The Cursed Prince - Chapter 497 - You Are Invited To Myreen

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Chapter 497 - You Are Invited To Myreen

Queen Maude Ashborn furrowed her brows and looked at Emmelyn more attentively. Then she looked at Maxim. Suddenly, something seemed to cross her mind and she pressed her lips.

Maxim knew his mother was not easily surprised. This expression only came when she was really serious about something. So, he was wondering if his mother actually knew something he didn\'t.

However, he didn\'t say anything. He didn\'t want to confront his mother in front of Emmelyn. Maybe there was a secret that his mother wanted to share only with him. So, he only waited and see where this conversation was heading.

"You... really know the Leoraleis?" Emmelyn looked at the queen mother pleadingly. "Please, can you tell me a little bit about them and how I can find them?"

Queen Maude let out a sigh and replied. "I stayed in Myreen for several years when I was a teenager. My parents had a good relationship with an influential family in Myreen and we were given access to enter their hidden kingdom."

She added, "I know the Leoraleis... they are good people."

"But..." Emmelyn didn\'t want to argue with the queen by insisting that the Leoraleis couldn\'t be called good people if they cast a curse on a random person like herself. She didn\'t know if that was true.

Finally, she decided to change her approach. "I don\'t know who they are, and I don\'t know why I am cursed. However, some people told me, they believe I was cursed by the Leoraleis. They said, they could see from the dark aura that is surrounding me. Your Grace... can you see that too?"

Queen Maude Ashborn shook her head, "I am sorry. I don\'t practice magic. I cannot see such a thing."

"Very well...." Emmelyn nodded. "I don\'t know if I was really cursed by the Leoraleis until I can go to Myreen and meet them in person. Can you help me to reach the place?"

She looked at the queen pleadingly. She then added, "I have a young daughter that will suffer bad luck and probably die a tragic death, just like everyone I love... my family, my mother-in-law... and maybe even my teacher. I don\'t mind if I have to carry the consequences of the curse myself. But... I would never let Harlow, my daughter, experience any suffering... Not if I can do something about it."

"You... have a daughter?" Queen Maude suddenly looked sympathetic when she heard Emmelyn\'s words, telling her about her daughter.

The queen didn\'t expect this young woman, whom her son was infatuated with, was actually a mother.

She thought Maxim was after a woman who was single, but it turned out she was married with child? What happened to her husband?

"Yes, Your Grace. I have a baby. I have to leave her behind in a kingdom across the ocean because I want to solve my problem with the Leoraleis... I was worried that she would suffer if she stayed with me." She glanced at Maxim and continued her words. "You have a child. I am sure you understand how I feel about my baby..."

Emmelyn had seen the sympathetic expression on the queen\'s face, and she knew that this woman was not heartless. She had children of her own. So, she must understand why Emmelyn did what she did.

Women could do anything, even the unthinkable, in the name of love for their children.

"I understand," Queen Maude\'s voice had turned gentle and so did her expression. The aloof woman now no longer looked unfriendly. She even smiled at Emmelyn. "I will help you."

"Oh, thank you..." Emmelyn felt so touched that she got up from her chair and forgot about royal etiquette. She came to the queen and hugged her shoulder. Queen Maude looked uncomfortable in the beginning, but she didn\'t push Emmelyn away.

She could see how much this young woman had suffered and how much she loved her family that she went all the way here, so she could go to Myreen and break her curse.

The queen glanced at her son and saw Maxim\'s face beam in happiness. She realized her son really wanted her to like Emmelyn and helped her.

The queen could only sigh. She patted Emmelyn\'s back and then gently pushed her to go back to her seat. She spoke reassuringly to her, "I will help you. I also think my son needs to go and sort this thing together with you."

"I really appreciate this, Your Grace," Emmelyn wiped the tears that started forming in the corners of her eyes. She was grateful that Maxim\'s mother was only cold on the outside. She was actually kind and sympathetic. "Thank you so much."

"The Leoraleis don\'t like regular humans. They have been hiding their kingdom for 110 years now. You can only see and enter their land if you are invited," Queen Maude continued her words.

"Well... someone I know, she is a witch, told me that I might be invited to Myreen," Emmelyn felt her chest pounding as she realized she was getting closer to where she wanted to be.

She remembered her dream about the foreign place and Mrs. Adler told her it might actually be Myreen and the dream was an invitation for Emmelyn to come there.

"What kind of invitation are you talking about?" Queen Maude listened to Emmelyn\'s words attentively. "I am curious to know."

"Well..." Emmelyn started recounting her dream and what Mrs. Adler told her about it. "I had these vivid dreams several times. I stood in front of a door and when I opened it, I entered a blue room. Inside the room, there was a beautiful woman, in her late twenties."

Emmelyn added, "She was really beautiful. She had this creme long hair and green eyes. Her dress was also very pretty... She looked like a queen."

Queen Maude pressed her lips in shock. She recognized the person whom Emmelyn was describing.

Emmelyn continued to describe her dream, "The woman looked at me with tears in her eyes. And when I wanted to walk closer, she disappeared. When I looked outside the window, I realized the room I was in was located in a high tower. I could see the whole city from the height. And the city looked nothing like any other city I have ever visited before."

"And then....?" Queen Maude asked with a choked voice. "What did you see?"

"Under the tower, there was a beautiful garden and there was a young girl walking away. I couldn\'t see her face, but from behind, she looked like the woman I saw previously. I don\'t know if they are the same person or not," Emmelyn replied.

She looked at Queen Maude, trying to see if the queen knew the women she saw in her dreams... or not.

It seemed she did.

Who were those women? Were they really from the Leoralei family?

"Did you... see a red brick tower to the south of the garden?" Finally, Queen Maude asked Emmelyn with a hoarse voice.

"Yes, yes.. I did see the red brick tower...." Emmelyn quickly replied. "How did you know, Your Grace?"

Queen Maude lowered her face, trying to hide her tears. "Then you are really invited. You can come to Myreen."




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