The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 473 - I Can Heal Him

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Chapter 473: I Can Heal Him

Throughout the day, Xia Xibei was in the room helping the guests with their body conditioning.

Originally, they were only going to see the ten guests who spent the most money, but in the end, they decided to help them as long as they wanted.

Luckily, Xia Xibei was powerful enough, and fast too. Even if there were many guests, there wasn’t a problem.

The guests who came to Hongyan Beauty Club were all rich and had money to maintain their health, so they were generally in good shape. A silver needle usually solved all the problems.

Even if a few people’s conditions were a bit special, with the addition of spiritual power, Xia Xibei immediately gave them results.

Of course, in order to cure those ailments, they still had to go through multiple treatments. After all, she was not a god who solved all their problems at once.

She hardly stopped throughout the day, except for a half-hour break in the middle.

She didn’t expect that there would be new patients in addition to the guests.

However, since it was someone referred by Sister Chen, a big client, she gave it a try.

Moreover, knowing that the patient was a child, she had a little more sympathy.

Only, she didn’t expect that it would be Jiang Shenghe, here with his wife and son.

“Director Jiang?!”

At the sight of them coming in, Xia Xibei stood up in surprise.

Jiang Shenghe froze for a moment and looked at her in surprise.

“You know me?”

He couldn’t help but frown. He thought that this doctor was too young and felt like he had seen her somewhere.

Xia Xibei coughed lightly and lowered her voice, “I’ve seen you on TV.”

“Oh.” Jiang Shenghe didn’t think too much of it. After all, he was often on TV, so it wasn’t surprising that he would be recognized.

“Doctor, please help our child.”

Jiang Shenghe’s wife looked very haggard, but she was actually only 40.

She and director Jiang Shenghe were more than ten years apart in age, known as a model couple in the industry.

Moreover, they had just one child.

“Have the child sit.”

Jiang Shenghe nodded, bent down, and released the child from his back.

The boy was actually 13 years old and in 7th grade, but he hadn’t been to school for some time because of his illness.

Xia Xibei looked him up and down.

He looked black— except for his face, long, dark hair covered his entire body.

At first glance, it was easy to be shocked.

Xia Xibei was not intimidated.

“Give me your hand.”

The boy obediently put out his hand.

Looking at her tender and slender fingers, Jiang Shenghe and his wife looked at each other, regretting their decision a little.

Had they known that this doctor was so young, they would not have come over.

Although they couldn’t see the doctor’s face, what ability could she have when she was so young?

This trip was also a torture for the child.

However, as depressed as they were, they did not say anything out of respect for the doctor.

If this didn’t work, then they’d go abroad.

Under their eyes, which were not optimistic in the slightest, Xia Xibei withdrew her hand and said indifferently, “It’s not a big problem.”

“What?!” Jiang Shenghe and his wife shouted in shock. “What did you say?!”

Did they hear wrong? She had said “it’s a big problem,” right? Not the opposite?

Xia Xibei looked at them and didn’t stop her writing, words soon appearing on the paper.

Jiang Shenghe was a little distracted, as the handwriting was quite beautiful.

“Don’t worry, I can heal him.”

Jiang Shenghe’s wife almost pounced on Xia Xibei, her face eager.

“Are you telling the truth?! You aren’t lying to us?!”

Xia Xibei understood her feelings and handed the paper over.

“Don’t worry. If others can’t cure him, I can.”

These words immediately made the couple embrace each other and cry.