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Chapter 1216: An Argument In Class!

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Ye Linlang was stunned. She immediately turned around and saw a handsome, ruffian face.

It was her former deskmate, Yin Zihan.

Why did this person come looking for her?

Ye Linlang was stunned. She had always felt that other than Yin Zihan being a little too uneducated, he was actually quite a good person.

Of course, Ye Linlang did not have the intention of having a deep relationship with such a good-for-nothing.

After all, on the first day of school, the little dirty magazine in his desk still gave Ye Linlang a shock in her worldview!


Ye Linlang frowned. She looked at Yin Zihan and asked with a puzzled expression.

“Why are you looking for me?”

Yin Zihan gave a casual smile. He held a table opposite Ye Linlang, and his posture was a little like a ruffian’s.

“I didn’t go on the excursion yesterday, but I heard that your leg was broken. Are you alright?!”

Yin Zihan looked at Ye Linlang with a grin. He glanced at Ye Linlang’s leg with a frivolous expression. Actually, the school uniform was very long, and there was nothing to look at.

“But looking at you today, you seem to be fine!”

What did he mean that her leg was broken?!

Ye Linlang looked at Yin Zihan speechlessly. She really felt that the way this guy expressed his concern was a little displeasing.

“Who told you the rumor? My leg was just scratched by tree branches. It’s not that serious. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Yin Zihan saw Ye Linlang hurriedly denying it and even had a look of disdain on her face. He didn’t feel anything strange about it.

Regardless of whether he was in the middle school or high school section of Ling Yun High School, he had always been a popular figure in Ling Yun. Especially before Jiang Qiran came, he was practically the number one dream boy in the hearts of all the girls in the school.

Why did it feel like every time he came to Ye Linlang’s side to say something, he would always meet with a soft nail?

“Ye Linlang, can you not be so indifferent? There are many girls in the school who want to strike up a conversation with me. It’s already your fortune that I’m willing to come and greet you!”

Ye Linlang almost laughed at Yin Zihan’s condescending attitude!

Who did Yin Zihan think he was?!

Don’t tell me that I have to thank him profusely for hitting on me?!

Ye Linlang thought that Yin Zihan’s character was not bad, but looking at it now, her impression immediately dropped to negative points.

This time, she did not plan to bother with Yin Zihan anymore. She took out a thick stack of practice papers from her backpack and prepared to brush up on a few questions during the morning self-study session.

There was also a booklet on the basics of the competition. Jiang Qiran said that he had already printed many copies for her and would bring them to her tomorrow.

When Yin Zihan saw that Ye Linlang ignored him and was still engrossed in the papers, a hint of disbelief flashed across his heart!

He was the kind of person who was used to being adored by the stars. Naturally, he could not stand Ye Linlang’s cold treatment.

Although he had long known that he might have a slight favorable impression of Ye Linlang, it was not until Ye Linlang became Jiang Qiran’s girlfriend that Yin Zihan suddenly felt a little regretful.

He did not pursue this little chili who was choking on her words.

He was used to all kinds of beauties who were obedient to him in the past. It seemed very refreshing to have someone like Ye Linlang by chance!

Yin Zihan did not want to be ignored by Ye Linlang. He immediately reached out and grabbed Ye Linlang’s shoulder, forcing her to look back at him.

“Ye Linlang, did you really become a couple with Jiang Qiran? Did you really stay alone with him at a hotel for one night yesterday?”

“What are you doing?!”

Ye Linlang shouted fiercely. She glared at him and moved the hand that Yin Zihan had placed on her shoulder away!

She couldn’t stand Yin Zihan anymore. He asked her how she could walk after breaking her leg, and the second question was about her and Jiang Qiran’s private affairs!

And his tone was so arrogant!

Did he really think that everyone liked to compliment a young master like him!

Ye Linlang looked at Yin Zihan with disdain. In her eyes, Yin Zihan was like a lunatic.

“I’m Jiang Qiran’s girlfriend. What does it have to do with me staying alone with him for one night?”

Yin Zihan was speechless.

Indeed, he did not seem to have the right to question Ye Linlang.

However, Yin Zihan was naturally unwilling to leave like this.

“Ye Linlang, since you were with Jiang Qiran yesterday, did the two of you sleep together?”

Hearing Yin Zihan’s question, Ye Linlang’s eyes widened in shock, and the gossipers in the class pricked up their ears!

That’s right, they were most curious about what Ye Linlang and Jiang Qiran did last night!

After all, the students nowadays matured very early, and the two of them were staying together as man and woman. It was inevitable that people would overthink it.

For someone like Yin Zihan, the number of girls that he could be said to have slept with probably couldn’t be counted on one hand.

Seeing that everyone in the class was looking in her direction, it was obvious that they were curious about what had happened between Jiang Qiran and her the night before. Ye Linlang’s face turned red and her ears turned red. For the first time, she wanted to find a hole in the classroom to hide in!

Seeing that Ye Linlang didn’t speak, but her face turned as red as an apple, Yin Zihan’s heart suddenly sank.

It was the first time he wanted to know the answer to a question so badly, but he felt that if he really knew, it would make him very uncomfortable.

Yin Zihan took a deep breath, and his face darkened.

“Ye Linlang, I thought you were one of those conservative girls. You didn’t really sleep with Jiang Qiran, did you?”

Seeing as Yin Zihan slept around, Ye Linlang really wanted to sew his mouth shut!

It was the first time Ye Linlang had embarrassed herself like this in front of the entire class.

She hated him in her heart. Without thinking, she immediately picked up a thick copy of “Five-year college entrance exam three-year simulation” and threw it directly at Yin Zihan!

“Who would sleep? Yin Zihan, you’re that kind of irresponsible boy. Don’t think everyone is as dirty as you, okay?!”

Although Yin Zihan was hit hard by the book, he was not angry but laughed instead.

He looked at Ye Linlang in surprise and suddenly smiled. He bent down and reached out to grab Ye Linlang’s shoulder, even his eyebrows raised a lot.

“Really?! A man and a woman in the same room? You guys didn’t do anything? Ye Linlang, if it weren’t for Jiang Qiran’s lack of ability, it would be because he doesn’t like you at all!”

“A hot-blooded boy. If he sleeps in the same room with his girlfriend and doesn’t hug her and doesn’t want to sleep with her, how can that be called boyfriend and girlfriend!”

Why did Yin Zihan always like to get physical?!

Ye Linlang hated such frivolous boys the most, not to mention that she was not close to Yin Zihan!

She had never hated Yin Zihan as much as she did now!

Just as Ye Linlang was about to slap Yin Zihan’s hand away, a heavy fist suddenly hit Yin Zihan!

Yin Zihan cried out in pain and turned around angrily.

However, a slender and cold figure appeared in his eyes!