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Chapter 509: Fu Zhi? A Racer?

Six minutes later after the competition started, the leading racing car was a yellow sports car with a lifelike lion carved into its body.

“Zhuang Mo! Zhuang Mo!”

The girl fans of The Brave Lions’ captain chanted his name, and even his other fans could not help themselves but clapped their hands.

“Without a doubt,” a fan in the crowd lamented, “The winner would be the captain of The Brave Lions, the young master of an elite family from Country M, Zhuang Mo!”

“Zhuang Mo has never disappointed me before. I would win big every time I bet on him! If you’re looking for a candidate to bet on, look no further!”

“My guts are telling me that Zhuang Mo will break the record today!”

“Can you guys please shut the f*ck up? The SN Team is the best in the universe, okay?”

Both The Brave Lions and The SN Team were two renowned teams in rally racing. Both of the team’s fans were not on good terms from the get-go, and just when they were about to break into a fight, someone shouted.

“Hey, guys, look! Look at the silver sports car that took off with the second batch. It’s so fast! Is it flying?”

Everyone then turned their gazes towards the silver sports car at the lower right corner of the screen, and they were stunned by what they saw.

The course was unprotected, and the road was slippery due to the snow. Most of the participants would try to keep a safe distance from the other cars so that they would have a buffer zone to stop their cars should any accident happen. However, the driver of the silver sports car was different. Not only did the driver not slow down, but he even accelerated and performed a drift when he was reaching a 90-degree bend.

‘Does the driver have a death wish?’ This was the thought that surfaced in everyone’s mind.

Even Zhuang Mo, one of the most professional racers, did not dare to drive like the driver of the silver sports car under such circumstances.

Then, just when everyone was looking at the silver sports car in awe, someone shouted, “Which team does this racer belong to?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he’s a young master from a rich family who came here for fun?”

“Hey! Car No.6 has crashed into a slope! Where’s the rescue team?”

“Hold on a second! This silver sports car doesn’t have a race number! He isn’t here for racing!”

“What’s going on? Who’s the guy inside the car? He’s so good and I think I’ve found the true love of my life!”

The situation was getting more and more chaotic as everyone broke into small groups animatedly discussing who the driver of the silver sports car was. Even the organizer of the competition had never seen the silver sports car before, and he had no idea when the driver got in.

However, no matter who the driver was, one thing they could not deny was that he was really good.

The silver sports car was gleaming coldly under the light, and the roar of the engine filled the air. The silver sports car started the competition three minutes later in the second batch, but it was catching up to Zhuang Mo after turning a corner.

The co-driver of Zhuang Mo looked tense as he said, “Left 5, right 3, and full throttle! Stay calm! We’re going to win this!”

Zhuang Mo glanced at the endless mountains behind him and smiled at his co-driver, “How is it? Am I still leading?”

“Not really… A silver sports car is catching up to you. I’m not sure which team it belongs to, but I think the driver should be a young master from a rich family. He takes three seconds less than you to pass a bend!”

“Three seconds less? How is that possible?!”

There were 49 bends in Mount Qiu Ling, and judging from the silver sports car’s speed, it was only a matter of time before he overtook Zhuang Mo.

To be overtaken by a car that started three minutes later than him was something he had never experienced before as a professional rally car racer. His face was clouded with anxiety and his heart jumped into his throat as he listened to his co-driver.

The gap between them was getting smaller and smaller, and it was inevitable that he would be overtaken by the silver sports car!

“Zhuang Mo!’ His co-driver shouted and Zhuang Mo was distracted. The yellow sports car drifted a little and Zhuang Mo made a huge mistake when he was passing a bend.

“What should we do?” The co-driver turned his head sideways and asked, “We’ve placed our bet in the underground casino!”

Ten million! It was all the money they had! If the driver of the silver sports car overtook them and won the competition, they would lose all of their money!

Nobody had expected the turn of the event.

“D*mn it!

“An He, Gu Yang, Jin Zihan, Chang Shuang!” Zhuang Mo pulled out his small radio and shouted into it after pressing the button. “Stop the car! Don’t let it overtake me!”

“Roger that!”

“Don’t worry, cap!”

This was what The Brave Lions always did. Whenever they came across a strong opponent, they would work together to make sure that Zhuang Mo would be the winner.

Pressing hard on the accelerator, Fu Zhi passed by a sharp bend, and just when she was about to pick up her speed, the four sports cars in front of her slowed down and surrounded her car.

Fu Zhi set her jaw tight.

Time was passing minute by minute and her palms were filled with sweat. She pressed the honk lightly, signaling them to move aside.

However, the four sports cars paid her no mind and they went closer and closer to the silver sports car.

There were only a few centimeters between them.

Fu Zhi’s face sank as she clicked her tongue in annoyance.

The sports car on her left side then rolled the window down. The co-driver of An He could not see Fu Zhi’s gender clearly through the window. Therefore, he whistled and shouted, “Well, buddy. You’re pretty good, but unfortunately, you have to stay here with us a little longer!”

“It’s not a wise choice to come to Mount Qiu Ling on your own for rally competition. Have you heard of teamwork before?”

“We all will give you a free lesson today!”

There was a sharp 90-degree bend in front.

Four of the sports cars then slowed down their speed.

Fu Zhi glanced over the rearview mirror with a stern expression on her face. Then, in the next second, she turned her steering wheel without any hesitation. While her car started to slide, she slowed her car down a little but she did not release the accelerator entirely. After her car slid into the bend, she turned her steering wheel back, and while her car was drifting, she carefully maneuvered her car to bump lightly into the sports car to her left side.

The corner of Fu Zhi’s lips curled into a cold smirk, and at the same moment the sports car in front of her turned, she stomped hard on the accelerator and rammed her car straight into the rear of the sports car in front of her, causing it to lose control and sending it skidding across the road.


In the meantime, the sports car to her left side failed to perform a drift and began to slow down as well.

Seizing her chance, Fu Zhi pressed the accelerator hard again and the silver sports car sped forward like an arrow released from its strong.


“What the hell was that?!”

“Mom, am I dreaming?”

“Gu Yang lost control of his car, but what happened to An He? Why did his drift fail?”

“I seemingly saw that the silver sports car bumped into An He’s car just now.”

Just when everyone was wondering what happened to Gu Yang and An He, the silver sports car had already gone out far ahead. Gu Yang and An He looked at the silver sports car at the end of their vision as their jaws dropped to the floor in shock. They could not come around to their senses for a long time as they could not believe that the silver sports car was able to pull out that kind of feat.

After they had regained themselves, they hastily reported their situation to Zhuang Mo.

When Zhuang Mo’s co-driver heard about what had happened behind them, he shouted in shock, “What?!”

Zhuang Mo took a look at the fuel gauge, “Try your best to hold that silver sports car. I have ten more curves to go before I reach the end of the race.”

In any case, as a professional rally car racer, he could not allow the silver sports car to overtake him.


The remaining two surviving members from The Brave Lions picked up their speed and went after Fu Zhi.

However, Fu Zhi was apparently much faster than them. Just when they were about to catch up to her, she performed another drift to overtake another car and put some distance between them again.

“Cap, we can’t catch up to her!” They cried.

All of the cameras were zooming in on the silver sports car.

The Brave Lions had a large fanbase, but all of them were shouting madly and rooting for the driver in the silver sports car.

“It’s here!” Zhuang Mo’s co-driver shouted when he saw the streak of silver through the rear window. Sweat began to ooze out of his forehead as he asked, “What should we do?”

If they really got overtaken by the silver sports car, they would become the laughing stock of every racer!

Zhuang Mo frowned and asked, “What is he now?”

“About 60 meters from us.”

“Is Chang Shuang the third place?”

His co-driver nodded.

A cold smirk blossomed on the corner of Zhuang Mo’s lips and he said, “Then why don’t we just let no one win!”

He would like to see how the driver of the silver sports car was going to compete with them if he crashed his car into her car.

With that thought in mind, he slowed down his speed.

Fu Zhi raised her hand, tapped her phone, and her eyes behind a pair of sunglasses glowed a little when she realized the satellite had successfully pinpointed Gu Yanqi’s location.

The silver sports car had appeared at the end of his vision as the distance between them was getting closer and closer.

Zhuang Mo’s face turned grim, and just when he was about to enter another curve, the silver sports car suddenly accelerated and lightly hit the rear of his car.

“He’s doing that again!” Zhuang Mo’s co-driver shouted, “Don’t let him do it, Zhuang Mo!”

Zhuang Mo was no doubt an experienced rally car racer. After he realized what Fu Zhi was doing, the first thing he did was slow down and gripped the steering wheel tightly. At the same time, he tried to do the same to Fu Zhi and forced her to slow down her speed.

Fu Zhi’s gaze turned cold. Throwing her caution to the wind, she hit the accelerator and rammed into the yellow sports car hard, causing a string of sparks to jump into the air.

It was something Zhuang Mo did not expect. The powerful impact caused the co-driver to slide forward a little. He grabbed at the handle above him and said, “Our car is made with the latest technology from Country M. There is no way he can…”


A second collision came and caused him to swallow the rest of his sentence back to his stomach pit.

In the co-pilot’s ears were the eager cries of his teammates in the observation room. “Brake! The brakes of our cars are broken. Tell Zhuang Mo to stay as far as possible from the silver sports car. That car seems to be made by the Fu Corporation!

“Hello? Can you hear me? Say something if you can hear me!”

“Open your eyes and look closely!” The co-driver shouted, “It’s not us who’s hitting him. It’s that silver sports car that hit us!”

The yellow sports car was forced into the edge of the cliff.

Rocks were rolling off the cliff into the abyss below.

The co-driver then rolled down the window and shouted frantically, “Buddy! Buddy! Friendship first, competition second. It’s against the law to take someone’s life, so please stop!”

The silver sports car came to a sudden stop.

They were only a few centimeters left before they were pushed over the cliff.

Holding the steering wheel, Fu Zhi reversed the car and went away in a huff of smoke.

There were no damages on the sports car despite the violent impact, or at least, there was no damage on the surface.

Zhuang Mo and his co-driver heaved out a long sigh of relief.

“Luckily he didn’t push us off the cliff.”

“What the hell was wrong with him?” Zhuang Mo shouted after he had gotten out of the car through the window on the co-pilot seat.

“Is there something wrong with his brain? Why the hell did he do that to us?”

Nobody replied to his question.

From the screen, the silver sports car was roughly 300 meters ahead of other cars.

The reporters on the scene were waiting eagerly to interview the newly born champion.

In the meantime, the captain of the 4th division in the observation room jerked up to his feet.

His face underneath his silver mask was burning red with excitement as his eyes were glowing brightly. He immediately made a call and said, “Hey! I guess I’ve found the person we need. I can copy the video for you. The driving skills of the driver for the silver sports car… I’ve never seen anyone drive that before, and he’s eligible to become one of the captains if he decides to join the International Crime Unit!”

“Send it to me, then. Even the captain of the 8th division can become a captain, so I think everyone else can become a captain. It’s all thanks to him that the overall standard of our unit has been lowered.”

The roads in Mount Qiu Ling were long and winding. It took about 40 to 50 minutes of driving even if one drove at the top speed.

After Fu Zhi had pulled out the navigation map, she stomped on the accelerator and her car sped away, eliciting a yell from the crowd.

Some of them were startled, while the others stopped and looked at the silver sports car that sped by them, their jaws dropped wide open in shock.

After all, it was not an easy task to race on a busy road while still being able to keep a distance from other cars and pedestrians on the road.