The Queen of Everything - Chapter 782 - Problematic Le Anqi

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Chapter 782: Problematic Le Anqi

On Weibo, whenever the New York show and Su Cha were mentioned, people would mock her.

Anyway, they were criticizing her for being in the fashion show.

Fu Mo read these comments to Su Cha, who had arrived at the hotel. Su Cha rolled her eyes. “They say that every day. Can’t they come up with something new?”

She took off her high heels and rotated her porcelain white ankle.

She always wore flats when she went to school. Today, she wore high heels and walked a long distance. She was in good spirits, but her legs hurt a little. As soon as she arrived, she quickly took her shoes off.

“What else can they mock you for?”

Fu Mo wrinkled her nose. In the past, she used to think that Su Cha was being gossiped about too much online. Now that she saw these comments, she was automatically immune to them.

Anyway, they were all insensible people. No matter how good Su Cha was, they would still laugh at her.

As Zou Manni was also participating in the show, Tan Jinsui had to take care of her, so he went to meet Zou Manni. However, Su Cha was not used to being spoiled by others. It was good that Tan Jinsui did not look for her. She asked Fu Mo to prepare a bath for her.

Late at night in New York, Su Cha received a call from Le Anqi.

Over the phone, Le Anqi stammered, “Su Cha, can you lend me some money?”

Hearing her words, Su Cha tore off the mask on her face and opened her eyes. “Why do you need to borrow money?”

She frowned. It was not that she was unwilling to lend it to her, but she remembered that Le Anqi had also borrowed money from her last time. Although she had returned it, she felt that something was wrong now that Le Anqi was borrowing some again.

Le Anqi said with a stammer, “I just need a bit. I haven’t been doing live broadcasts for the past few months, and my budget is a little tight. My mother is always worried that I will spend money recklessly, so she won’t give any to me…”

Her words were vague, and it was obvious that something was wrong.

If her budget was really tight, her mother should have given some money to her.

Le Anqi used to be a strong person, but now, she did not even dare to ask her mother for money.

Su Cha did not ask any questions. She just said lightly, “How much do you want to borrow?”

“Fifty… 20,000?”

She’d started to say a number, but she quickly changed it.

Su Cha narrowed her eyes. “If you want to borrow 50,000 yuan, I’ll lend you 50,000 yuan. I have this amount of money on hand, but what do you really want to do with it?”

“I want to buy some luxury goods. A single bag costs tens of thousands…”

She pretended to complain. Buying luxury goods seemed in character, but…

“I’ll get my assistant to transfer it to you later.”

Su Cha did not say much. Le Anqi was grateful to her. “Okay, thank you. Su Cha, I love you~”

After saying this, she quickly hung up.

Su Cha did not respond.

Su Cha paused and quickly sent Fu Mo a WeChat message, asking her to transfer 50,000 yuan to Le Anqi’s bank card. She had recorded it last time.

But this time, Su Cha asked Fu Mo to investigate what Le Anqi had been doing.

She did not believe that she was buying luxury goods. In her memory, Le Anqi knew her limits. She could afford it, but she would stop before she went too far. Why did she borrow money from Su Cha?

She had suspected it last time, but she did not ask in detail. This time, she had to investigate.

Le Anqi’s tone was also suspicious.

They only met occasionally, and Le Anqi was also someone who lived a different life. Su Cha could not pay too much attention to others, so she naturally did not know what Le Anqi had been doing recently.