The Legend of Futian - Chapter 2469 - The Great Buddha

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Chapter 2469: The Great Buddha

Several Buddhist cultivators under the tutelage of Shenyan Buddha Lord now stepped forward, their eyes radiating the frightening Light of Buddha, aimed toward Ye Futian and the others.

Ye Futian frowned. These people really wanted to start something?

Under the examination of Buddha’s Clairvoyance, Fang Cun and the others felt extreme discomfort. Since they had no way to resist, it was as if everything of theirs were being exposed. Furthermore, surreal images appeared behind them. It was a vision enabled by the Great Path’s superpowers.

Of course, even more cultivators fixed their attention on Ye Futian. The Buddha’s Clairvoyance could detect all truths. When cultivated to its extreme, it was rumored that the life and death of all living beings could be seen. The detection of cultivation method was but only a small trick this superpower was capable of. It was one of the many uses of Buddha’s Clairvoyance.

However, at the moment, Ye Futian’s entire body dazzled with divine light. It was as if there was a protective layer of light about him, which even the Buddha’s Clairvoyance was unable to invade. Under the surveillance of those heavenly eyes, nothing substantial could be seen. They could only see Ye Futian standing there quietly, surrounded by divine light. He was tremendous and imposing as he stood there. The sense of transcendence was palpable.

Watching the sight before them, many sneered coldly inside. It seemed that Ye Futian was indeed exceptional. The Buddha’s Clairvoyance was of absolutely no use against him. Ye Futian was like an enigma that couldn’t be understood or captured.

Ye Futian continued standing there quietly, his eyes frosty cold. His eyes were ever-changing as he looked toward those Buddhist cultivators who were looking back at him. This one look seemed to bring those cultivators into another world, another space.

“I come from the Divine Prefecture in awe of Buddhism, observing the commandments of All Buddhas Fest, but what are you all doing?” Ye Futian chided them, and his voice reverberated through the void. The hearts of those Buddhist cultivators shuddered. Many of them experienced a prickly pain in their third eye. Not only did they fail to see through Ye Futian, but also they were affected by him.

The cultivators in the far distance were a little shocked when they beheld this scene; this Ye Futian was truly remarkable.

However, at this time, above the void, there were two figures surrounded by the blazing Light of Buddha. Many monks would bow to salute these two whenever they encountered them. One of them was an old monk, while the other was quite young. They were both under the tutelage of Shenyan Buddha Lord. The old monk was a cultivator who had survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path, while the young man was the first disciple under Shenyan Buddha Lord, known as Shenyan Arhat.

The two of them looked at Ye Futian at the same time, and a pair of elusive eyes appeared in the void. They were somewhat similar to the Buddha’s Clairvoyance, which was used previously by Zhu Hou. However, their prowess was not comparable, not even close.

Under the scrutiny of Buddha’s Clairvoyance, Ye Futian felt that even with the power of the Great Path protecting around him, he was completely transparent. It was like nothing could be hidden from the other’s prying gaze. He even wondered whether it was a mistake in coming to the sacred land of Western Heaven. The abilities of these Buddhist cultivators were completely different from those practiced in the Divine Prefecture. These abilities could see into too many secret things.

As the old monk unleashed the Buddha’s Clairvoyance, his eyes grew unsteady. It was as the images he was perceiving frightened him a little. What he saw was not Ye Futian, who was surrounded simply by the divine light of the Great Path, but a massive towering figure that resembled a deity.

This figure was a little fuzzy to him, even at his advanced cultivation level; he was unable to discern it completely. He knew that his realm was not high enough, and his Buddha’s Clairvoyance was far from reaching the ultimate peak form. But there was no doubt in his mind that the images he saw were a foreshadowing of sorts.

At least, Ye Futian would be a super powerful existence in the future, which accounted for the vision that had appeared before them.

“You came from the Divine Prefecture and stirred up a storm in Six Desires Heaven. You slaughtered our cultivators of Buddhism. Now you show up here on the sacred land of the Western Heaven. What is your intention?” the old monk interrogated him with a voice as great as a bell ringing. Each other word shook Ye Futian to his core.

Ye Futian felt his heart palpitate as his breathing became unsteady. Suddenly, he could clearly sense that the other’s eyes seemed to pry into something more. Something invisible and untraceable moved. The stronger he was, the harder it was to detect his cultivation.

“I heard that the sacred land of the Western Heaven is the holy land of Buddhism, but the visit today was rather disappointing. As for why I am here, is there any reason why I’m not allowed on the sacred land of the Western Heaven?” Ye Futian retorted as he raised his eyes to look at the other. His stance and aura were not any lesser, even when he repudiated a cultivator who had survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path.

After all, before this moment, he had killed many cultivators who had survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path.

“The sacred land of Western Heaven is the holy land of Buddhism. Naturally, people are allowed to come and seek Buddha’s enlightenment. However, it is inappropriate for you to come to the holy land of Buddhism after you have slaughtered disciples of Buddhism.” A powerful Buddhist cultivator in the distant void now spoke up.

It seemed that many people were aggrieved with Ye Futian in this sacred land of Western Heaven.

Since Ye Futian stepped into the Western World of Buddhism, everything he did had angered many people. Every one of those Lord-level figures that had died at his hands was considered a powerful force in the World of Buddhism. But because of someone like him who came from the Divine Prefecture, each of them had met their unfortunate death, which curtailed the power in the Buddhist World considerably.

More importantly, Lord Initial Zen and Saint Zhenchan themselves were Buddhists, cultivators belonging to the orthodoxy of Buddhism.

“Why would I slaughter disciples of Buddhism?” Ye Futian retorted. He understood the displeasure these people had toward him. However, ever since he entered the Western World of Buddhism, he had been trapped in situations he had not created. It could be said that he could not find a peaceful moment.

Under those circumstances, he had no choice but to struggle and resist. Hence, leading up to everything he encountered afterward.


Cold disdain sounded in unison, as these Buddhists still seemed unwilling to let bygones be bygones. But at this moment, above the sky in the distance, a peaceful and benevolent Light of Buddha flooded the sky, and a voice spoke.

“Amitabha!” The Sound of Buddha lingered, resounding through heaven and earth. A towering and sacred Buddha statue appeared on the distant horizon, cast with gold. However, this golden Buddha statue was on the move; it was as if it were not a statue but a real person.

When they saw the appearance of this Buddha statue, numerous Buddhists who were present immediately bowed down to pay their respect, including countless cultivators from the sacred land of the Western Heaven. All of them clasped their hand in front of them to worship him. Many recognized this statue, as it was a Buddha commonly enshrined and worshipped by many in the sacred land of the Western Heaven.

“Buddha Lord.”

“Greetings to the Buddha Lord.”

All these voices echoed one after the other, and those cultivators under the tutelage of the Great Buddha were paying their respects with humility. The cultivators from Western Heaven were even more emotional; they were witnessing the manifestation of the Buddha Lord right in front of their eyes.

Ye Futian’s gaze also fixed in that direction. The golden Buddha statue was shining with infinite Light of Buddha, sheltering all of the Western Heaven. He appeared quite advanced in age. He was clearly a great Buddha who had cultivated for numerous years.

‘Which Buddha Lord is this now?’ Ye Futian thought. Several Buddha Lords in the Western World of Buddhism were revered and worshiped by the world. The Buddha Lord that appeared now was probably not the Lord of All Buddhas.

“Benefactor Ye came all the way from the Divine Prefecture, and this is hardly our way of receiving guests. All Buddhas Fest is a major event in our World of Buddhism, so stop making more troubles for our guests.” This voice resounded through the void. When all these Buddhist cultivators heard these words, they knew they could not do anything to Ye Futian anymore. They all bowed down deeply to that Buddha Lord.

“Ye Futian.” That Buddha Lord looked at Ye Futian. At this moment, Ye Futian felt so comfortable bathing in the Light of Buddha. He bowed to the Buddha Lord and said, “Ye Futian greets the Buddha Lord.”

“No need for formalities.” The Buddha Lord said, “You came from the Divine Prefecture to the Western Heaven. What’s your business?”

“Yes.” Ye Futian nodded and said, “I would like to ask for an audience with the Lord of All Buddhas.”

Everyone was astounded when they heard Ye Futian’s request. An audience with the Lord of All Buddhas?

They never thought that Ye Futian would be thinking of doing that. It was no easy task for top Buddhist figures to gain an audience with the Lord of All Buddhas.

“Amitabha.” The Buddha Lord looked at Ye Futian and said, “It all depends on your own fortune!”

Having said that, the Buddha statue disappeared. It was as if it had never been there in the first place.

After he disappeared, Ye Futian looked in that direction and appeared thoughtful. It seemed that not everyone in Buddhism was like the cultivators currently in front of him. This Buddha Lord, for example, was tremendously gracious and forgiving when there was no need for him to be. Since he had manifested and made an appearance, it was obviously not some disingenuous overture.

“Which Buddha Lord is this?” Ye Futian asked. Everyone around him should have known him; just him—a cultivator from the Divine Prefecture—did not.

“Wutian Buddha Lord,” someone said. With a turning of his mind, there was no place that Wutian Buddha Lord could not reach. He was one of the supreme existences in the Buddhist Sect, cultivating Celerity, also known as Teletransportation. Any destination could be reached as quickly as a passing thought!