The First Order - Chapter 923 - Strategy to repel the enemy

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Chapter 923: Strategy to repel the enemy

Everyone looked at the mountain peak that had been fired upon 12 times with an automatic rifle, then at the confident soldier who shot it.

To be honest, everyone, including P5092 and the others, was surprised. That was a mountain! But that soldier said that as long as those 12 points of the mountain could be turned to sand, the entire mountain would collapse?

To humans, those towering mountains were not something that could be destroyed with human strength unless they used firearms and explosives.

Ji Zi’ang asked, “How large of a cross section should I turn to sand?”

The soldier answered, “Just 1.38 centimeters in diameter. Of course, you might not be able to control it so accurately, so you just need to achieve around one and a half centimeters of sandification horizontally. That should be within the limits of your power.”

It might be a little difficult for Ji Zi’ang to topple the entire mountain, but if it were just creating several small points of weakness, it would not be difficult for Ji Zi’ang at all.

“I can do it.” Ji Zi’ang nodded. With that, he had someone get him a pair of military binoculars so he could start working.

But P5092 suddenly stopped him and asked the soldier, “How should I address you?”

The soldier answered, “Mo Fei. I’m an active duty first lieutenant of the Wang Consortium.”

P5092 said, “Mo Fei, what type of soldier are you?”

Wang Run explained, “The six people I brought here are all elites of our Wang Consortium’s military. Mo Fei is an expert at directional demolition.”

P5092 nodded and told Ji Zi’ang, “In that case, we’ll trust Lieutenant Mo Fei this once. However, we aren’t gonna topple the mountain just yet.”

Ji Zi’ang was stunned. “You want to wait?”

“That’s right.” P5092 looked over the defensive position. “The expeditionary army is still only probing, so there aren’t enough barbarians gathered on that mountain path. Let’s wait until there’s enough of them before we make our move. The collapse of a mountain like that will be enough to kill 2,000 of them. It’ll be a great victory if we can kill 2,000 barbarians without suffering any casualties!”

This great victory would even instantly raise the morale of the 6th Combat Brigade. Initially, the soldiers were still apprehensive about facing the barbarians. It was not that they were afraid to die but that they had never dealt with the barbarians before. It was a fear of the unknown.

When the barbarians first arrived in the Central Plains, they also felt the same fear. Even now, knowing they were up against the firearms and explosives of the Central Plains, they were still feeling this fear. It was simply human nature.

Whoever said they were not afraid or nervous on the battlefield was most definitely lying.

The barbarians remained brave even when they were fired upon by automatic rifles and suffered serious wounds, and such behavior would greatly affect the soldiers of the 6th Combat Brigade, deepening their fears.

What P5092 should do now was not to instruct everyone on how to be careful in their positional battle but to eliminate the soldiers’ fears first.

If he did not even consider this, P5092 would not deserve to be admired by so many people.

Just like when he was still with the Pyro Company, why did he transport the barbarian corpses from Mt. Dashi to the front line of the Great Wall? He even deliberately lured the barbarians over and used a barrage of artillery fire to achieve a victory without suffering any casualties. That was to boost the morale of the soldiers at the Great Wall’s front line!

Moreover, the collapse of the mountain peak would also remind the expeditionary army of the fear they once had of the Central Plains people.

P5092 stood quietly within the defensive position and watched the expeditionary army’s troops as they gathered at the perimeter.

The entire defensive position covered an area of more than a dozen hectares, and the soldiers were scattered across dozens of firing points to carry out powerful suppressive fire on a company level.

P5092 ordered, “Slow down the pace and let the barbarians think they’ve got it.”

All of a sudden, Mo Fei asked doubtfully, “Do you really trust me that much? If I’m wrong and Ji Zi’ang doesn’t manage to topple that mountain, you might not be able to stop the barbarians’ attack once you let them get closer.”

When everyone thought about it, that was indeed the case. If they deliberately allowed the barbarians to get closer now, wouldn’t it be over if the mountain did not collapse?

P5092 chuckled and asked Mo Fei, “Then were you wrong?”

Mo Fei shook his head. “No, the mountain will definitely collapse.”

“If you employ a person, don’t suspect them. If I don’t even have this resolution, how can I be a commander?” P5092 said, “Besides, I’m afraid you don’t quite understand us yet. It doesn’t matter even if the barbarians charge up to us with this rhythm of probing attacks. We still have another layer of insurance. At least for now, this layer of insurance is not something the barbarians can break past with just a probing attack.”

Mo Fei thought for a moment and did not say anything. He did involuntarily glance at Ren Xiaosu.

In fact, everyone at the defensive position knew exactly what P5092 was talking about. Wasn’t the future commander just sitting around here? It was only the initial stage of the probing attacks, and the barbarians had not started attacking overwhelmingly yet. Since their ammunition and food supplies were still sufficient, if any barbarians really did charge in, they could just leave them to the future commander to handle.

Ren Xiaosu looked at everyone who was looking at him. “What are y’all looking at me for? P5092, go ahead and try it out without any worries.”

P5092 nodded and did not say anything more. If they had already been engaged in battle for a few days, he would definitely not dare to be so reckless. After all, Ren Xiaosu would surely be very fatigued by then. But right now, it was different. Ren Xiaosu was at his peak prowess.

Gunshots rang out on Mt. Zuoyun. P5092 stood at the defensive position for more than 20 minutes without saying a word, leading to Zhang Xiaoman starting to feel a little anxious. Zhang Xiaoman wanted to say several times that it would be too late if P5092 did not make a move now, but every time he was about to speak up, he realized P5092 was still as calm as ever. Therefore, Zhang Xiaoman thought to himself that this was probably the difference between him and the other party.

Suddenly, P5092 nodded at Ji Zi’ang and said, “Now! One of the expeditionary army’s main forces has arrived!”

The mountain path at the foot of the mountain was filled with charging barbarians. Ji Zi’ang immediately used the 12 reference points on the mountain and turned them to sand.

In the blink of an eye, a terrifying crackle suddenly came from the top of the huge mountain. Rocks the size of a human head kept falling from several hundred meters above. The barbarians who were hit by the rockfall immediately bled and had their bones broken!

Right on the heels of that, when Ji Zi’ang was done, a huge crack instantly appeared on the mountain peak and spread rapidly like cracked glass.

Some of the barbarians in the expeditionary army below looked up in horror, but they were smashed to pieces by the falling boulders.

In an instant, the huge mountain began to disintegrate from the sandification at the bottom. It was as though a god had descended from Heaven and smashed the mountain down onto the mortal world.

Dozens of pieces of the mountain smashed down, and the expeditionary army started panicking. Even the barbarians who were preparing to break through the defensive position from the other mountain paths also stared blankly at the sight.

They had fought many battles before, but they had never fought in such a terrifying and vicious one before.

This filled their hearts with an endless fear of the unknown. Meanwhile, the soldiers of the 6th Combat Brigade who were busy at the defensive position broke out into cheers. The shouts of joy mixed with the sound of the collapsing mountain and accompanied by the distant sound of a bugle in the valley left every soldier of the 6th Combat Brigade flushed with excitement!