The Hitting Zone - Chapter 830 - V3 Ch65

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Chapter 830 - V3 Ch65

We took some time on the field, just congratulating one another on getting to the finals. Coach had to holler at us to get back to the dugout and clean it up so we can get moving. He wanted us to go watch some of the other semifinal game to see who was going to be our opponent tomorrow.

As we left the dugout and field, we met up with the families and friends who could make it out. I focused on finding my own and the first thing to greet me was a bag of ice from Zeke. Noah was greeted in a similar fashion.

"I got ice for the both of you." Zeke explained. "The other semifinal game has already started so let\'s get moving."

Noah rolled his eyes and declined the bag of ice. "I\'m fine."

Noah spoke too soon because he was grimacing just a second later when Dave came up to him and slapped him on the back. "That was a close one-" Dave raised an eyebrow at Noah, who grunted and groaned. "You good?"

Zeke held the ice bag for Noah a little closer to his face. Noah reluctantly took it. He lifted his shirt to put it on his back and then tucked his shirt back in so it would stay.

Noah dragged me away. "We\'re going, we\'re going. Jake, let\'s leave our bags for Zeke to carry since he\'s so \'caring\'."

He spoke mostly for Zeke\'s benefit, not even giving me a chance to grab my bag.

"Wait for me!" Dave took three steps to catch up with us. "I\'m the one that needs to watch the other semifinal the most."

We were the first three players from our team to reach the other field. We found a relatively empty bleacher down the first baseline, staying out of the way of the families and friends of these two teams. We showed up just as the two teams were switching offense and defense.

Noah let me sit on the end against the bars, and helped me prop my leg up on the same row. He then placed the ice on my swollen ankle before settling himself.

"Looks like it\'s the top of the third inning." Dave commented, looking out to the scoreboard in center field. "0-0. Pitcher duel?"

"Too soon to say." Mitchell overheard Dave as he approached the bleachers. He put his bag down at the bottom before climbing up to our row and sitting near Dave. "You haven\'t even seen a pitch yet, have you?"

Dave shrugged. "The other option is that both teams suck at batting?"

Noah laughed and I cracked a smile.

As the game started up, the announcer introduced the next batter to start the top of the third inning. The rest of our team showed up, dropping their bags near Mitchell\'s, then climbing up the bleachers. A few families joined us as well. Noticeably absent was our family. And Garret.

In the middle of the third inning, I glanced around and could spot Garret talking to Mr. Cameron.

"Postgame interview with the best player in the county?" Noah let out a small laugh. "I bet he\'s talking his ear off."

"Who? Garret?" That doesn\'t sound like him.

Noah laughed some more and shook his head. "No. Mr. Cameron. He has so much to say and so many questions. It\'ll be a miracle if Garret watches any of this game."

"He needs to focus on resting anyways." Mitchell chimed in. "He pitched a complete game today, but still has to prepare for playing in the outfield tomorrow."

"I wonder how Tanner is doing." Kyle spoke up from towards the front of the group. "Has Coach said anything to anyone yet?"

No one answered and the silence felt heavy.

Noah stood up and untucked his shirt to get the bag of ice out. "No need to stress over what we can\'t control. Coach should have an update for us when he comes over too." Noah plucked the bag of melted ice from my ankle. "I\'ll go toss this trash."

As the game progressed further, it became clear that Dave was right to call it a pitchers duel. Both pitchers were retiring batters left and right, giving up few hits. It made the game go quick, but we were still waiting on a defining moment for someone to take the lead.

"I\'m surprised neither coach is taking out either pitcher." Jason said lightly.

"It\'s hard to take out a pitcher when he hasn\'t done anything wrong yet." Kyle replied. "You don\'t want to put in a cold arm."

"Yea, but it\'s a gamble either way. Someone has to get tired."

Kyle shrugged.

Eventually, it came down to the bottom of the seventh. And ended 0-0. Extra innings? I watched the game seriously, trying to figure out if either team had the advantage.

Dave groaned as the eighth inning was also scoreless. "Can someone do something already? I\'m hungry."

Some of the other guys grumbled in agreement. Our came ended just before 5pm, but now we\'re headed for 7:30pm.

As if answering his request, the very next batter pulled a fastball to left field for a solo shot homer, giving the visiting team a 1-0 lead.

Noah let out a long whistle. "Wow. That one was crushed." He was hard to hear among the cheers.

That was it for the game. The pitcher was finally replaced and the new one closed out the inning. In the bottom of the ninth, the coach changed the pitcher on the mound as well, but with a high standing point. He had the lead. The closer of the game gave up one hit, but was still able to end the game in extra innings.

"Stuart Hall. Sounds fancy." Noah remarked as we listened to the announcement of the winner of the game.

"Private school for sure." Kyle agreed.

"Coach finally showed up." Sean spotted him first and stood up to greet him.

Other guys started to follow suit, but Coach held his hand up to stop everyone. "Sit down for a second. I\'ve got a couple of announcements. Speaking with the parents present, we set up a reservation for dinner at a nearby restaurant."



"Please have steak!"

Coach let the guys talk and show some excitement for the upcoming meal.

"Any word from Tanner yet?" Jesse\'s question made the team go quiet as all eyes fell on Coach.

Coach nodded slowly. "Mr. Miller and his parents are with him now." A slight pause. "He fractured his wrist. It\'ll take some time before they can get him in a cast, he won\'t be rejoining us for tomorrow." Every sentence he spoke, a heavy pressure seemed to enclosed the team. "I\'ve spoken to his parents. The best thing for him now is to rest. Not knowing what time he\'ll be done with the hospital, it\'s better for his parents to take him straight home afterwards."

Coach cleared his throat. "I know it\'s hard to hear as his teammates, but this is only a fraction of what he\'s feeling. I hope you guys take some time to send him a text, letting him know that we\'re here for him." He looked around. "Don\'t let this weigh you guys down. We have plenty of players who are outstanding in their own right. We play as we normally would."

"Yes!" The team answered in unison.