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Chapter 475: A Way Out

Huo Zijun walked over. After glancing Jiang Qirui up and down, he reached out with a hand to take his pulse.

Then the look on his face changed subtly.

“You asked for those herbs so that you can treat him, right?”

“Yup,” Xia Xibei nodded while sorting the herbs.

Although the herbs were complete, some required special handling before they could be used.

“Are you sure these will work?”

Everyone else held their breaths.

“Or else what?” Xia Xibei raised her brows. “You think I’m gonna play games with these?”

Huo Zijun shook his head. She sure wouldn’t fool around with things of such nature.

“Does this one need to be handled like that?” He stared at Xia Xibei’s actions in surprise.

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded without stopping what she was doing.

Others watched them discuss these matters as if no one else was around. Although they didn’t quite understand the contents of their conversation, everyone started to feel more at ease.

Jiang Shenghe and his wife held each other’s hands, feeling the warmth coursing back into their bodies.

They had only been here for less than an hour, but the gloom that had been hovering above them was starting to fade.

Despite her young appearance, the doctor’s placid attitude and confident remarks had given them a great deal of reassurance.

They had seen many doctors before and had been switching from hospital to hospital. Without exception, all the doctors told them that they would “try their best” with solemn faces, western and traditional Chinese doctors alike.

Having said that, they understood the challenges involved in treating their child.

The illness struck so unexpectedly. According to one of the doctors, it was caused by a certain gene deficiency.

They weren’t doctors themselves, nor did they understand what the doctor said. However, they knew one thing for sure— the disease was a rare one.

Being rare meant that it was difficult to treat.

Too many doctors had shaken their heads at them and told them that it was hopeless, but right here, Xia Xibei had just told them that it could be treated.

It felt as if they had finally found a way out after countless dark nights. Salvation had finally arrived!

As they watched Xia Xibei sorting the herbs while clarifying Huo Zijun’s doubts, Jiang Shenghe exchanged a glance with his wife and smiled.

The fog was finally clearing!

On the other hand, Huo Zijun wasn’t feeling quite at ease.

If he were to treat the boy, it would take him a period of time to experiment with the regimen and make adjustments before effects could be seen.

Xia Xibei, however, had stunned him with her effortless dexterity and confident tone of voice.

It made him marvel again—what kind of monster was Xia Xibei exactly?!

His family would be scared out of their wits if they knew what Xia Xibei was capable of!

As he thought of how awful some people would feel, Huo Zijun felt a lot better.

The Huo family was a big, prestigious family. With so many members in it, conflict and strife were inevitable.

He had his own reasons for coming to City G to develop his career.

Huo Zijun’s medical competence was merely above average in the entire Huo family, and he had yet to achieve the top rank. He was still young, after all.

However, he found himself getting better under Xia Xibei’s casual guidance.

It was so much more useful than listening to the elders in his family.

Xia Xibei had no idea what the others were thinking. When she was done sorting the herbs, she began cooking the medicine.

Fortunately, many customers had left the shop by now. Besides, Hongyan had rooms with decent airtightness, thus the smell of the herbs did not emanate far.

Half an hour later, Xia Xibei brought out a bowl of black concoction.

“Drink it.”

Without any hesitation, Jiang Qirui took over the bowl and finished it in one shot.

His face was like a crumpled piece of paper when he finished the medicine. It was too bitter!

Xia Xibei smiled, “Good medicine always tastes bitter.”

Ten minutes later, she made Jiang Qirui lie on the bed. Then, she lifted his shirt and commenced acupuncture.