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Chapter 2433: Advancement (2)

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Mo Ze plucked an amber grape with his own hands and gently fed it into Fairy Wu You\'s vermilion lips.

As he continued to feed her, Mo Ze told Fairy Wu You about the rumors outside.

"Do you all think that girl would be able to get the 60th place in the exam this time around?" Fairy Wu You\'s tone sounded enigmatic, as though she was an empress looking down from above.

"That\'s absolutely impossible. It’s unreasonable no matter how I think about it," Mo Ze replied in a flattering manner.

At this moment, however, Lin Banli sighed softly in his heart.

He thought back to the time when he was in the inner city, where he witnessed Su Luo’s test in the genius training camp with his own eyes. At that time, she was not even at the Commander rank.

How long has it been since then? Now, she was already so powerful that even Fairy Wuyou had to be afraid of her? 60th on the Dragon List? Fairy Wu You was 50th on the Dragon List.

Lin Banli truly felt that the world was unpredictable, with no constants at all.

Fairy Wu You glanced over towards Banli: "Little Linzi, what do you think?"

Lin Banli smiled: "Unless she’s the reincarnation of an immortal, how could she possibly reach the 60th place? In the records of the Dragon List, nothing would be able to explain a jump from the bottom of the Dragon List to the 60th place in six months."

Who knew that Fairy Wu You would shake her head.

"You guys are underestimating her too much," Fairy Wu You snorted coldly. "She was able to get Chu Yang and the others killed. Even if she is not that strong, her means and craftiness make up for it. Furthermore, and even if her means and methods are not enough, her luck will make up for the rest. In short, that wench is definitely not to be underestimated!"

"Then this time…"

"This time, we will also participate in the examination!" Fairy Wu You, who had not participated in the examination for a whole year, had decided to participate in this examination.

Fairy Wu You smiled coldly.

With her participating personally, she didn\'t believe that Su Luo would still have a chance to live.

"By the way, what rank has Su Luo been promoted to?" Fairy Wu You\'s eyelids twitched.

"Two-star Saint Rank," Mo Ze dutifully reported.

"Only two-star Saint Rank, huh!" Fairy Wu You snorted, very unimpressed.

On Wuchen Mountain, Su Luo locked herself up in the basement.

It was pitch black all around her, to the point where one would not be able to see one’s fingers.

Su Luo sat on a mat with her fingers resting on her knees and facing upward while her eyes were closed tightly.

Suddenly, the corners of her mouth curled up into a light smile.

She proceeded to take out a transparent dragon jade from space.

The main reason why she dared to agree to take the 60th place in the exam was due to this dragon jade.

She recalled that time at the Temple of the Abyss when she held up the crystal fruit lovingly and gazed at it. The crystal fruit had recorded in detail the past few days she had spent with Nangong Liuyun.

When Nangong Liuyun saw it, he insisted on wanting to take it away.

With a grin, Su Luo said, "Well, let your Little Plum Blossom take a good look and recognize your status.”

Subsequently, Nangong Liuyun unfastened a dragon jade from his waist.

In his left hand, he held the Dragon Jade. In his right hand, he held the Heart of Darkness.

She didn’t know how he did it, but he was actually channeling the spiritual energy from the Heart of Darkness into the Dragon Jade.

At that time, Su Luo\'s eyes had sprung wide open, and she did not blink at all as if her entire being was struck by dumbfoundedness.

Nangong Liuyun’s action had opened the door to her new world—to a new horizon.

"This, what is this for?" Su Luo cautiously asked.

"To help you get a promotion," Nangong Liuyun said naturally.

"Huh?" Su Luo replied with a dazed look on her face.

"Since you have come a long way here, you have to collect some benefits, don\'t you think?" Nangong Liuyun\'s smile was as suave as ever.

That kind of suave smile made Su Luo’s heart melt, causing her to subconsciously nod and reply: "Oh."