The Long-awaited Mr Han - Chapter 2280

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Chapter 2280: I Knew You Did It on Purpose

Han Zhuoling’s lips curled up in pride.

See, Shi Xiaoya finally saw his actual stamina.

Shi Xiaoya struggled to flip over.

But she was squashed by him, making her unable to move.

Han Zhuoling shifted to the side, then pulled her to him again.

As she was being hauled, all of Shi Xiaoya’s bones and muscles protested, making Shi Xiaoya complain in turn.

Finally in his arms, Shi Xiaoya inhaled through her teeth. “It really hurts!”

Han Zhuoling decided that a repeat performance wouldn’t be ideal.

It hurt too much for her.

“And here? Does it hurt?” Han Zhuoling spoke as his hand moved over.

Shi Xiaoya immeidately froze, quickly grabbing his hand. “Nope.”

“I’ve got to check,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I can feel it myself, it’s fine,” Shi Xiaoya said. “It’s just… maybe slightly swollen.”

Han Zhuoling frowned hearing that, urging, “Let me see.”

“No way!” Shi Xiaoya rebuffed, blushing.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

When they were being intimate, everything had been seen.

“Still no. How is it the same?” She was in a daze then, so obviously, he’d have his way.

She couldn’t think to object at that time.

But now that she’s clear-headed, she could not help being embarrassed.

“Let me see or I won’t feel relaxed.” Seeing how red Shi Xiaoya was, Han Zhuoling chuckled. “What haven’t we done before? Why do you blush so easily? Moreover, you’re my fiancee.”

Shi Xiaoya rubbed her blushing face on his chest.

Han Zhuoling noticed Shi Xiaoya really liked doing this, just like a cat.

He liked her doing it too.

Every time she rubbed against him with that hairy head of hers, it was especially cute.

It itched slightly, but the sight made his heart melt into a puddle too.

“You still can’t…” Shi Xiaoya said softly.

However, Han Zhuoling got his way, half through persuading and half through force.

Fortunately, it looked pretty much fine.

Shi Xiaoya seized the chance. “But I think it’s better to rest and heal.”

Her eyes turned rapidly, looking cunning.

Han Zhuoling watched her silently. Her liveliness was too cute.

Even her tiny schemes in front of him were so adorable.

Han Zhuoling’s smile kept tugging at his lips when he heard Shi Xiaoya say, “You have to let me rest a few days at least.”

Han Zhuoling put on a smile that said “I’ll watch you act” until Shi Xiaoya couldn’t continue.

Her voice died down towards the end.

“I’ll get Old Chu to get some ointment suitable for this.” Han Zhuoling smiled. “Chu Tian has got every type of research on every medicine. They only have stuff you’ve never heard of, and there’s nothing they hadn’t studied on.”

Shi Xiaoya thought this was not acceptable.

Asking Chu Zhaoyang for this type of embrocation, wasn’t that the same as letting everyone know the moment he opens his mouth?

How could he tell others about this!

Shi Xiaoya quickly disagreed. “That doesn’t seem like a good idea.”

Han Zhuoling raised his eyebrow.

Shi Xiaoya kicked his calf with her toes. “I know you did it on purpose!”

“No, I really want to get you some ointment, but approaching Old Chu about this is really quite unsuitable,” Han Zhuoling said.