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Chapter 1069: As Long as You’re All Fine (2)

When Bo Dingjing heard her words, he was trembling so much that he couldn’t speak. After learning that Old Master was being tortured, he’d watched her twice more carefully. He was afraid that if she took things too hard, she would die. The two of them basically stayed together for 24 hours.

He did not expect that under his strict watch, she could still get the poison in her hand.

And right in front of him, she drank it…


Bo Dingjing had promised her that he would come to look for them. He had wanted her to not be so worried and anxious that she wouldn’t be able to take it. He had wanted everyone to sit together and discuss it. He was sure that he could temporarily ease the matter.

Unexpectedly, before he could discuss it with his son, she collapsed…

She was so determined to die.

He was trembling so much that he couldn’t move.

It turned out that when a person really wanted to die, no one would even suspect it.

Meng Yueman really wanted to die…

However, she wanted Mu Huan to let her father off. Hence, she could only die in front of Mu Huan and have her let her father off because of her death.

Hence, after saying that, she looked at Mu Huan and said, “Xiao Huan… I know… I know that I don’t have the right to beg you… I should have done this a long time ago. I’ve lived an ignoble life for three years. These three years, I’ve been in a lot of pain. I’m sorry. Now, I’m paying with my life. Let go… let me go…”

Before she could finish speaking, Mu Huan took the opportunity to stuff medicine into her mouth and forced her to swallow it.

Then, she took out the silver needles that she carried with her, tore open Meng Yueman’s clothes, and plunged the needles into her.

Meng Yueman wanted to say, “Don’t save me.” She really didn’t want to be saved again and continue to suffer like this.

She had lived long enough.

But before she could finish speaking, she lost consciousness.

Even though Mu Huan’s medicine was given in time and Bo Junyan had been treating Meng Yueman…

The substance Meng Yueman took was too poisonous. Hence, her vital signs were still decreasing.

At the hospital, in the ICU.

Bo Dingjing looked at Bo Junyan. “If your mother still doesn’t wake up, I’ll go with her. Don’t stop me. After I die, bury the two of us together.”

Bo Dingjing was a devoted person. After he had Meng Yueman, he had never been with another woman. He was already so old. If his wife could not wake up again, there would be no meaning in him living. They could only live and die together. It was the best ending between them.

It wasn’t that his tolerance was poor, but sometimes, when someone lost someone important, their life would be meaningless. There would be no point to living.

Bo Junyan clenched his fists tightly. The veins on the back of his hands bulged horribly through the sterile gloves.

“Don’t blame yourself and don’t feel upset. Anyway, we’re already so old. When it’s time to die, there’s no difference if you leave earlier or later. You shouldn’t be estranged from Xiao Huan because of this. It’s not Xiao Huan’s fault. Dad and Mom really hope that you and Xiao Huan can continue living well and live happily.

“You know that your mother has been suffering because you couldn’t be with Xiao Huan for the past three years. You can tell from the speed at which she has aged.

“It’s actually a good thing that we’re doing this now. This way, we’ll be free and won’t have to live such an uncomfortable life,” Bo Dingjing said with a smile as he patted Bo Junyan’s shoulder. “Child, don’t be upset. It’s best for us if you can live well.”

Bo Dingjing and Mu Dongsheng were fathers who loved their children very much. They only wanted their children to live happily.

Nothing else mattered.