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Chapter 615 - I Am A Clown

The staff member\'s voice rang out in the conference room. It could be said that it was like thunder on flat ground.

Liu Jiaojiao was stunned on the spot.

\'Good heavens, you guys came with such ferocious news. You\'re not here to cause No. 1 High School trouble!\'

For a moment, his brain was overcome by a storm. He had even found an excuse for a student to cheat in an exam, but he hadn\'t expected such a result. For a moment, he didn\'t know how to react.

Qian Wenrui had suffered such a sudden shock that her face instantly turned red under her glasses. She came back to her senses and stared at the staff member, panicking and shouting, "Why are you investigating me? I\'m not a teacher at No. 1 High School anymore. If No. 1 High School cheated, you should look for Ma Mingquan and Director Liu. Why are you looking for me? What does this have to do with me?!"

"We received a report from Professor He Ming that you helped students cheat in the Physics exam that he organized to select students for an academic exchange at the beginning of the third year of high school. After verifying this, it\'s evident how bad your behavior was!"

"Nonsense! When have I ever helped students cheat? Do you have evidence? I will sue you for slander!" Qian Wenrui was so anxious that her face turned purple.

"Teacher Qian is really a noble person! She just sometimes forgets things!"

Upon hearing her words, the staff member was not happy either. It was as if she was deliberately looking for trouble. Sounding somewhat disdainful, he reminded her, "You calculated Fu Zhi\'s Physics exam score and publicly gave it to your student, Lu Chuwan... This process was recorded by the high-definition surveillance cameras in No. 1 High School\'s exam room!"

What? What?!

Qian Wenrui\'s pupils constricted, and her neck suddenly stiffened.

"Judging from Teacher Qian\'s appearance, this should be true!"

Qian Wenrui didn\'t say anything. She panted heavily and held the handle of the chair tightly with one hand. If she hadn\'t been sitting, she would have fainted at that moment!

The score that she had attributed to Lu Chuwan had helped Lu Chuwan bounce back... The whole memory was quickly extracted from her mind, including the fact that she had secretly given Lu Chuwan the exam answers, allowing Lu Chuwan to beat Fu Zhi!

It had clearly been so long ago, yet it had been brought up again!

Just by listening to this, all the teachers present were extremely shocked.

"When Teacher He Ming came to No. 1 High School to set the questions, the one who cheated was actually Lu Chuwan? That\'s really strange. I thought the one who was suspected of cheating was clearly Fu Zhi!"

"That\'s right! How big of a fuss was that? Teacher Qian publicly dissed Fu Zhi\'s Physics results and helped Lu Chuwan plagiarize. The entire Internet was furious and demanded that No. 1 High School expel Fu Zhi! In the end, Fu Zhi answered questions on the live broadcast and stopped everyone from talking about it!"

"I heard that the difficulty of the questions that day was extremely high! Nowadays, internet trolls are more common... Only Fu Zhi has the ability to do that. If any other person had made a mistake while answering a question... they would have been blamed!"

"Teacher Qian knows that Fu Zhi didn\'t cheat. How can she still say such a thing?!"

"Is there a need to ask? Teacher Qian wanted Lu Chuwan to attend the lecture so that she could get a good result and make her proud! Don\'t forget, no matter how good Fu Zhi is, she isn\'t Qian Wenrui\'s student!"

"Knowing what a person looks like does not equal knowing what\'s in a person\'s heart. Teacher Qian looks like a professional, but who would have thought that she would be so muddle-headed that she\'d be worse than a three-year-old child!"

"How is she muddle-headed? She\'s just a rotten egg! She ruined the reputation of other people\'s children and helped her own students. She\'s rotten to the core!"

"How can such a person be a teacher? How could she work with us? Take her away! Fire her!"


Qian Wenrui\'s over 30 years of prestige were almost lost due to the criticism and disdain of her peers!

The staff member was polite to her. "Teacher Qian, let\'s go. We need your help to investigate some other things as well."

Qian Wenrui was not innocent. She had received many gifts from rich students\' parents and had also held private tutoring classes and charged a high fee.

On the other hand, thanks to Professor He Ming\'s attitude, the Education Bureau had not investigated Qian Wenrui at all!

The fear in her heart kept growing. Qian Wenrui shook her head crazily. "No, I\'m not going with you... You can\'t do this. Are you going to fire me by taking me away? No way! I helped Lu Chuwan cheat by accident!"

Giving Lu Chuwan the answer had not been her original intention!

Qian Wenrui admitted that she had been diligent all her life. She had relied on real talent to walk from the remote mountains where she had been born to the big city.

She knew very well that knowledge could change one\'s fate. If she had not studied, she would have been sold to the men in the mountains as a wife. She would have become the wife of a group of people and been abused by others.

She was just too afraid of that scenario.

Ma Mingquan had been a career academic hired by the state when he had first come to the school. He had produced several top students with excellent results.

But she was different. She was short, not fashionable enough, and could not speak fluent Mandarin. She had been bullied by the students when she had first come to the school.

If her personality was not strong, what kind of student would listen to her?! If she did not work hard and get the students good results, how could she earn more money to buy a house in the city and settle down?!

She knew that she was too proud, too afraid of being looked down on, and too scared of having a hard time in the future. That was why she had to compare everything she did to the most excellent teacher in the school, Ma Mingquan.

People\'s selfish desires could not be satisfied, so they would always lose themselves in the process of pursuing them.

She gritted her teeth and resisted, shrinking her body under the table. However, she was still picked up by the staff and dragged out of the door.

The director of Gu Yuan came back to his senses. He did not have time to care about Qian Wenrui, so he hurriedly said, "Um, may I ask a question? I reported to the higher-ups that a student from No. 1 High School cheated in the exam..."

"The higher-ups told me to tell you that before you investigate others, you have to make sure that you\'re clean. Otherwise, if it gets out of hand, all seven schools will be thoroughly investigated. No one wants any light on their affairs. What do you think?"

Gu Yuan\'s director\'s face stiffened, and he said in embarrassment, "Yes, that\'s right."

Upon seeing Gu Yuan\'s director get beaten up with his own eyes, Liu Jiaojiao was thrilled!

He praised the Education Bureau like crazy in his heart!

The light of the righteous path shone on the ground once again!

After the staff member finished speaking, he walked out of the meeting room with Qian Wenrui with a taut face.

Upon walking past Fu Zhi and the others, he nodded his head slightly and gave them the first smile he had after entering the meeting room.

Song Fang\'s intuition had told him that there was something fishy going on, especially when he had seen Qian Wenrui, who had always been known as a distinguished teacher, suffer such a huge loss. However, it was very satisfying. He told Fu Zhi, "Let\'s go, Sister Zhi. Let\'s not waste any more time on them. I\'ll take you to eat instant-boiled mutton this afternoon!"

They walked out of the meeting room.

Fu Zhi was a step slower as she followed Ma Mingquan. She said in a low, firm voice, "Little Ma, this is only the beginning. Everyone relied on Ye Jiu to get such good results, but next time, everyone will definitely use their true abilities to make you proud."

Previously, Ma Mingquan had always been the best teacher in No. 1 High School. He was the most outstanding Physics teacher. It was not a school requirement for him to lead Class 21. In fact, no one cared about Class 21. He was the one who had volunteered... and he had only taken on this group of students.

Song Fang and the rest had their foundations laid in the world. They had a good family background and a rich future. They had never worried about their studies. Class 21 had gotten first place in the exams.

However, Song Fang and the others were scolded and criticized by their parents. Ma Mingquan was under as much pressure as they were.

Although he was as calm as Buddha, he could hear the other teachers\' sarcasm.

However, as an old man, he was broad-minded. He felt that there was no need to disturb the overall harmony over such a small matter.

Students could be taught if they didn\'t do well academically. He had always been their guiding light.

Fu Zhi\'s sudden concern made the corners of Ma Mingquan\'s eyes ache. "Damn it, what\'s there to be ashamed of? I just want you guys to study hard. If you work hard, you won\'t regret it in the future."


Class 21\'s final exam grade was the best in the whole school. No. 1 High School had a 10-point difference, and the news of Gu Yuan\'s stable position as the leader of the key schools in the city had spread throughout the entire school in the morning.

Ye Jiu could predict the future, and Song Fang was clinging onto his thigh. Their teacher was once again taking control and assisting His Majesty Liu Jiaojiao as he handled the affairs of the school. Qian Wenrui had been fired, and the prospect of never seeing her again caused an uproar, creating a storm in the city.

When the former students of No. 1 High School who were now in Gu Yuan heard the news, they were especially angry and doubtful.

"We\'ve been studying so hard! Aren\'t we better than Ye Jiu, who\'s just really lucky?!" Xiang Yushen smashed his fist on the table, his eyes red. "God, how unfair you are! My family assets are going to be lost!"

Xiang Yushen was so angry that he felt like he was going to die.

Ye Jiu, Ye Jiu!

Such a big cheater had miraculously ended up beating them. Why hadn\'t the Education Bureau handled this?!

There was also Fu Zhi. No wonder she had come to place a bet. It had all been planned right from the start to cheat them out of their money!

Those cheaters!

* * * *

Meanwhile, in the hot pot restaurant outside the school...

Fatty was holding a wine glass and looking at Song Fang and Wang Yu, who were still looking at their report cards. He slapped the table and said, "I really didn\'t expect our class to have so much potential! In my lifetime, I actually got to see Song Fang and Wang Yu make the top 20 in the city! Sister Zhi, Ye Jiu, the two of you are really awesome. What kind of hands do you have? Our class is like a dead tree coming back to life. You can even make an iron tree bloom!"

It was true. Fatty used to only admire Fu Zhi in the past. After all, Fu Zhi\'s academic results were good. Now, there was also Ye Jiu.

How lucky were they to actually meet these two nobles?

It could be said that if it weren\'t for these two people, they would still have been living in a daze.

Actually, it wasn\'t like they didn\'t want to study hard. They\'d just had no idea where to start!

However, Fu Zhi was patient. She had guided them through the learning process in junior high school over and over again without getting tired.

Fatty was so touched that he wanted to hug Fu Zhi and cry.

Fu Zhi leaned back in her chair and looked up. Her eyes were lazy and cold, and the corner of her mouth was slightly curled. She held her phone in one hand and her milk in the other. She gently touched the wine glass in Fatty\'s hand. "It\'s all in the milk. I\'ll drink it, and you should drink some too."

Fatty: "..."

\'We don\'t seem to like the same things, Sister Zhi. What do you think?\'

Fu Zhi didn\'t think much of it. She glanced at Song Fang out of the corner of her eyes.

Song Fang was sending a message in his WeChat family group.

His family group was similar to Fu Zhi\'s family group.

It was called "Love Kills Family".

Song Fang\'s opening statement was very simple.

After eating with all the other members of the group, he sincerely said, [Dad, Mom, the results of the exam are out. They\'re not very good. This is quite serious. After the New Year, can you find me a private tutor to teach me well?]

Song Fang\'s father had a faster pace of life. He was the company\'s CEO, so he had more work to do and didn\'t really read the messages in the group chat.

Song Fang\'s mother was like Xu Wei. She was a rich lady with a husband who spoiled her.

Whenever she had nothing to do, she would water the flowers and plant grass.

Therefore, when her phone rang, she would reply immediately.

[The son I picked up from the trash can has grown up. Have you taken the wrong medicine after drinking too much? What kind of nonsense are you spouting in broad daylight? Didn\'t you always refuse to have extra lessons? Have you regressed? It\'s fine. As long as you beat your little friend, Lu Yumo, you\'ll still be a good son.]

Song Fang\'s mother had met Xu Wei at the parent-teacher meeting. The two of them were famous socialites who admired each other.

Song Fang\'s mother always wanted to find a way to complement Xu Wei.

Song Fang: [...]

He said via voice transmission, [Mom, I really want to study hard this time. How about this… Didn\'t you find me a tutor for cram school last time? Add him to the group and let him look at my report card to help me make a study plan for the winter break.]

Song Fang\'s mother thought that her son was sick. However, upon seeing his serious attitude, she couldn\'t help having doubts. Could this little brat really want to study?

Song Fang\'s family didn\'t lack money. His mother immediately added the private tutor to the group. His name was Teacher Wang.

[Teacher, take a look at our baby. Can he improve his grades a little in these subjects?]

Kun Peng Academy * Teacher Wang: [@Song Fang, may I ask which subject you think you can improve on? I have a plan here. One subject for one hour per day. If you pass two subjects, you will be given one more subject.]

Song Fang: [I don\'t know how to put it. I will send the report to you so you can take a look.]

Kun Peng Academy * Teacher Wang: [Okay, okay.]

Song Fang: [Picture, Picture.]

Because of the network delay, the original picture that was sent needed to load before it could be magnified and observed.

Teacher Wang was full of confidence. He had seen too many rich kids have extra lessons, and they couldn\'t achieve anything at all. They were simply giving him money.

Song Fang was a foolish tycoon\'s son that he had come into contact with last year.

However, this piece of bone had not been gnawed off yet.

Just as he was thinking about the report in his hand, it loaded.

Teacher Wang started to scroll up from the bottom, but he did not flip to Song Fang\'s name.

Teacher Wang: "???"

Had he not taken the exam?

Just as he was about to ask, he saw a message from Song Fang. [Teacher, you can load the second picture. It is a screenshot of my own results.]

Teacher Wang expressed his understanding and loaded the picture to enlarge it.

A second later, the results were clearly visible.

Mathematics: 150

Language: 140

English: 140

Science: 300

Teacher Wang: "..."

He felt like using the clown JPG.