The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 474 - Procedure Reversed

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Chapter 474: Procedure Reversed

After the brief moment of surprise, Jiang Shenghe and his wife felt rather uncertain.

Could such a young doctor really do that? Was this some kind of hoax?

Xia Xibei smiled warmly when she saw the doubt on their faces, “It’s okay, I’ll ask someone to send the medicines here.”

She took out her phone and gave Huo Zijun a call.

On the other end, Huo Zijun was slightly dazed upon picking up the call,

“What’s wrong with your voice?”

“Nothing,” Xia Xibei skipped the subject. “Help me send some herbs and bring the cooking utensils along too.”

Despite his puzzlement, Huo Zijun said yes to her request.

For the past month, the cosmeceuticals company that they newly founded had produced a series of skincare products, all of which they named Hongyan Youth.

Despite its low cost and its manufacturing process, which was much simpler than that of other companies, they did not produce it on an excessively large scale.

According to their plan, Hongyan Youth would be promoted to the market in full scale next year. For now, it was only on sale in Hongyan Beauty Club.

Once it gained enough popularity, things would be much easier to deal with.

Besides, they had only utilized part of the formula, while many others were still held in their hands.

Judging from today’s sales of Hongyan Youth, Huo Zijun could already picture how spectacular it would become in the near future.

Indeed, women were the best population to earn money from.

As long as the effects were visible, they would have no regards for how much money they had to spend.

Nevertheless, it was all thanks to Xia Xibei’s efficacious formula that the products were selling so well.

It had never been this easy for other companies to make products because there were lots of procedures involved.

With the mature formula provided by Xia Xibei, a lot of steps could be bypassed.

Most importantly, they had started making money in just a month!

Huo Zijun was pleased as he thought about how things would soon progress.

Therefore, he made his workers collect the herbs upon receiving the formulary that Xia Xibei sent and sent them to Hongyan Beauty Club in person.

After hanging up the call, Xia Xibei looked at the couple with the anxious faces and the boy who was sitting obediently on the chair.

She smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll commence my first treatment for him once the medicines are here. You’ll see if it’s effective right away.”

“Thank you, doctor!”

The couple exchanged a glance and thanked her hurriedly.

However, they had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

The procedure seemed… Somewhat incorrect!

“Little boy, what’s your name?”

When Xia Xibei asked for his name, they finally came to their senses. This doctor was conducting the treatment in a reversed procedure!

“My name is Jiang Qirui,” the little boy replied meekly.

He didn’t eat much because the illness had reduced his appetite, so he was skinny and feeble, and his cheekbones were protruding.

He was a good boy nonetheless, one whom people took a fancy to at first sight.

“I’ll call you Ruirui then?”

“Sure, sister-doctor,” Jiang Qirui nodded in a docile manner.

“Don’t worry, I’ll cure you. Then you’ll be able to go back to school,” Xia Xibei stroked his head.

“Thank you, sister.”

Although he couldn’t see the doctor’s face, Jiang Qirui felt reassured by her gentle tone, her tender moves, and her beautiful eyes.

“Doctor, about the fees…” Rubbing his hands together, Jiang Shenghe asked rather uneasily.

“No rush for that,” Xia Xibei shook her head. “Rest assured, my pricing is always reasonable.”

“Yea, no rush.” Liu Manhong smiled at the side, “Sister Chen is our major client, don’t worry about the fees.”

The couple exchanged a glance. Upon seeing Sister Chen nod, they finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Very soon, Huo Zijun arrived with the herbs. Upon entering, he nearly jumped when he saw Jiang Qirui.

“Goodness, what’s going on?”

“Come here and have a look,” Xia Xibei waved a hand at him.