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Chapter 1019: Wan Wan, Are You Willing?

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The moment this thought popped up, even Jiang Xuecheng was shocked.

He had always been an extremely cold-hearted person. If not for Su Wan, who had stepped into the wrong track, maybe Jiang Xuecheng would never have thought of getting married.

But now, he was actually looking at an extremely strange baby, and actually had the impulse to adopt it!

This was really…

Jiang Xuecheng stared at the little ball’s pale face, and a trace of inexplicable pity appeared in his heart.

He did not know what kind of background this child had. According to what he knew, the high priest’s test subjects mainly consisted of slaves bought from the underground market, as well as all kinds of death penalty criminals.

So, could it be that the high priest also bought this child from the underground market?

Just how heartless were the parents to do something like not wanting their own child?

Perhaps it was because this child seemed to be innately deficient, so they simply sold him to earn some money?!

The more Jiang Xuecheng thought about it, the angrier he felt. He felt a little sad for this innocent little life.

But for some reason, Jiang Xuecheng suddenly thought of the matter of Su Wan being aborted.

Jiang Xuecheng’s face suddenly turned pale. A blue vein protruded from his knuckles, and his heart felt like it had been stabbed by a knife.

What right did he have to laugh at other people’s parents? He was even worse than those people.

He had killed his and Su Wan’s child with his own hands. Even though he had lost his memory at that time, such a cruel thing had always been a haze over his heart.

With the death of that child, it would never go away.

He was not a qualified father.

The temples on Jiang Xuecheng’s forehead suddenly jumped up. His originally calm and stern eyes now showed a hint of fatigue.

He rubbed the space between his eyebrows and finally stood up. He went to find the relevant person in charge to inquire about the child’s background.

If the other party’s parents did not do it on purpose and just unfortunately lost the child, then he would be sent back.

If the other party’s parents were really scum, or the child was a poor child whose parents had both died, then Jiang Xuecheng decided to discuss with Su Wan whether to adopt the child.

From the first time he saw the child, even though he was still separated from the shadow of the glass, Jiang Xuecheng always felt that there was something special holding him back.

Maybe it was guilt, Jiang Xuecheng thought.

Guilt for Su Wan and the child they lost.

In this way, he wanted to make up for his past sins. Even if he couldn’t wash them away no matter what, at least he would feel better.

This was probably the bad nature of humans?!

Jiang Xuecheng couldn’t help but sigh.

In just a few minutes, a staff member presented the child’s information.

It turned out that the child’s background was more complicated and pitiful than he had imagined. Although he had parents, they were not the result of love.

A noble condemned prisoner who was locked in a laboratory had some physical talent, so the high priest locked him up with a female slave that she had bought. She had also drugged them, causing them to involuntarily mate until the child was born.

The noble condemned to death could not bear such humiliation and finally chose to commit suicide by hitting a wall. Eight months later, although the female slave gave birth to the child, she died due to severe bleeding.

It was said that although the child had inherited part of the Dragon’s Blood, it was not pure. In addition to the premature birth, his physique was also extremely weak.

However, as long as it inherited the Dragon’s Blood, it would be useful to the high priest. Therefore, the high priest spent a lot of manpower and material resources to support this child, waiting for it to be used for experiments in the future.

After reading through the information and experimental records, Jiang Xuecheng frowned, feeling that those words were extremely glaring.

–The high priest was even more disgusting than he had imagined!

She could even do such a thing that made people involuntarily mate…

It was just that this poor child, who didn’t have a father or a mother, was almost used by the high priest for all sorts of inhuman experiments…

Fortunately, that disgusting woman was already dead.

Jiang Xuecheng thought for a moment and immediately ordered people to dispose of the high priest’s body.

Because the high priest’s blood still carried the CHK Virus No.3, Jiang Xuecheng had people choose to cremate her body in the end so as to avoid harming others.

With this woman dead, the God’s Palace should be much more peaceful in the future.

As for the fights between the nobles in the open and in the dark, Jiang Xuecheng didn’t want to care about it at all.

This wasn’t his hometown to begin with, and he wasn’t greedy for power at all.

Jiang Xuecheng only wanted to get rid of the virus in Su Wan’s body, and then find a way to return to Earth. The two of them could go back to their previous lives.

After reading the child’s information, Jiang Xuecheng felt an indescribable frustration in his heart.

However… Since that poor little kid really had no parents, Jiang Xuecheng began to consider the matter of adoption.

Of course, such an important matter could not be decided by himself.

After reading the child’s information, he directly contacted Su Wan and asked her to come to the hospital.

Jiang Xuecheng needed Su Wan’s consent. In Jiang Xuecheng’s heart, Su Wan’s opinion was the most important.

If Su Wan was not willing to adopt the child, Jiang Xuecheng decided to find a suitable family to send the child to.

When Su Wan heard the news of the high priest’s suicide, she was reading a fairy tale book to Nono in the courtyard.

So she was almost stunned!

When she came to her senses, her first thought was not to ask about the high priest, but to ask if anything had happened to Jiang Xuecheng.

After all, it was obvious that a woman like the high priest would not commit suicide for no reason. She was afraid that Jiang Xuecheng had done something.

After hearing the news that Jiang Xuecheng was fine, Su Wan finally felt at ease.

Therefore, when Jiang Xuecheng told her to go to the hospital, Su Wan was shocked again and mistakenly thought that Jiang Xuecheng was injured.

Su Wan hurriedly pushed open the door of the infirmary. However, when she looked closely, she saw a thin and small baby lying on the sickbed. It was as thin and weak as a kitten.

Jiang Xuecheng, on the other hand, was standing by the window. His back was tall and straight like a pine tree. He did not look injured at all!

Su Wan heaved a sigh of relief. She walked quickly to Jiang Xuecheng and pointed curiously at the sleeping child in the ward.

“Xuecheng, are you okay? Where did that child come from?”

Because she was too worried about Jiang Xuecheng, Su Wan confirmed that not a single strand of hair was missing from Jiang Xuecheng, and only then did she carefully look at the baby in the ward.

The baby was very small. It looked like a glutinous rice ball, and its face was a little abnormally green and white.

Su Wan looked at it carefully. For some reason, she felt a little sad in her heart.

If she and Jiang Xuecheng’s baby were still here, she didn’t know what it would look like. It shouldn’t be as weak as this little ball, right?

Just when Su Wan was in pain, she suddenly felt Jiang Xuecheng approach her and carefully put an arm around her waist.

“Wan Wan, are you willing to adopt a child?”