The King of Special Warfare - Chapter 574 - Sakura·Wind and Rain·Tribulation (7)

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Chapter 574 Sakura·Wind and Rain·Tribulation (7)

No words could describe this sword.

Tribulation raised his arm, and wind and rain were gathered silently. The sword with water radiance was unsheathed between heaven and earth. The sword intent had yet to be released, but the fierce killing intent had already rushed forward.

The sword formed by raindrops gave out a bright light in an instant. The sword light flew out from Tribulation’s hand.

Silently, all the space in front of Tribulation was completely twisted, and then torn apart by this sword. The silent void was directly spread forward along with the sword light.

Countless afterimages merged with Mellad’s true body.

The darkness swallowed everything, and the sword light appeared behind him.

His figure was swallowed up by the void. His punch was also thrown into the void.

The silent punch suddenly roared in the silent void.

Mellad’s eyes were focused and serious. His body was constantly vibrating in the air. The shadow of his fist, which carried endless power, was instantly filled with every piece of darkness.

The silent and dark void was lit up.

A piece of hazy and cold light was being spread with his constant punches, just like stars in the sky.

Starlight appeared in the silent void.

The starlight flickered, mysterious and boundless.


Without any hesitation, Mellad immediately began to charge forward at full speed.

It was as if the night was suddenly lit up by the endless starlight.

The dark void was torn into pieces.

The two of them were getting closer to each other.

The sword energy was composed of water light. The light was not fast, but it was impossible to avoid. It bounced over and hit a group of stars.

Mellad’s body suddenly froze in the air, and his face became a bit strange.

Tribulation continued to move forward, never stopping.

One step, two steps, three steps.

The rain was still and silent.

The wind suddenly became chaotic.

In the night sky, within the scope of his sight, the air began to surge crazily like tides. The empty and transparent space rippled time and again.

The incomparably tiny sword, glowing with water light, silently pierced into the Starry Sky surrounding Mellad.

It was the starting point of all the fluctuations.

The hazy starlight began to dim as the rain sword advanced. The clusters of stars broke apart and fell under the sword light. The water-filled mini-sword began to break apart as it went deeper in the realm of stars. The droplets of water fell into the nothingness, but they produced loud sound waves.

Wild waves rose up in the field where the starlight was extinguished. The surroundings became silent. All the wind and rain between heaven and earth instantly formed a line, piercing straight into Mellad’s domain.

The sword light, like a wave of water, flew over and filled the air. Bit by bit, it replaced the star realm around Mellad. The continuous wind and rain were like a torrent, drowning everything in an instant.

The chain of sword lights continued to gather. The completely dim star realm immediately exploded. With a loud bang, all of the church buildings collapsed. Smoke and dust filled the air under the wind and rain, and fresh blood was spilled. Mellad’s figure was shaking violently.

The string of sword lights that was connected by the rain had become a thin line.

The incomparably thin and weak sword light had pierced through his body, sending Mellad flying with a fierce and heavy force. Blood lines were shot out from every part of his body while he was still in the air.

His body landed on the ground. Only after sliding several dozen meters through the muddy land did he struggle back to his feet. His body was covered in blood, and he didn’t even look at the battlefield anymore. He turned around and fled without any hesitation.

One strike!

With just one strike, he had heavily injured Mellad who was very close to the Peak of the Invincible Realm.

Tribulation’s breath didn’t weaken at all. On the contrary, it became stronger and stronger. Tribulation, who was reckless, might have the weakest body among the Invincible Realm experts right then. But in terms of attack power, he was almost matchless in the world.

Tribulation continued to move forward.

Smoke and dust were flying in the air in front of the collapsed church’s main hall.

The rain fell again. Tribulation caught a vague sight of a white robe staggering away. The church in front of him was lit up with fire. The huge cross rose high in the sky. The blood-stained white dress swayed with the force of the elements, but the blazing white flame was still burning in the wind and rain.

The flame flickered in the void, slowly rising upwards and devouring Angel’s body bit by bit.

Aresis took Angel’s body and flew higher and higher.

His loud and clear voice, accompanied by a powerful and violent aura, sounded majestic and cold between heaven and earth.

“Heresy, all of you are going to die here.”

Tribulation raised his head, looked at the burning fire in the air, and strode forward without hesitation.

The blazing flames concealed the figure of Angel, but her voice instantly rang out in the night sky.

Flames burned her entire body, but her voice was still calm and gentle. It carried a solemn and holy aura, and was vast and mighty in the sky.

“All of you have selfish motives. Since you’ve turned your back on the Master’s path, you’ll definitely end up bearing the results of your sins in the future.”

Deity’s figure rushed through the ruins.

The loud noise was still there.

A large amount of church buildings were collapsing and shaking.

Several black shadows were arranged straight ahead. Tribulation’s movements were getting faster and faster.

The red light emerged without any warning.

The figures in sight were quickly gathering.

They were silent, quick, fierce, ignoring life and death.

Large swaths of ruins rose into the sky.

Under the ruins, a figure covered in a black cloak suddenly rose up. A raging fire was burning in his hand. All the metals nearby were quickly turned into an iron rod. The iron rod raced through the air and was about to strike Tribulation in the head.

Another red light was lit up.

The two rays of red light merged into one. A strong and restrictive domain appeared out of nowhere.

More and more people began to appear.

He took a step forward.

At this moment, Tribulation’s movements were extremely simple. The iron rod that had shaken the space was directly held by his hand. The metals began to melt and turn into molten iron. Before the molten iron fell to the ground, the storm-like attacks had landed directly on the other side.

The other party didn’t have a weapon in his hand, but his every move showed no signs of hesitation or attempt at defense.

Tribulation was attacking.

Obviously, the other side was also attacking him.

“The Lord is benevolent, but he cannot forgive all your sins. Because all of you have lost your way.”

Their crazy attacks had reached the limit in an instant.

Tribulation didn’t stop for a second; he kept moving forward.

However, the violent attacks didn’t tear the other party’s body apart. When the attacks landed on the other party’s body, the loud sounds of metal clashing could be heard. Flesh and blood was splattered everywhere. His body was deformed, like a piece of flesh and blood supported by a large amount of metals. It was incomparably ferocious and vicious.




The people around Tribulation were constantly rushing from all sides. Without any concealment, their bodies were constantly changing.

“You should pray to obtain inner peace. Even if the Lord doesn’t want to listen to you, you can still resist the temptation brought by demons.”


A loud rumbling sound was suddenly heard.

Tribulation’s speed slowed down. His sharp breath suddenly became extremely heavy, as if it had been combined with heaven and earth.

Several black shadows and his true body became one.

Tribulation’s momentum kept rising.

In front of him, the metal-remodeled skeleton became much larger.

Tribulation took a step forward and waved his fist.

In the blink of an eye, the space was completely ruptured.

Flames were lit up.

The giant metal skeleton was completely shattered with one punch. An explosion that carried a powerful destructive force swallowed up Tribulation’s figure. The aftershocks were so loud that they almost shook the entire city.

A rapid and strong heartbeat sounded in the aftermath of the explosion.

The thin and short black figure with a silver mask was like a death god walking out of a raging fire. Real killing intent rushed out with a strong sense of death.

Another punch.

Without suspense, the sound of an explosion blasted away.

Tribulation’s body swayed inside the explosion. Small pieces of metal had pierced through his body. Though the blood kept flowing, Tribulation’s momentum did not decline at all.

His breath was still rising, as if it would never end.

“If you stare at hell, it stares back at you.”

The domain filled with red light began to slowly shrink.

In the domain, the figure kept changing and growing larger. The increasingly fierce figure moved closer without hesitation.

A trace of mockery finally flashed in Tribulation’s eyes.

For the super soldiers, the modification, defense and attack in this kind of level, let alone a team, even one person alone had the qualifications to cause some trouble for the Invincible Realm experts. There were super troops that could be modified by themselves in the world, but only a few of them could reach this level.

This was almost the limit of the current scientific transformation of the human body. It was also the most powerful level.

The strongest level could only come from the strongest country.


The sound of bones breaking was heard.

In his sight, the elbows of the few remaining black-robed transformed soldiers suddenly bent back to the extreme. Dark muzzles came out from their elbows, and their bodies gradually started to burn with flames.

Some violent gunshots rang out.

A special bullet with the greatest penetrating power was directly shot from their eyes, turning into lasers that could burn everything.

The Terracotta Army of the Zhongzhou State.

Tribulation laughed, but there was no warmth in his eyes. His low, husky laughter was filled with the most violent killing intent.

The dark shadows appeared around him one after another.

The bullets were being shot at a crazy speed.

It was a glaring scarlet laser.

It was a domain that seemed to be almost completely confined.

With such tacit cooperation, the Terracotta soldiers weren’t temporary elites at all. It was a complete Terracotta Army and a complete small team.

Azure Dragon was not there.

Black Tortoise was even less likely to appear.

Vermilion Bird wouldn’t be there, either.

It was clear, who the owner of this Terracotta Army was.

“Those who violate the law will not be forgiven, will not be allowed to live forever, and will not enter the Divine Kingdom.”

Tribulation’s hand started to form a Mudra.

Beside him, shadows, one after another, also began to form a Mudra.

The lasers aimed at him were broken into countless pieces in an instant, scattering away. The bullets in the air exploded, and the red domain was cracked.

Large pieces of ruins under his feet began to tremble. The shrill and sharp wind began to rise.

With Tribulation as the center, the heaven and the earth within a radius of dozens of meters instantly became completely chaotic.

All-embracing Collection!

Tribulation’s palm made the last Mudra.

A ray of light was emitted from his body.

Angel’s calm voice continued to ring, as if it was coming to an end.

“The Lord sent a messenger. The sinner will fall to hell forever.”

The light burst out.

The shadow around Tribulation was blown into disorder by a strong wind.

The fierce wind disappeared.

Then, an extremely soft air flow blew past him.

Tribulation’s eyes looked dead still and empty.

A whole squad of the Terracotta Army was still charging forward.

When the wind was blown away, their bodies began to disappear. They turned into the tiniest powder, fluttering in the air.

In front of him, the blazing white flames had completely engulfed Angel.

Aresis looked down at him from high in the sky, madness written all over his face.

Tribulation looked up, stepped forward and whispered, “I’m here to pick you up.”