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Chapter 2035: I Want To Eat This

Mo Fei rolled her eyes internally. “You’re as naggy as my jailor.”

Ye Yuwei smiled insincerely. “Cherishing life is something that everyone should do.”

Originally, the two ladies agreed on eating at a restaurant. However, Mo Fei thought that it was too troublesome to eat at a restaurant and dragged Ye Yuwei to the food street near the girls’ school.

“I’ve never been to school before. I heard that the school entrance is a place with a lot of food.” Mo Fei smiled at Ye Yuwei cheekily.

Ye Yuwei’s heart ached when she heard Mo Fei bring up the fact that she never attended school. Ye Yuwei swallowed all the rebuttals

“There will only be a lot of people selling food in the school’s food street at night. Also, it’s near Big Brother Qian’s police station. If you want to eat there, you can always get Big Brother Qian to accompany you at night,” said Ye Yuwei.

“Him? He’ll simply eat at any little restaurant near the police station before continuing on his work like nobody’s business, okay?” Mo Fei pursed her lips. Recently, due to Wu Biao and the renovation incident, Qian Yikun was indeed very busy.

He was really busy.

Ye Yuwei asked her to make a turn in front, intending to lead Mo Fei to take a look at the food street in the day.

“Yep, this is my first time signing a contract of 10 million over a meal that cost fifteen bucks in a food street. Not bad,” Ye Yuwei said as she looked at Mo Fei who was driving. Perhaps because her second jailor was in the car, Mo Fei did not seem to be speeding.

“I’ve even killed a target worth 100 million in the slums. Young one, the location doesn’t determine the price.” Mo Fei raised her eyebrows and said, “Let me tell you a joke. Qian Yikun said that Zhao Fangyu lodged a report at the police station yesterday for his company’s stolen desktop computer.”

“Stolen desktop computer?” Ye Yuwei was shocked. There were truly all sorts of people out there.

Mo Fei nodded. “Who knows if there’s something shameful in his computer.”

Ye Yuwei did not comment on this conclusion. The two of them arrived somewhere near the school. Ye Yuwei helped her find a parking spot and both of them got out.

There were students at the food street during the day, but there were fewer people than there were at night. Since most of the students did not have class the next morning, most of them would come out in groups and enjoy themselves.

Mo Fei wore a pair of sunglasses. Ye Yuwei told her to take them off for it might give people the wrong image.

Mo Fei pushed her sunglasses to the top of her head. Now she looked much better.

“When I went to school with Yaojing in the past, the food street wasn’t this big yet. Yaojing loves coming out at night to look for food,” Ye Yuwei said. Seeing that Mo Fei was about to enter a store, she stopped her. “Why are you eating in a store? Just buy whatever you want by the roadside. When you reach the end of the street, you’ll be full.”

Mo Fei, “…”

It never occurred to her to do this.

Ye Yuwei brought Mo Fei to the food street. They bought some skewers and ate as they walked. “At that time, we used to bring cash everywhere, and—” Ye Yuwei suddenly stopped talking and looked somewhere further front.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Fei looked over as well.

“I think I saw your cousin, Ding Jiaqi, just now. Maybe I’m seeing things,” Ye Yuwei said as she looked away and continued talking to Mo Fei. “Speaking of your cousin, has she stopped messing around recently?”

“Does she have a choice? Her father and brother have all gotten locked up. Let me tell you, that woman is a coward. She only knows how to do some disgusting things behind people’s backs. She won’t dare to do anything big yet,” Mo Fei answered as she put one arm around Ye Yuwei and stopped in front of a small stall. “I want to eat this.”

Roasted— scorpion?

The corner of Ye Yuwei’s mouth twitched. She looked at the scorpions that were still twitching around and felt her language skills malfunction.

She did not dare to eat this.