The Queen of Everything - Chapter 1038 - Helpless

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Chapter 1038: Helpless

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“You gave it to him?”

Su Cha stared at Zong Yanxiu in disbelief.

Zong Yanxiu was a little helpless. “What else could I have done? If I hadn’t given it to them, they might go out and talk about you in the future.”

“Even if I gave them eight guts, they wouldn’t dare.”

Su Cha was a little angry. “Father, I’ve told you about those things. How can you take out money? They should bear the consequences of their own actions. I’m already kind enough not to hit them while they’re down.”

“When I gave them the money, I thought about what you would say in the future.”

Zong Yanxiu was not in a hurry. He slowly said to Su Cha, “He’s quite right. At least I have to thank him for letting you grow up.”

Su Cha: “…”

As if she was holding her breath in her heart, Su Cha could not say that she had actually died once.

In Zong Yanxiu’s heart, she was raised by Su Mingzhe.

He was thinking about this.

Seeing Su Cha’s helpless expression, Zong Yanxiu promised, “Don’t worry. It’s only this time. He promised me that he will never appear again and will not say anything about you. In the future, the Su family…” Zong Yanxiu paused. “It has nothing more to do with us.”

He was not overly kind. As he thought, at least Su Cha had grown up.

He knew that Su Cha had suffered in the past, so he would make it up to her as her father from here on.

If Su Mingzhe was not tactful, the Zong family would not be a pushover. Su Mingzhe was powerless and easy to deal with.

Su Cha’s face was cold. Zong Yanxiu had already given them money, so she could not chase after them to get it back.

As Zong Yanxiu had said, if Su Mingzhe appeared again, Su Cha would not show mercy.

She was not here at the time. Zong Yanxiu had already done it, so there was nothing she could do.

That night, Su Cha stayed at the Zong family’s residence for dinner. She probably felt a little depressed about today’s matter. She did not rest at the Zong family’s residence and returned to the Lookout Pavilion.

When Bo Muyi returned, Su Cha was playing with her phone on the bed. When he saw her, he glanced at her and asked, “Did something unpleasant happen today?”

Obviously, he knew something.

Su Cha told him about what had happened today. When she mentioned the Su family, she looked a little annoyed. “If I’d known, I definitely wouldn’t have given them any money.”

“But you can’t criticize him. After all, he’s your father.”

Bo Muyi came over and sat by the bed. He touched her cheek and said gently, “And there are some things he doesn’t know.”

Just like Su Cha’s rebirth.

“So you don’t know what to say.”

There were many things going on recently. Especially after Ruan Yin’s death, Su Cha tried to talk less about things with Zong Yanxiu.

Otherwise, she was afraid that she would agitate him.

“It’s over.”

Bo Muyi was not interested in anything other than Su Cha. Especially since this was his father-in-law’s doing, he would not get involved.

It was rare for Su Cha to come home. Of course, he wanted to do that with her for a while. Unfortunately, Su Cha was angry when she came back. She was really not in the mood. After speaking to Bo Muyi, she lay on the bed and said, “I’m so tired. I’m going to sleep.”

Bo Muyi: “…”

He felt that Su Cha was lying to him.

At the thought of this, the man’s face darkened. However, when he saw her closing her eyes quickly and looking a little tired, he lowered his head and kissed Su Cha’s forehead. He did not do anything else.