The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 477 - A Boastful Hypocrite

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Chapter 477: A Boastful Hypocrite

Qiao Yanjue walked in and looked around with doubt, “It’s late but you weren’t home yet, so I came to see what’s going on.”

He went to stand beside Xia Xibei, “Have you eaten?”

“I’m just about to have dinner.”

Qiao Yanjue immediately put on a disapproving look.

The three staple meals had to be taken on time, otherwise it would cause harm to one’s health.

Only then did Jiang Shenghe and his wife realize that it was almost 9 o’clock at night.

“Sorry for the trouble, doctor,” Meng Qiuyue apologized immediately. “We’ve taken up so much of your time.”

“It’s alright,” Xia Xibei shook her head, “Ruirui’s health is more important.”

“Then…I guess we shouldn’t disturb you anymore.” Meng Qiuyue took the prescription and turned to look at Huo Zijun, “Umm… Where can we purchase these medicines?”

Since the doctor recommended Huo Zijun, they wouldn’t look for another seller for fear of poorer results.

“Oh, let me give you the address.”

Huo Zijun grabbed a paper and a pen, then swiftly wrote down the address.

“Thank you!” They kept thanking them. “We’ll be on our way then. Doctor… Oh, by the way, how should we address you?”

That was when they finally came to their senses. They didn’t even know the doctor’s surname!

“My surname is Xia.”

“Oh, Doctor Xia!” they nodded. “Alright then, you should go to the date with your boyfriend. We won’t disturb you now.”


Xia Xibei was taken aback. What boyfriend were they talking about?

Right as she wanted to explain, Qiao Yanjue cut her off, “We’ll get going then.”

“Alright, alright,” the three adults left with Jiang Qirui.

“Let’s go eat,” Qiao Yanjue told Xia Xibei, as if nothing had happened.

Xia Xibei was still pretty dazed. Something didn’t feel quite right to her.

Huo Zijun pouted beside them.

‘This boastful hypocrite is getting more and more savage these days,’ he thought. He was clearly taking advantage of Xia Xibei’s slow response!

What a shameless guy!

“Okay, let’s go eat,” Xia Xibei nodded.

“I’m going too!” Huo Zijun chipped in.

Qiao Yanjue shot him an icy glance, but it didn’t scare him away.

“I have something to discuss with Xia!”

“Alright then, let’s eat together.”

What more could Qiao Yanjue say when Xia Xibei had agreed? All he could do was fix a death stare on Huo Zijun.

Huo Zijun was a little nervous when Qiao Yanjue first shot daggers at him, but he soon became comfortable with it.

Qiao Yanjue couldn’t kick him out anyway.

After bidding farewell to Liu Manhong, the trio found a restaurant nearby.

Xia Xibei removed her mask upon entering the restaurant.

“Doesn’t it feel uncomfortable?” Qiao Yanjue asked with concern while pouring her a glass of water.

“Nope,” Xia Xibei shook her head, “I made this mask myself.”

The usual masks would give people a stifling feeling, regardless of their materials.

It would definitely cause a great amount of discomfort if one were to wear it for an entire day.

Thus, she made herself a mask using simple materials. It was well-ventilated and felt almost non-existent.

“Is it really so magical?” Huo Zijun reached out for the mask. “Let me try it.”

Before he could even touch the mask, however, Qiao Yanjue stopped him.

“It’s her mask. Why would you want to try?”

Huo Zijun was caught unaware. He was speechless when he finally figured out what was bothering him.

What a petty guy!

Did he really think wearing her mask was the same as kissing her?

“It’s okay, you can have a try.” Oblivious to the undercurrents between them, Xia Xibei handed the mask to Huo Zijun. “If possible, we could mass-produce it too.”

Huo Zijun took the mask but flipped it over before he dared to put it on.

It surprised him, causing him to exclaim, “It’s very well-ventilated indeed!”