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Chapter 2413: Surprise (5)

Translator : MoonWhisperer, Cheshyer Editor : Cey, TWIP

As the Thorn captain saw Su Luo, he saw their Lord Luoying too!

Lord Luoying…

Just from a look, the Thorn Captain and the others were stunned! No wonder why Lord Luoying always wore a mask, it was because he was too good-looking!

Of course, with that beautiful face, how could he be thought of as imposing? It was only with the mask on that he had the power to intimidate.

All of the sudden, the Thorn Captain’s body stiffened and started shaking! He only just realized that he saw Lord Luoying’s true identity!

Lord Luoying had never shown his true identity. Even the Empress had never seen his face. It was rumored that anyone who saw Lord Luoying’s face would be silenced forever.

“L-L-Lord Luoying…” The originally arrogant Thorn Captain’s entire body shook uncontrollably, as if he were sifting wheat. He couldn’t even form a complete sentence.

With an indifferent expression, Nangong Liuyun swept a casual glance over him.

The Thorn Captain’s heart was beating like a drum. ‘I just saw Lord Luoying’s true identity. I’m going to get killed, am I not? I’m definitely going to get killed, right??’

The Thorn Captain’s brain was running fast. He knew they were doomed, unless a miracle appeared. ‘What should we do? What can we do? What are we going to do?’

The Thorn Captain looked around and met with Su Luo’s eyes.

The Thorn Captain witnessed the way Lord Luoying and Su Luo interacted. He quickly realized that this maiden, whom he’d chased down with murderous intent and placed in a pitiful situation where she had to flee, was a treasure to Lord Luoying.

Desperate times called for desperate measures 1.

The Thorn Captain swallowed his ego painfully and smiled to flatter Su Luo: “Miss Su, I didn’t realize you’re friends with Lord Luoying. Thank goodness I didn’t hurt you previously, or we’d become mortal enemies. Hahaha.”

Su Luo glanced at him with a smile and replied, “Become enemies? Were we not already mortal enemies?”

“Eh?” The Thorn Captain was confused.

Su Luo smiled and explained, “Of course, you didn’t know, but I’m kind enough to inform you. Your 064 was not killed by Xiao Luo. It was me who did it. However, I used a concealment technique, so none of you knew.”

The whole Thorn team was silent at Su Luo’s words. No one had even imagined there would be such a reason for that incident. They were indeed already mortal enemies. So how could they resolve this matter?

Therefore, a most incredible situation was created. The murderer insisted on admitting she had committed the murder, yet the victim’s side was doing their utmost to clear her of the charge… If this were to get out, people’s jaws would drop to the ground.

While the Thorn Captain was struggling, Su Luo suddenly changed the subject. “Now, as we mentioned, it’s really thanks to you, Thorn Captain.”

“Oh?” The Thorn Captain’s eyes blinked in confusion.

“You might not know, but when you threw those two crystal pieces into the Spirit Transformation Pond, I was at the bottom of the pond. With the light of those two crystal pieces, my Light attribute advanced a lot. Remember my Shadow Cloning? It was able to advance thanks to those two crystal pieces of yours, Thorn Captain.”

Su Luo’s voice was pleasant to hear; it was clear and smooth like beads falling on a jade plate. However, her voice was like a clap of thunder in a clear sky for the Thorn Captain’s ears. He was completely dumbfounded.

At that time, he threw those crystal pieces into the Spirit Transformation Pond with the intention to utterly destroy them. Who could have imagined that this maiden had been hiding in the pond at that moment and ended up reaping such easy benefits?

Nevertheless, the Thorn Captain let out a great sigh of relief. Fortunately for him, he had been oblivious to Su Luo’s presence. If he had found her, he would have already killed this wench. If that were the case, would Lord Luoying still spare his life? He would be dead for sure.