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Chapter 2411: Surprise (3)

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"As the saying goes, ‘To catch the thieves, first catch their king’, right? It will be resolved as long as you get that chief to follow our instructions," Nangong Liuyun said in a concise manner.

"But how do we make that king obey?" Su Luo wanted to ask about the technique.

Unfortunately, Nangong Liuyun\'s technique was truly too straightforward.

"Beat him until he listens. What\'s so hard about that?" Nangong Liuyun had the look of ‘It was so simple, how did you not think of it?’

Su Luo choked on her words!

‘This kind of thing that relies on violence, your servant can\'t accomplish it, okay?’

Su Luo felt that it was difficult to think of a method to make the leader of the Magical Beast Army obedient, but for Nangong Liuyun, it was as simple as eating food and drinking water. He was truly like someone angering someone else to death.

Clearly, the first time she met with Nangong Liuyun, the level gap between them was not too great. Who knew that things would be like this now… Su Luo became so depressed that her heart ached.

"How many points?" Seeing Su Luo like that, Nangong Liuyun who had been enjoying her adoring gaze changed the topic in a timely fashion.

"Right!!!" Su Luo immediately became excited, and her face glowed radiantly.

"Wow! Just with as little effort as it takes to talk, there are already 12,000,000 points!!!" Su Luo\'s eyes instantly lit up dazzlingly!

She had not spent more than 10 minutes talking to Nangong Liuyun just then, right? Yet it had already increased to 12,000,000 points?? Su Luo was so excited that she was about to shed tears of happiness.

Yesterday, she initially thought that cooperating with Nangong Liuyun was the fastest way to gain points, but it was only at this moment that she realized what it truly meant to gain points!

She didn\'t do anything. She just sat on the wall with Nangong Liuyun, gossiping while watching the armies’ battle before them.

However, there were wonderfully sweet clinking sounds ringing clearly in her ears.

Each sound made Su Luo smile, and her mood blossomed like a flower.

Time passed by unconsciously.

50,000,000 points.

100,000,000 points!

200,000,000 points!

300,000,000 points!

Su Luo looked at the numbers that kept on climbing upwards. Her originally delicate and fair face was now red from excitement, and her beautiful eyes were as bright as stars, shining brightly!

On the huge square in front, there were densely packed corpses of magic beasts lying on the ground.

After this battle, only a third of the originally vast armies of magic beasts remained.

The leaders of the two armies of magic beasts came forward and jabbered like a bunch of birds!

Then the two armies began to reshuffle and line up before leaving in completely opposite directions.

Su Luo was dumbfounded: "They… They’re leaving just like that?"

Nangong Liuyun patted her head disgruntledly: "Still unhappy after you earned so many points with no effort?"

"Isn\'t the battle unfinished?"

Su Luo looked at the number on her diamond token—350,000,000 points. If the two armies continued fighting, she would be able to gather up 500,000,000! Half a billion!!

It was so tempting to think about, right?

Nangong Liuyun looked at her with displeasure: "Do you think they\'re braindead? Will they really wipe each other out? If they\'re all annihilated, who will come to do the quest on this map after that?"

"That\'s right," Su Luo agreed silently.

"You know, I really don\'t know what kind of ridiculous luck you have. I\'m really impressed by you." Nangong Liuyun shook his head in amusement. "This kind of battle between Magical Beast Armies only happens once in a hundred years. You sure got yourself a great deal just by being able to stumble upon it."

"It only happens once in a hundred years??" There was such a huge gap in between? Su Luo was surprised.