The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak - Chapter 316 - Collapse of the Ladros City: Suppression

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Chapter 316 - Collapse of the Ladros City: Suppression

So the leader of the Twelve Zodiacs was here in this place...

If he went close he was sure that he would recognize that that man was the Zodiac Leo but he was too far... So he was sure that no one recognized Leo in this place in the game.

"Damn! Just what the hell is wrong with this city? I\'ve met a lot of big shots here."

Souta cursed as he glanced at the man before he turned around and left. He had to get out of this place.

Every member of Zodiacs was no ordinary god. This man Leo fought 30 god-level powerhouses from the three great countries alone. That was terrifying and horrible. The moment he appeared in the territory of the three great countries, the whole place became hell.

The Zodiacs was not a big organization like God\'s Will and Deadly Sins as they only have twelve members but... The problem lies in those twelve members.

The God\'s Will have ten powerful gods while the Deadly Sins have seven powerful gods but the Zodiacs have twelve. And those twelve members were enough to place the Zodiacs at God\'s Will and Deadly Sins\' level.

Each member possessed terrifying power to shake the foundation of every country in this world.

When the Zodiacs launched an all-out attack on this continent, countless countries fell and billions of people died at their hands. Gods weren\'t enough to hold them.

\'Do you know that man, Souta?\' Saya asked as she didn\'t know that man.

"Yeah, but I can\'t say his name to you," Souta said in a low voice before he added, "The moment I uttered that man\'s name, he would be able to know about me."

\'[Curse Name]!!\' Saya said in shock.

"Yeah, it\'s pretty bad," Souta nodded his head.

[Curse Name]. As the name suggested, this skill put a curse on one name which can\'t be uttered by anyone. If a person said that name that has this skill, the owner of the name will know the information of the person that said his name.

In this case, if Souta said the word "Leo". Then, the Zodiac Leo would know his location, his skills, his race, and what he did in the past two years.

It means that Zodiac Leo would know Souta\'s experience in the past few months.

He looked at his system and used 2 skill points to learn the skill that he copied from Leo.

What was it again?

Oh? The [Sword Mastery] skill. He already had it but if he learned this one, its level would increase.

The level of his current [Sword Mastery] was 4. The effect of level 4 was that his damage would increase by 30% as long as he was using a sword.


[You\'ve learned the Sword Mastery Skill!]

[You already have this skill so the system would fuse this skill!]


[Your Sword Mastery skill has leveled up to level 6!]

Damn! He only used to skill points and his [Sword Mastery] level up twice. To level up to level 5 he needed 5 skill points. So it was a good deal for him to use 2 skill points in exchange for two levels of this skill.

The added damage of this skill became 40%. His current main weapon was a sword so it will give him a huge boost in strength.

Souta suddenly stopped moving as he felt that the space around him tightened. He couldn\'t move his limbs at all.

He moved his eyes and looked back, only to find that the Zodiac Leo was looking in his direction. He couldn\'t see it but his senses were telling him that Leo was looking at him.

\'Damn, why? What did he want to a mere B-rank like me? Isn\'t he going to fight the Underground King?\' Souta thought as he gritted his teeth. He was racking his brain trying to find a way to escape this situation.

Suddenly, a strange occurrence appeared.


The space in the sky distorted and a gigantic eye opened. The eye was looking down at the whole city. It was giving off a strange and weird vibe. It feels that everything in the city couldn\'t hide against the vision of the giant eye.

Leo combed his black hair using his finger as he moved his gaze from Souta to the eye on the sky. He raised his eyebrow when he saw it and a smile formed on his face.

"That\'s the [Eye of Perception]...?"

He muttered as he recognized the giant eye on the sky that was starting at the city.

"But it is different to the [Eye of Perception] that I\'ve seen before... It means that he\'s not the one who\'s using this skill."

The size, range, and aura were much smaller than the [Eye of Perception] that he knew.

The smile on his face grew wider before he said, "Really, this place gives me a lot of surprises. I didn\'t think that my whim on wanting to see the action of Deadly Sins would bring this much information." He paused for a moment as he turned his gaze to the Underground King.

"First, this ancient monster lord. Second, this luminary crystal. Third, the soul arts. And lastly, the [Eye of Perception]."

This ancient monster lord was unknown. He didn\'t have any idea that there was a sealed monster lord under this city. Oho, what a funny thing? But this monster lord wasn\'t to be underestimated. Even after being sealed for a long time, he could feel that this monster was stronger than the monster lords that he met before.

Then, there\'s this luminary crystal. It was written in the ancient text that there were four luminary crystals in the whole universe. This crystal was a power reactor or an energy plant. Mostly the same as the monster orb of a monster. But if a person placed the monster orb of a monster lord and the luminary crystal together, anyone would pick the luminary crystal.

It\'s twenty times more effective than the monster orb of a monster lord. It could also hold much more energy and the output it could release was much higher. That\'s why the people who were chosen by luminary crystal were powerful.

Leo wanted to get it for himself but it seems that the crystal already chooses Randolf as its owner. The crystal wouldn\'t change an owner unless it was passed down. If the owner died the crystal would enter a dormant state for one thousand years.

Well, he know that he would met that boy in the future. All the owner of the luminary crystal was a talented individual so even without the crystal they will still become god. In the history of the luminary crystal, no user was weak. They were all powerful in their realm.

Then, the boy who knew soul arts. It\'s one of the most terrifying skills in this whole world. He couldn\'t get the luminary crystal because of its strict condition but the soul arts. He could get it from that boy.

And then, there\'s the [Eye of Perception].

So there were other people other than the pope that have the [Eye of Perception].

"I don\'t need to rush. I will take it slowly."

Souta was shocked when he saw the giant eye in the sky. The [Eye of Perception] was the pope of the True God\'s Holy Kingdom\'s unique ability. He thought that the pope was the only one who had that ability.

Is the pope also here in this city?

No, the giant eye in the sky wasn\'t the pope\'s ability. It was like a downgraded version of the pope\'s [Eye of Perception].

Just who the hell has that kind of ability other than the pope?


The chains around the limbs of the Underground King were shattered. The best feram on the atmosphere grew thicker.


The Underground King looked at the sky and roared loudly. His voice resounded throughout the sky and everyone in the city heard it.

It was a declaration. A declaration that he was free.

His energy shot upward and broke the giant eye that was looking at the city.


Souta turned pale from watching this. The suppression from higher-level species to low-level species was hard to endure.

"What the-"

His body was telling him to kneel down and greet the monster lord. This was the instinct of a monster when facing a higher existence. They couldn\'t help but prostrate themselves.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

\'You\'re not under the protection of another monster lord so the pressure of a monster lord is higher than normal. If you\'re a human or demi, you wouldn\'t face such pressure but you\'re a monster.\' Saya explained to him.

There\'s a reason why this level was called monster lord instead of just a simple sixth evolution monster. The fifth evolution and below monster didn\'t have this kind of power. They don\'t have the suppression of the monster lord, that\'s why Souta could fight a third evolution monster.

Even if Souta was a fifth evolution monster and could kill gods, he still wouldn\'t be able to do anything to a monster lord even though if they have the same power. No matter how strong he is, as long as he was just a fifth evolution monster he wouldn\'t be able to fight a monster lord even if he was stronger than the said monster lord. Unless he was under the banner of another monster lord, then he would be free from the suppression powers of a monster lord.