as he continued peeling shrimps for Xia Xibei, “Maybe I received it without noticing.”

Huo Zijun was speechless. His attitude was outrageous!

Xia Xibei wondered, “What invitation is that?”

“Mo Bonan’s birthday party. Many people were invited,” Huo Zijun explained.

“Mo Bonan’s birthday? So he made it into a huge event?”

“This is Mo Bonan’s first year of officially taking over as Mo Enterprise’s CEO, so they’re planning to make things big using this opportunity.” Huo Zijun seemed to know a lot about it.

“Oh,” Xia Xibei got her head around it.

At first she thought Mo Bonan organized a birthday party every year, which didn’t quite match his character.

“He must have invited you.” Huo Zijun turned to look at Qiao Yanjue, “You going? Female companions are allowed.”

“I’ll see,” Qiao Yanjue replied.

But he regretted it two days later.

Why didn’t he say yes earlier?!

Great! Now Xia Xibei had become someone else’s date!

Yes, Xia Xibei was Tang Luo’s female companion for the event.

When he heard about it, Qiao Yanjue nearly broke the pen in his hand.

How could Xia Xibei know what he was thinking?

When Tang Luo invited her to become his companion for the birthday party, she agreed without much consideration. She happened to be available on that day anyway.

After two days of preparation, Mo Bonan’s birthday banquet officially began.

On that day, Xia Xibei attended as Tang Luo’s companion, dressed to the nines.