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Chapter 2134: The Past Life 59

“Father, I…”

“Shut up!” The emperor shouted angrily. “Do you know how much trouble that Old Lady Mu has caused today? Why should that girl from the Dongfang family kneel and bow to her?”

She was the Ninth Emperor’s people.

No one in this mainland dared to be so reckless with the Ninth Emperor’s people.

‘How dare this old lady of the Mu family!’

Qingluo stiffened, looking at the anger upon the emperor’s face.

She remembered it now.

A few years ago, a family was exterminated.

That family, it seemed to be, the Dongfang family.

Dongfang Yu was the only daughter of the Dongfang family.

Just since the Dongfang family was exterminated, Dongfang Yu disappeared, but… What did this have to do with her father, and why was her father defending her so much?

“She is just a little girl from the Dongfang family.” Qing Luo bit her lip. “I remember when the Dongfang family was powerful, but they sought their own death, attracting a strong enemy before they were exterminated. Now the Dongfang family is left with only Dongfang Yu. So what else is there to care about?”

Was it because back then, Sima Yan and the Dongfang family were in a good relationship that the father was so defensive of her?

But… Her father was not such a person. She was the emperor’s daughter, so her father should defend her.

The emperor laughed coldly. “It seems that you do not know about it. Do you know that years after Dongfang Yu’s disappearance, where she went?”

“Wh… Where?”

“She was rescued by the Ninth Emperor!”

The Ninth Emperor never saved people for no reason, and since it was the Ninth Emperor who saved her, she was bound to stay by her side.

Qingluo was stunned and lost in her thought for a long time.

‘Earlier, Father said that Dongfang Yu was the Ninth Emperor’s people…

‘But she… She’s Little Nine’s servant.’

“Father, could you be mistaken? She’s Little Nine’s servant. Maybe back then, the Ninth Emperor just passed by and saved her but did not take her away.”

The emperor looked at Qingluo coldly. “You have never thought that Little Nine is the Ninth Emperor?”

Qingluo was dumbfounded for a while before bursting out laughing.

In this serious discussion, her laughter sounded a little inappropriate.

“Father, Little Nine does have a resemblance to the Ninth Emperor as she also has ‘nine’ in her name. But other than that, how else does she look like the Ninth Emperor? I heard that the Ninth Emperor always wears masks and never shows her face to the world. If she were really the Ninth Emperor, she wouldn’t have taken Dongfang Yu to the market.”

Qingluo smiled and continued, “Moreover, we don’t know the Ninth Emperor’s gender. It has been said before that the Ninth Emperor is a man. Even though there are many outstanding girls in this world, how many women can be as good as my daughter, Qingya?

“Men rule this world! There are very few great women, and only men can be outstanding to this extent.”

Qingluo smirked as she saw that the emperor and Sima Yan did not believe her. She continued, “I have proof. I heard that the Ninth Emperor only has women by her side, never a man. Therefore, the Ninth Emperor must be a man. Otherwise, which girl is so perverted to accept so many women and bring them home?”

Many people had guessed the Ninth Emperor’s gender, but in the end, they all agreed that the Ninth Emperor was a man.