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Chapter 2291: Auction (3)

Translator : MoonWhisperer, JIalat Editor : Pluto, Skyrise

"That was in previous years. It’s impressive that you still remember." Su Luo briefly nodded before preparing to leave.

"Wait, wait." With a radiant smile, the old man called out to Su Luo. "I am Xu Wei, the Chief Appraiser for the Black Cloud auction house. Did Miss come here to consign your goods to be auctioned? Sigh, after previously hearing that Miss was selling cheap Master pills at Purgatory City, this old man rushed all the way there but only managed to grab two. It’s truly regrettable."

Selling Master grade pills? The red-robed Apothecary\'s face turned green.

Su Luo smiled humourlessly: "I\'m flattered that Appraiser Xu still remembers."

"Miss Su, are you going to be selling your pills here too?" This Chief Appraiser liked the pills that Su Luo refined very much.

He could even say that the pills that Miss Su refined were the most splendid he had ever seen, unparalleled when compared to pills of the same grade!

"That\'s what I originally planned to do, but now I\'ve changed my mind." Su Luo briefly swept her eyes over the ashen-faced red-robed girl, and after lightly nodding at the Chief Appraiser, proceeded to leave.

Changed her mind?

The Chief Appraiser subconsciously looked towards the red-robed Apothecary, and seeing her cowering, terrified expression, he quickly understood what had happened.

"Lin Hongyi!" The Chief Appraiser viciously glared at Lin Hongyi with an icy gaze.

Lin Hongyi was the niece of another Appraiser, and had used her connections to wheedle her way in. He usually turned a blind eye to her, but he hadn’t expected that it would lead to this disaster now!

Lin Hongyi was terrified to no end by the Chief Appraiser\'s glare, but was still inwardly stubborn, and she firmly believed that Su Luo couldn\'t have refined a Master pill.

It had to be known that she was much older than Su Luo, but she was still an Intermediate Apothecary!

But the Chief Appraiser had great prestige within the auction hall. His words were equivalent to the law, and he was a figure of much renown and influence. Even her uncle wouldn\'t dare to offend him slightly.

After fiercely committing Lin Hongyi\'s actions to memory, the Chief Appraiser turned towards Su Luo with a smile.

"Miss Su, please take a seat. Our auction hall sincerely wishes to work with you. Here are all the treasures being auctioned today. Does Miss Su want to take a look?"

Saying that, the Chief Appraiser handed Su Luo an elegant booklet.

The Chief Appraiser\'s respectful attitude—along with the booklet—made Su Luo\'s tensed brows relax slightly.

She nodded and accepted the booklet.

Her main purpose in coming to the auction hall was not to sell the Grandmaster Spirit Absorbing Pill. Instead, she hoped to bid for the three medicinal herbs she needed.

At this moment, when Lin Hongyi saw this scene, the terror in her heart instantly spiked.

Why would the Chief Appraiser be so respectful to someone? And that booklet… was something only the top twenty names on the Dragon List had an opportunity to read.

Was this girl\'s background really that impressive? Could it be that she really was a Master Apothecary?

Thinking about her attitude of courting death earlier, Lin Hongyi really wanted to smash her head against the pillar beside her.

Because if it was really true, then that was simply just too scary for her… Lin Hongyi was so frightened, she was trembling all over.

The Chief Appraiser’s attitude was never this pleasant before. While Su Luo was flipping through the auction booklet, he was beside her, enthusiastically explaining its contents.

Seeing this situation, Lin Hongyi almost collapsed to her knees…

Her forehead was sweating cold sweat incessantly, and no matter how much she wiped it, it could not match the speed at which the cold sweat was dripping down her forehead.