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Chapter 95 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Extra 2: Mid-Autumn Festival

Because of Xiu, it wasn’t convenient for Du Ze to live in the dormitory so he rented a house near the school and went back home on the holidays.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Du Ze stood in front of the gate of his home with a large pile of gifts. He was a little nervous because today was a little different from his past holidays.


“Hello – come in.” The door was pushed open. Mother Du,1 wearing an apron, stood at the door. It looked like she had just come from the kitchen. “Ah, you’re back!”

Mrs. Du glanced first at her own son then looked at the blond youth with him. The other person’s outstanding appearance made Mrs. Du shiver. When did her son meet such a gorgeous foreigner?

“Hello, aunt.”2 Xiu smiled at Mrs. Du. That dazzling smile was enough to leave Du Ze open-mouthed,3 nevermind his mother.

Moe Lord, you ladykiller!

“… Ah? Oh, hello.” Mrs. Du finally came back to her senses and welcomed them. “Are you the friend that Ah Ze mentioned? Come inside – wow, there are so many gifts.”

“This is the right thing to do since this is my first visit.” Xiu handed her a big pile of gift bags. “I’m sorry to disturb your family during the holidays.”

“No, no. Don’t be too polite, just make yourself at home.” Mrs. Du guided the two men to the living room then returned to the kitchen. “Ah Ze, you entertain your friend. I’m cooking.”

Du Ze could have sworn that he saw his mother’s face flushing red. The silly, cute person stared at the culprit, speechless. The “human weapon” sat on the coach.

“What’s the matter?” Xiu asked: “Did I do something wrong according to the etiquette here?”

Du Ze shook his head and sat beside Xiu. “My mother seems to like you very much.”

The words made Xiu smile. “Well, I want her to like me, after all she is …” Xiu tilted his head slightly as he thought about it. “According to the customs of this world, should I call her mother-in-law?”

Du Ze’s first reaction was to look in the direction of the kitchen. When he saw that his mother was still standing at the kitchen counter, the heart that had almost jumped out of his mouth finally went back to his chest.

“Don’t worry.” Xiu stretched out his hand and stroked the back of Du Ze’s neck. He gazed into Du Ze’s eyes deeply. “We have a lot of time.”

We have a lot of time – a long, long, time, enough to make it impossible for anyone to object to their relationship.

Even if someone objects, it doesn’t matter. He’ll make the number of such people equal to zero.

The dinner table was very lively because of the addition of a guest.

“Based on your looks, you must be a foreigner?” Mrs. Du: “What country are you from?’

“I’m of mixed-blood.”

Yes, eight races – a silly, cute person said in his heart silently.

“Mixed blood?” Mrs. Du: “That’s great.”

That’s great, the enemy and your son have a deep understanding.

As the two people conversed, countless sarcastic retorts flashed through a silly cute person’s mind. In this way, he silently joined the dialogue.

No matter what question Mrs. Du asked, Xiu smiled and had an answer for it. Du Ze can almost see his mother’s favorability rating towards Xiu rising. Xiu’s strategy was a big success.

Suddenly, Mrs. Du put down her chopsticks and said: “You can visit us here any time. I’m very happy because this is the first time that Ah Ze has brought a friend back home.”

Du Ze was surprised. Mrs. Du didn’t look at him but continued to talk to Xiu: “My son, although he is very kind, is not good at expressing himself. It’s really none of my business but if you two quarrel in the future, I hope that you will be patient with him.”

Xiu’s smile became very gentle. “I know.”

He knows how good this man is and it’s enough that he is the only person who knows.

“In fact, he is the one who is very patient with my shortcomings.” Xiu said, half-joking and half serious: “No matter what happens in the future, I will never let him go.”

The blond man’s words were a bit strange but Mrs. Du didn’t think too much about it. She fetched a bottle then poured some wine for them.

The three people drank a toast together. “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.”


(TN: At this point there is a repeat of the scene from chapter 78. That was when Du Ze explained the legend of Houyi and Chang’e. I believe that this repetition was caused by two different versions of the raws. I think that scene belongs in chapter 78, therefore I chose not to put it here.)


Du Ze looked through the window at the bright full moon outside. He felt a familiar presence behind him.

Xiu, fresh from his bath, hugged Du Ze and kissed his hair

Du Ze stared at the cup of red liquid that Xiu handed over. “What’s this?”

“Wine.” Xiu poured himself a cup and sipped from it. “Your mother handed me this bottle and asked me to drink it with you. She said that this is expensive wine and we shouldn’t waste it.”

Du ze stared at Xiu’s Adam’s apple as it bobbed up and down. Xiu was drinking the red wine with pale lips, looking like an elegant vampire drinking blood. Du Ze’s mouth went dry. He shifted his gaze and said: “… You drink it.”

“This is your mother’s request.” Xiu’s smile widened. “I found some dice in your room. Let’s play a drinking game. The loser will have to drink every time he rolls a lower a number.”

Xiu added a rule before Du Ze could refuse. “I will need at least three points more than you to win a round.”

Du Ze hesitated at first but as long as he rolled a four or more, Xiu will lose. In fact, even if Du Ze only rolled a one, if Xiu rolls three or less, Du Ze will still win.

Therefore, a silly, cute person nodded, agreeing to Xiu’s proposal.

It turns out that if you don’t court death, you won’t die. (No zuo no die.)

Du Ze stared at the half-full bottle of wine in his hand. If he takes another mouthful of this, he will surely be so drunk that he won’t be able to tell up from down.

****! He lost every single round! This is bullying! QAQ

Moe Lord: The bully is you.

“Come on, drink it.”

Du Ze looked at Xiu who seemed very cheerful. He wondered what this was about – this wasn’t the first time that the Moe Lord tried to make him drunk. He also attempted to make Du Ze drink more wine during the angel race’s trial in the Tower of God. “Why do you want me to drink?”

Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly. “After drinking, you’ll say something I want to hear.”

Why didn’t you just say that earlier! A silly, cute person put the bottle down and said to Xiu: “You don’t have to make me drink this. If there’s something you want me to say, I will say it.”



Once again, it’s clear that those who do not court death will not die. (No zuo no die!)

Du Ze stared at his constant companion, the doujinshi, for a long time. Opposite him, Xiu had changed into his beastkin form to better observe every minute detail of Du Ze’s upcoming performance.

Du Ze turned a page of the doujinshi. If he reads it out loud, surely it’s the better choice.

He can either drink more wine or recite lines from the doujinshi.

Some silly, cute person considered this carefully. If he drank, he would also recite these words out loud anyway (according to the Moe Lord). If Du Ze was unable to control his speech, then the contrast between his impassive face and outrageous words would be too cute, therefore Du Ze fearlessly opened that little book.

The first page was almost all inarticulate moaning.

“Ah, um, oh, woo …”

Du Ze read the immodest words in a monotone voice.

The beastkin’s ears drooped unhappily and the expression on Xiu’s face was full of disappointment.

“The emotion is lacking.” Xiu’s tail thumped on the floor. “When I bully you, your voice isn’t like that.”

He said it! He actually said “when I bully you”! How incredibly shameless!

Seeing Du Ze looking at him with an expressionless face, Xiu took a step back and said: “Go on.”

Du Ze wasn’t happy at all. The lines were becoming more and more immoral. It had never been so difficult for him to speak – even more difficult than when he wasn’t wearing a hearing aid.

“Ah, great, so good, oh, don’t stop, yes, ah, ah, ah …”

“Uh, ah, yes, yes, it feels good, no, ah, I’m dying, I’ll be broken, ah, ah …”

Du Ze had to bite the bullet and read it. Even though he recited it as if he were reciting a eulogy, the eyes of the beastkin in front of him still became brighter and brighter. Xiu’s golden eyes seemed to glow as though he was looking at a delicious prey.

“Ah, I’m dying, put it in, deeper, more, more, yes, do it, take me -”

Du Ze’s voice was cut off because the beastkin had grabbed him and pressed him down on the bed.

“Since you can’t read it with feeling,” said Xiu, his voice low with desire. “I will have to make you feel it.”

… I knew it!!! QAQ

Throughout the Mid-Autumn Festival, Du Ze never got out of bed again.